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Great spanish chefs wisdom

Leadership Lesson from the Greatest Spanish Chefs

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Great spanish chefs wisdom

  1. Life & Bussiness by lolamontalban The Great Spanish Chefs’ Wisdom
  2. Santi Santamaría" *** In memoriam “A Chef is an artisan of excellence and this is achieved through working everyday”
  3. Once upon a time, there was a small European country…
  4. where people love food" (among other pleasures)
  5. Maybe, that’s why you can find there more than 140 MICHELIN starred restaurants
  6. Spain
  7. Life & Bussiness by lolamontalban The Great Spanish Chefs’ Wisdom
  8. Leadership Lessons from Great Spanish Chefs by lolamontalban
  9. All who matter are not here, but they matter all who are here
  10. Look around!
  11. “Future is about pay attention to the next” Joan Roca ***
  12. Be open minded!
  13. “We always have to be open minded to new changes” Juan Mari Arzak" ***
  14. Teach!
  15. “I have always been convinced to transmit my whole knowledge” Martín Berasategui" ***
  16. Be the first to try what you do!
  17. “Chef must like eating” Pedro Subijana ***
  18. Be yourself!
  19. “Mi cooking is all I am” Eneko Atxa" ***
  20. Be creative!
  21. “I make Spanish vanguard. End of story” Quique Dacosta" ***
  22. Be happy!
  23. “Don’tlook for success. Look for happiness” Ferrán Adriá" ***
  24. Don’t forget the past!
  25. Carme Ruscalleda" *** “The History of Gastronomy is the World History”
  26. First, the first!
  27. “The most important is the product” Óscar Velasco" **
  28. Touch!
  29. “ We transmit feelings, tastes, smells, textures… and so we touch heart” Daniel García" **
  30. Search about your limits!
  31. “Possible of impossible is measured by human will” Andoni Luis Aduriz" **
  32. Learn, learn, learn!
  33. “Pleasure is not to say you are the best, but in learning” Jordi Cruz" **
  34. Evolve!
  35. “The love we feel for cooking is what motivates us to do things and evolve” Paco Roncero" **
  36. Take care of your team!
  37. “There is no leader if there is no team” Sergi Arola **
  38. Go forward!
  39. “In life you have to go forward” Xavier Pellicer" **
  40. Be others happier!
  41. “We don’t sell food. We sell spaces for happiness” Ramón Freixa" **
  42. Be excellent!
  43. “There is only one cooking: the good one” Nacho Manzano" **
  44. Use your intuition!
  45. “Forget recipes with exact measurements and be swayed by intuition” Toño Pérez" **
  46. There are no limits!
  47. “ It is wrong to put limits!” David Muñoz" **
  48. Listen!
  49. “Listen your cooking” Diego Guerrero" **
  50. Know your values!
  51. “Cooking is culture” Paco Pérez **
  52. Be generous!
  53. “I want to make people happy” Raül Balam" **
  54. Love nature!
  55. “Cooking help us to understand nature” Fina Puigdevall" **
  56. Enjoy!
  57. “Everyday could be a celebration” Manuel De La Osa" *
  58. Be unique!
  59. “Chef personality must always prevail over the dictates of fashion” Hilario Arbelaitz" *
  60. Love what you do!
  61. “Cooking is an act of love” Rodrigo De La Calle" *
  62. Remember what you have lived!
  63. “Always looking forward, while still looking back” Carles Gaig" *
  64. Live like a Phoenix!
  65. “You must rise from your ashes” Raúl Aleixandre" *
  66. Be patient!
  67. “Life is like food: fire and patient” Víctor Arguinzoniz" *
  68. Do always your best!
  69. “Give our best and the answers we receive will be our greatest reward” Josean Martínez Alija" *
  70. Be passionate!
  71. “Cooking is passion” Pepe Rodriguez" *
  72. Be humble!
  73. “Humility is essential to stay on” Ángel León" *
  74. Use what you know!
  75. “You cook with what you think, and you think with what you know” Isaac Salaberria" (I love his cooking)
  76. Imagine & make it!
  77. “Have your head in the sky an your feet on the ground” Paco Torreblanca" (Mr. Desert)
  78. Impossible is not a choice!
  79. “My damn word is impossible!” José Andrés" (TV Star)
  80. This presentation is made with my head, stomach and heart. None of the Chefs that appear here have asked me this project directly or indirectly. I just want to express my admiration for their work. Thanks. by lolamontalban
  81. Thanks to Ferrán Adriá Martín Berasategui Enrique Dacosta Joan Roca Pedro Subijana Juan Mari Arzak Daniel García Santi Santamaría Carme Ruscalleda Hilario Arbelaitz Raúl Aleixandre Pepe Rodriguez Víctor Arguinzoniz Carles Gaig Josean Martínez Alija Sergi Arola Jordi Cruz José Andrés
  82. Thanks to Eneko Atxa Óscar Velasco Paco Pérez Toño Pérez Diego Guerrero Ramón Freixa Fina Puigdevall Raül Balam Paco Torreblanca Paco Roncero Ángel León Rodrigo De La Calle Ignacio Manzano Isaac Salaberria Manuel De La Osa Andoni Luis Aduriz
  83. Life & Bussiness by lolamontalban En español La Sabiduría de los Grandes Cocineros Españoles
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