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London Assembly Diabetes Report


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‘Blood Sugar Rush - Diabetes Time Bomb in London’
A report into Diabetes care in the capital

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London Assembly Diabetes Report

  1. 1. ‘Blood Sugar Rush - Diabetes Time Bomb in London’
  2. 2. The London Assembly offered free Diabetes testing in Trafalgar Square, to launch the report.
  3. 3. Assembly Members Andrew Boff, Dr Onkar Sahota and Fiona Twycross get ready for their diabetes tests
  4. 4. Health Committee members were joined by Melissa Bell – diabetes sufferer and mother of X Factor Winner Alexandra Burke
  5. 5. Fiona Twycross has the ‘finger-prick’ test
  6. 6. Dr Onkar Sahota gets ready to weigh-in
  7. 7. Andrew Boff interviewed by ITV London News
  8. 8. Melissa Bell telling her story of 8 and a half hours of kidney dialysis a day