Robot park developer final revisions usa version


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Presentation for global launch of innovative Japanese robotics firm (Lombard Global client).

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Robot park developer final revisions usa version

  1. 1. Robot-Park ™Fully Automated Parking Solution
  2. 2. The Transformation of Time and Space Robots are transforming our world, enhancing life by providing added convenience, more accuracy, higher quality, and improved efficiency across a growing number of industries.
  3. 3. Introducing EITO SYSTEMS, COMPANY, LTD. Machine/Robot Manufacturing Founded 1986 Research & Development, Design & Manufacture, Assembly EITO & GLOBAL JAPAN EITO & GLOBAL, INC. Automated Robot Overseas Exporting Parking Systems Company Developed the Will introduce Robot-Park™ Robot-Park™ system in the U.S. in 2013A Global Leader in Robotics Development and Manufacturing!
  4. 4. Eito Systems Company: Product Divisions Factory Automation Environmental Instruments Design, Manufacturing & Sales of Industrial World-Class and Robots High-Value Technology Products Multilayered Automatic Warehouses
  5. 5. Robot-Park Transforms Parking SpaceInto a High-Profile, High-Profit Differentiator Robot-Park™ is an elegant technology solution that creates higher real estate value for developers and lower operating costs for building owners, while delivering an exceptional parking experience for those parking in commercial, residential, and municipal buildings
  6. 6. But first, what’s the problem out there? ...Its so pervasive that we simply endure it!
  7. 7. Parking: A Bad Situation That’s Getting WorseFor Consumers, Residents, Visitors, and Employees, conventional parking structures and lotscreate both tangible and perceptual problems. Theft Damage Increasingly Stressful Unsafe Risk off-putting experience that creates negative perceptions Poor Inconvenient & Wasted Time price/ value limited spaces
  8. 8. Robot-Park Changes the Game A cost effective, round-structured and fully automated intelligent platform for above-ground or below-ground parking solutions. Powered by sophisticated Japanese technology
  9. 9. Solves the parking problem for everyone who parks ina building or a lotSafety, speed, no damage or theft, no stress, clean, reliable, unique high-quality serviceengagement, positive perceptions of the building and the destinations therein. Then it will become a In the first few years, requirement by tenants, Robot-Park will be residents, and visitors unique and novel. and a signature building feature for owners.
  10. 10. High Aesthetic Value: Day scene
  11. 11. High Aesthetic Value: Night scene
  12. 12. Conventional Parking Structures Rob Developers of Profit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Requires Inefficient High Low Longer High Large & Slower & Use of Construction Aesthetic Construction OperatingExpensive Lower ROI Space Costs Appeal Time Frames CostsFootprint Challenges for Developers
  13. 13. How it works for vehiclesDriver enters structure and exits the vehicle,leaving car on the robot platformThe robot automatically stores the carEach level accommodates 10 carsMore cars are stored resulting inefficient use of narrow plots
  14. 14. How it works for you Secure Investment; Low-Risk, High Return More Efficient Use of Real Estate Less Expensive to Operate Less Expensive to Construct Less Liability Green Higher Real Estate Value
  15. 15. Round is the shape of profitability.Round Structure + High-strength, streamlined design + Earthquake-resistant and quake-absorbing + Simple design, yet highly effective and safeShorter construction time + Round structure + Steel module system is fast to construct + Pre-fabricated caissons + Simple to assemble and easy to dismantle + Easy to relocate
  16. 16. Space Saving: Conventional vs. Round AutomatedProblems: + Lack of parking space + Inefficient use of parking space
  17. 17. Space Saving: Conventional vs. Round AutomatedProblems: Solution: By installing round automated system… + Lack of parking + The effective car capacity is 3.5 times, while the space construction cost is ¼ of the conventional system + Efficient use of + System automation provides exceptional and parking space prompt customer service + Dedicated software ensures efficient and speedy allocation of vacant bays
  18. 18. Effective space utilization: Less space per car
  19. 19. Space Saving: Conventional vs. Round Automated
  20. 20. Above GroundWith the Robot-Park above-ground parking solution, towering over head means lower costs.
  21. 21. Above-Ground Parking: Conventional vs. AutomatedProblems: + In a conventional system, space for commercial use used for large parking spaces + Low space utilization + Car robbery or vandalism + Security in the garage + Difficulty of locating car in garage
  22. 22. Above-Ground Parking: Conventional vs. AutomatedProblems: + In a conventional system, space for commercial use used for large parking Solution: By installing round spaces automated system… + Therefore, low space utilization + Systems vs. people ensure + Car robbery or vandalism security in garage + Security inside the garage + Eliminates difficulty of finding car + Difficulty of locating car in a garage + Effective space utilization ensures more land for commercial purposes + increases value of the property
  23. 23. Above-Ground Parking: Conventional vs. Automated
  24. 24. Underground Parking: Conventional vs. AutomatedProblems: + Requires large project scale with long construction period + Therefore, traffic problems, resulting in complaints and business loss + Low parking efficiency and low space utilization + Vandalism, robbery and security leads to liability concerns + Space for parking operators, elevators, ventilation and fire system required. + Startup and operational costs higher
