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Your business plan in 8 steps

A resume of how to Build a Business Plan, keys and steps about.

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Your business plan in 8 steps

  1. Your Business Plan in 8 steps by lolamontalban
  2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 A one page nutshell
  3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY your mission,
  4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY your vision,
  5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY your purpose.
  6. TARGET MARKET 2 Who for?
  7. TARGET MARKET Research interest, demographics, budget
  8. 3 Their strengths & weaknesses COMPETITORS
  9. COMPETITORS What is your competitive advantage?
  10. HUMAN RESOURCES 4 Need additional staff?
  11. pay? skills? experience? HUMAN RESOURCES
  12. VENDORS/SUPPLIES 5 Need outside sources?
  13. VENDORS/SUPPLIES What about supplies?
  14. MARKETING PLAN 6 How you get your products or services?
  15. MARKETING PLAN How you communicate your message?
  16. OPERATIONS 7 How to run your business?
  17. OPERATIONS The way to get the job done
  18. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS 8 How much money (start & run)?
  19. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Determinate the profitability
  20. Your Business Plan in 8 steps by lolamontalban
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