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Absolut Oscar Wilde


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Personal selection of Oscar Wilde's quotes

Absolut Oscar Wilde

  1. ABSOLUTWILDEby lolamontalbanOscar
  2. „A personal selection of OscarWildeÊs quotes‰
  3. “Consistency is thelast refuge of theunimaginative.”
  4. „Always forgive your enemies; nothingannoys them so much.‰
  5. “I am not young enough toknow everything.”
  6. „Fashion is a form of ugliness sointolerable that we have to alter itevery six months.‰
  7. “If you want to tellpeople the truth, makethem laugh, otherwisetheyll kill you.”
  8. „It is always a silly thing to giveadvice, but to give good advice isfatal.‰
  9.  “It is a very sad thing thatnowadays there is so littleuseless information.”
  10. „I think that God in creating Mansomewhat overestimated his ability.‰
  11. “Man is least himselfwhen he talks in hisown person. Give hima mask, and he will tellyou the truth.”
  12. •     „Illusion is the first of all pleasures.‰
  13.        “The old believeeverything, the middle-aged suspect everything,and the young knoweverything.”
  14. „The true mystery of the world isthe visible, not the invisible.‰
  15. “One is tempted to defineman as a rational animalwho always loses histemper when he is calledupon to act inaccordance with thedictates of reason.”
  16. „One can survive everything,nowadays, except death, and livedown everything except a goodreputation.‰
  17. “We teach people howto remember, we neverteach them how togrow.”
  18. „Life is far too important a thingever to talk seriously about.‰
  19. “I adore simple pleasures.They are the last refuge ofthe complex.”
  20. „It is absurd todivide people intogood and bad.People are eithercharming or tedious.‰
  21. “The truth is rarely pureand never simple.”
  22. „There is no such thing as a moral oran immoral book. Books are wellwritten or badly written.‰
  23. “To get back myyouth I would doanything in the world,except take exercise,get up early, or berespectable.”
  24. „I choose my friends for their good looks, myacquaintances for their good characters, and myenemies for their good intellects. A man cannotbe too careful in the choice of his enemies.‰
  25. “I can resist anythingbut temptation.”
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