15 Lessons of Creativity


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Creativity lessons for business and life. Fifteen famous and inspirational quotes on creativity for your next endeavour

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15 Lessons of Creativity

  1. LESSONS of creativity 15
  2. for busiess ad life
  3. Everyting aoud us is te esut of soeoe’s ceativity
  4. But, soeties we eed inspiration
  5. So, ee ae fiſteen faous ad inspiatioal quotes on ceativity for your ext endeavour
  6. LESSONS of creativity 15
  7. pablo picasso “Every cid is an artist, te pobem is staying an artist wen you go up”
  8. vincent van gogh “If you ear a voice witin you say, ‘You canot pait’, ten by al eans pait, ad tat voice wil be sieced”
  9. salvador dali “Have o fear of perfection, you’ll ever each it”
  10. dr.seuss “ink eſt ad tink rigt ad tink o ad tink igh. Oh, te tinks you can tink up if oly you try!”
  11. george bernard shaw “Iaiation is te beining of ceation. You iaie wat you desie, you wil wat you iaie, ad at last, you ceate wat you wil”
  12. donatella versace “Ceativity coes fom a conflict of ideas”
  13. “Ceativity is oe tan just being diffeet. Anybody can pan weird; tat’s easy. Wat’s ard is to be as simpe as Bach. Making te simpe, awesoely simpe, tat’s ceativity” charles mingus
  14. “Ceativity is just conecting tings. Wen you ask ceative peope o tey did soeting tey feel a itte uity because tey didn’t ealy do it, tey just saw soeting. It seeed obvious to tem aſter a wie” steve jobs
  15. ray bradbury “Don’t tink. inking is te eemy of ceativity. It’s self- conscious, ad anyting self- conscious is ousy. You can’t try to do tings. You simply must do tings”
  16. voltaire “Oriiaity is oting but judicious iitation”
  17. leo burnett “Curiosity about ife in al of its aspects, I tink, is stil te secet of geat ceative peope”
  18. albert einstein “Ceativity is cotaious, pass it on”
  19. cecil b.demille “Ceativity is a drug I canot ive witout”
  20. george bernard shaw “You see tings; ad you say, ‘Why?’ But I deam tings tat ever wee; ad I say ‘Why ot?’“
  21. jack london “You can’t wait for inspiation, you ave to go aſter it with a club”
  22. 15LESSONS of creativity for busiess ad life
  23. inspired by: Twisted Siſter: 15 faous quotes on Ceativity. ttp://twistedsiſter.com/2012/03/15-faous-quotes-on-ceativity
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