Succesful story of sanjha manch


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Hello friends that is Succesful stories of Alfa educational society and intern exprience with ALFA .please read it .
ALFA educational society
Vpo -karawara ,Tehsil -kherewara,Dist.- Udaipur
Lokesh kalal

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Succesful story of sanjha manch

  1. 1. Kaisbar Istar Makrani, a young resident of Karawaravillage, aged 18 years, is an active member of Sanjha Manch (a youth resource centre ofALFA Educational Society).He has just completed his higher secondary (12th)examination and aspires to be an engineer in the IT field.Presently, he is working hard totransform his this very dream into reality and is quite confident that he will make it. Kaisbar was associated to Sanjha Manch almost a year back by oneof his good friend Hidayat who was himself associated with Sanjha Manch in its initialyears.Kesbar bluntly confesses that before getting in touch with Sanjha Manch, he wasmore of a person who was a mass follower and used to hold certain radical views whocould be easily fomented and misleaded by various incendiaries and anti-socialelements. He feels that Sanjha Manch has given not only him but many others like himin the locality an opportunity to share ones own thoughts, beliefs, perceptions andthinking with people from other communities(like Hindus,Adivasis etc) which has createda very positive atmosphere in the locality. This unique platform has resulted in creating asense of mutual understanding among the different communities residing in the villageand has made them realize that no society can progress in isolation. Development hasto be inclusive and every community has to work in unison in this regard. According to Kesbar,Sanjha Manch has played a pivotal role inhelping the youths to unbridle themselves from the narrow feelings ofreligion,caste,creed,sex etc and bring forth their inherent talents which otherwise couldhave been eclipsed. He says that Sanjha Manch has changed his outlook towards thisworld and he has been able to evolve as a better human being now who is open tolearning in life. As an endeavor of Sanjha Manch, he has also undergone many trainingsin print media, photography, cinematography, film screening, issues related toenvironment etc.He has also very actively worked on various gender based issues andwas a part of a very successful campaign named MUST BOL.Besides this, he thinks thatthe various national and international interns coming to Sanjha Manch also createsawareness among the people about the world outside Karawara and helps in theexchange of ideas and knowledge. Although, the path chosen by Sanjha Manch is very challenging andthe issues very sensitive, still Kesbar is very optimistic that Sanjha Manch will go a longway in achieving its very goal and wishes to be a part of the Sanjha Manch family alwaysand work for the development and progress of Karawara.
  2. 2. Inzamam Makrani, aged 19 years, is a resident ofKarawara village. Currently, he is pursuing his higher secondary in the artsstream from a local government school. He aspires to be a bank employee. He isan awesome Hip-Hop dancer and has had no formal training in it. Inzamam lost his father at the age of six in a road accident. Hisfather was a driver. Since then, life has not been easy for Inzamam and hismother. Being the only son and the sole bread earner of the family, Inzamam hasbeen struggling hard to strike a balance between work and his academics. Bothhe and his mother run a small grocery shop in the village for maintaining theirdaily livelihood. It has been six months that Inzamam has been a part of theSanjha Manch (a youth research centre of ALFA educational society) family. Hesays that before joining the family, he was a staunch supporter of communalism.He hated mixing up with people from other religious background but after comingto Sanjha Manch and after interacting and sharing ones own thoughts with theyouths of the other communities at Sanjha Manch, he felt that they are reallydoing a constructive job for the sake of communal harmony and spreading themessage of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood which is very essential for a peacefulenvironment where the mind is without fear and free of inferiority complex. Inzamam feels that after getting involved with Sanjha Manch, hehas been able to live his dream. He always wanted to be a good dancer, butowing to family responsibilities and not so sound economical background, hisaspirations and desires had to take a backseat. He feels that Sanjha Manch hasgiven him and many others like him a platform to live their dreams. As a part of aregular training programme of Sanjha Manch, he also participated in someevents like film screening on gender based issues and wall painting etc.He isvery supportive of the work that the organization is doing in the areas of youthdevelopment. Inzamam says that earlier, the villagers were not very supportiveof the principles and values of Sanjha Manch and so, restricted their childrenfrom going and mixing up with the children from the other communities there. Butgradually, the scenario is changing although internal conflicts still exists.Inzamamfeels that everyone must thrive to rise above the feelings of religion, caste, creedand sex and work for the betterment of the human race rather than just keepingoneself confined to petty communal politics. Inzamam also feels that the kind of exposure that Sanjha Manch
