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Coach yourself to success part 1

10 lessons to success. Based on the first part of "Coach yourself to success" by Talane Miednaer.

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Coach yourself to success part 1

  1. lessons tosuccess10by lolamontalban
  2. “There is only one success: to be ableto spread your life in your own way”CHRISTOPHER MORLEY
  3. There are twoways to get whatyou want:
  4. a.  set yourgoal andgo after it;b.  attractyour goalto you
  5. lessons tosuccess10by lolamontalbanBased on “Coach yourself to Success” byTalane Miedaner
  6. Reachingyour goalsat workand in life
  7. This presentation is basedon Talane Miedaner’s book“ C o a c h Y o u r s e l f t oSuccess”.The author did not ask orpay me to do it.I just think this book isawesome. We respectthe author and would liketo spread her message.For more information,please visit the web site:
  8. 1Increase your natural powerCoach yourself to Success
  9. Eliminate allthose pettyannoyances
  10. Plug theenergy drains
  11. Install tendaily habits
  12. Eliminate the“shoulds”
  13. Establish BigBoundaries
  14. Protectyourselfgracefully
  15. Don’t be aduck
  16. Raise yourstandards
  17. It’s all good,even the badstuff
  18. Havesomething tolook forwardto every day
  19. Inspired byTalane MiedanerLaura SanmartinCarmine GalloMartha Graham Harriet Beecher StoweTallulah Bankhead Ralph W. SockmanOscar Wilde MencioEleanor Roosevelt Samuel JohnsonAnaïs Nin Clare Boothe LuceHenry Miller Thomas Hughes
  20. Photo Creditsh#p://­‐para-­‐el-­‐exito-­‐talane-­‐miedaner-­‐rosario_MLA-­‐F-­‐3553322356_122012.jpg  h#ps://  h#p://­‐IJUV21y54CY/UPTg2AQkpWI/AAAAAAAAzG0/3Vra9f2rca8/s1600/Mujer-­‐Guerrera-­‐con-­‐Espada-­‐y-­‐Casco_Fondos-­‐HD-­‐de-­‐Chicas-­‐Guerreras.jpg  h#p://  h#p://  h#p://­‐content/uploads/2012/07/Agenda2.jpg  h#p://  h#p://­‐AtqWTDAJf6s/UI7zVFJIpAI/AAAAAAAACtE/vR2UmrCgETg/s1600/Fotograf%C3%ADa+muy+buena+de+la+gran+muralla+china.jpg  h#p://­‐fifistrass-­‐3100715_cn06_3_1200x1200_1.jpg  h#p://­‐ab3z0E__9UA/UAiGgSNTOaI/AAAAAAAACIE/DUWUtYpa4-­‐I/s1600/Botones+son+bordes.png  h#p://­‐jIeZbk/S7RSA9bYG7I/AAAAAAAAAcg/Oqr4bI5ZKDY/s1600/big-­‐bang.jpg  h#p://­‐yang1.png  h#p://  h#p://  h#p://ecx.images-­‐­‐cuwxL._SL1450_.jpg  h#p://­‐mujer-­‐loubou1n-­‐negro.jpeg  h#p://  h#p://­‐dgpPlnM3ew/UPovMc1YCI/AAAAAAAAZ1c/ZRsriBkoZtc/s1600/caballo+(1).jpg  h#p://­‐about-­‐success/64-­‐6.jpg  h#p://  h#p://­‐Qsox93_tcws/T71N0Ghh7ZI/AAAAAAAAAsA/TNGKAarJWWA/s1600/Pato_en_un_Lago_1024x768-­‐897026%5B1%5D.jpg  h#p://  
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  24. Morelessons tosuccess10by lolamontalbanBased on “Coach yourself to Success” byTalane Miedaner