  25. 25. Underground Parking: Conventional vs. Automated Solution: By installing round automated system… + The construction cost is less than 1/4 of conventional system. + Surface land space needed is less than 1/3 of conventional system. + Substantially shorter construction period + As construction area is smaller, traffic problems are reduced + Multiple parking operators unnecessary. Complete automation is achievable. + No people enter underground space, therefore no safety, car robbery and security issues. + Compact design (1 unit accommodates 60 cars). Therefore, solution for real estate in high population density centers.
  26. 26. Underground Parking: Conventional vs. Automated
  27. 27. Features: StorageStandard Model: Ø18m system Custom Model: Ø18m system + 10 cars/floor; 6 floors; 60 cars + 10 cars/floor; up to 100 cars/system; + Vehicle Dimensions: Length=5m, + Vehicle Dimensions: Length: 5.25 m, Width: 1.9 m, Height: 1.5 - 2.0 m, Width: 2.2 m, Height: 2.5 m, Weight: 2.100 kg Weight: 2.500 kg + Offers the best performance to cost + Custom sizes can be manufactured but benefits and meets the majority of these would incur additional investment. global customer requirements + 100 cars/system x 5 sets = 500 cars. + 480-car system requires 254m² x 8 = This 500-car system only requires 2,032m² of available land 254m² x 5 = 1,270m² of available landFor 500 cars, 5-8 sets can be implemented
  28. 28. Features: Storage 80 cars 18 m
  29. 29. Features: Time Savings To retrieve the car • ±45 seconds* • ±70 • ±30 seconds To store the car Vehicles/hour *after pressing activation button‘Swallows’ one car every 6.0 seconds*The above are estimates. These figures depend on stable power/voltage ratings & the other factors. Further info can be found in our “Cycle Duration” sheet.
  30. 30. Features: Round ShapeConcrete is weak against tensile strength but strong against compression. Square Structure Round Structure + High tensile + No tensile strength leads to easy vs. strength + Small rate of deformation Compression deformation. + Thicker walls + Thinner walls. Earth Pressure
  31. 31. Advantages: Construction Period vs. Square Structure Round Structure + Prepare for excavation  Excavate + Prepare for excavation  Excavate + Construct (open caisson method) + Assemble pre-cast segment + Concrete casting  Concrete cure + Excavation & Placement + Remove Framework & equipment + (Repeat) Assemble pre-cast segment
  32. 32. Advantages: Construction Period No temporary facility needed, no extra time for concrete cure, reduced earth excavation & vs. Short work duration resulting in high cost savings Round Structure + Prepare for excavation  Excavate + Assemble pre-cast segment + Excavation & Placement + (Repeat) Assemble pre-cast segment
  33. 33. Sample Layout: 10 Tower Complex One circular tower park ±40 cars per hour + Loading time of ±1.5 minutes (90 seconds) per car + ±400 cars per hour + one car every 9 seconds.
  34. 34. An Illustration: Comparative Space Utilization60 Car Parking System in Japan Square Round 270 sq. m/level 240 sq. m/level Area 3780 m3 (18 x15 x14) 100% 3663 m3 (17.5 x 14) 89% Area per car 27 sq. m (100%)* (60 cars) 24 sq. m (88%)* Civil cost 3780 x $500* = $1.89 million 3663 x $350*^ = $1.18 million Civil cost/car $31,500 per car (100%) $19,600 per car (62%) 0m3 3sq.m x 12 x 10 spaces = Center Space To be left open for car 360m3/ system (36 fire engine capacity) movement Can be utilized as utility room
  35. 35. Flexible design to meet individual city codes System hardware, software, electric wiring and components built entirely by Eito & Global Rigorously tested before shipmentOther Key Easy to transport: Requires 2 x 40 ft. containersBenefits& Features Steel frames procured locally for additional cost savings Automatic & manual operations mode for emergencies Sales, training and maintenance support Round outer can be used attractively for advertisements, and can help stimulate commercial in surrounding areas
  36. 36. Operating Expenses: A Comparison Conventional Parking Our parking system Capacity/ Labor Assumptions Capacity 892 892 Hours of Operation 24 / 7 24/ 7 Expenses Payroll & Benefits $850,000 $145,000 Insurance Expenses $95,000 $50,000 Utilities Expenses $165,000 $200,000 Repairs & Maintenance $145,000 $50,000 Bank Fee Expense $100,000 $100,000 Marketing Expense $20,000 $20,000 Support Services Expense $75,000 $35,000 Other Operating Expenses $150,000 $75,000 Subtotal Operating Expenses $1,600,000 $675,000 Real Estate Taxes Expense $150,000 $150,000 Subtotal Non-Operating Expenses $150,000 $150,000 TOTAL EXPENSES $1,750,000 $825,000 Capital Costs Security Camera/ DVR System $30,000 $30,000 Capital Account $240,000 $60,000 TOTAL CAPITAL COSTS $270,000 $90,000 GRAND TOTAL $2,020,000 $915,000
  37. 37. Robot-Park is the Shape of Higher Real Estate Value Less Expensive to Construct (compared to conventional High Aesthetic system) Shorter Value Construction Period Reduced Efficient Space Operation Cost Utilization (compared to conventional system) Increases Minimum Land the Value Faster Return on Occupation Investment of Real Estate
  38. 38. Our Assurance Reduced failure rate Extended maintenance support Reduced system downtime Consistent manufacturing quality Professional advisory and problem-solving
  39. 39. Guarantee & Warranty 1 year "Full Guarantee" for parking system (robot & steel frame portion) 2 years "Warranty" for parking system (robot & steel frame portion)*Terms and conditions subject to specific agreement.
  40. 40. EITO&GLOBAL INC.15-60 YoshinosakaiMatsuoka, Eiheiji-choYoshida, FukuiJAPAN910-1127USA Phone: +1-214-675-5539