  3. 3. Kailash Patel is a young boy from the patel communityof Karawara village. He is presently pursuing his B.A from Udaipur and is in thefinal year. He has also undergone training in computer networking and computerhardware at Hyderabad (A.P).He aspires to be an advocate. Kailashs father runs a small welding workshop in Karawaravillage. During his vacations, Kailash comes back to the village to help his fatherin his workshop. His hobby is reading books on the history of India and thencomparing or relating the practices of ancient era with those of the present era.He feels that without past, future is meaningless and hence, everyone must knowthe past of his/her own country and relate to ones own roots. Kailashs relationship with Sanjha Manch dates back to the daythe organization was established. Since then, he has been a very active memberof the group.Kailash says that apart from working on communal issues,SanjhaManch also plays a great role in providing exposure to the village youths which isvery necessary in todays competitive environment. Recently, Kailash along with two of his friends from the villagegot a wonderful chance to explore himself as a part of Pravahs SMILE internshipprogramme. Kailash was placed at Vriksh, an organization working in the area ofyouth development, in Mussorie,Uttarakhand.Kailash is very thankful to SanjhaManch for letting him know about the internship and facilitating the process. Hesays that the exposure has broadened his view towards life and his personalityhas also undergone some remarkable changes. He says that mixing with peoplefrom different backgrounds, states etc and then sharing ones own thoughts andexchanging information and ideas with them has been an enlighteningexperience for him. As a part of the internship, Kailash used to hold classes for thechildren of the villages in Mussorie.He also did some case studies and carriedout some field surveys in the hilly regions of Mussorie. Not only this, he alsoworked on several environmental issues and completed a project on eco tourismthere. Kailash says that when he came back to his village after theinternship, he shared his experiences with the village youths and alsoencouraged them to go on such exposure trips. He has also participated inseveral environmental training and film making workshops here at SanjhaManch.
  4. 4. Ganesh Patel is a young boy of 25 years from the village of Karawara, Kherwara inUdaipur. He has done his schooling from Karawara and has graduated in arts from MLSU,Udaipur.Currently; he is pursuing his Masters in Social Work from Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur. Hehas been into the social sector for the last 3-4 years. Presently, he is the treasurer of Sanjha Manch, ayouth research centre of ALFA Educational Society. Ganesh says that Sanjha Manch is doing a very excellent job in educating and infusingthe feeling of oneness among the generation next. He says that generally the youths living in the remotevillages remain aloof of the happenings of the outside world and as a result of this; they lag behind theyouths of the urban areas. In the villages, neither do they receive quality education nor do they getproper exposure. He says that a majority of the youths from his village go to Kuwait after their 10th or12th in search of job. It is in this regard that Sanjha Manch is doing a commendable job by arranging fortuition classes and exposure trips for the children and youths of the villages. Exposure trips give the localyouths a chance to come out of their nutshells and experience the outside world and hence, widen theirown world view in the very process. On the personal side, Ganesh feels that being a part of the Sanjha Manch family hasbrought some positive changes within him. He admits that earlier he used to be too prudish and shy inspeaking in public but slowly and gradually, after interacting with different international and nationalinterns coming to Sanjha Manch for internships and sharing one’s own thoughts with them, he hasbecome quite eloquent and has opened up a lot. He feels that now, he can get down well with peoplefrom different backgrounds. Ganesh also adds that working on such issues require a lot of funding and infrastructurewhich presently the organization lacks. Some kind of professionalism and discipline is also required forrunning an organization. He says that once the organization starts receiving funds, the organizationsworking can be structured well and it can be run in a more efficient way. He thinks that the bigcorporate houses must come forward to help such very few organizations that work at the grassrootlevel. After completing his MSW, Ganesh looks forward to giving his best to the organizationand is quite confident that the organization will very earnestly work for achieving its objective. Interviewed and written by Rohit Singh,a SMILE intern fromPRAVAH(Dec,2011)
  5. 5. Hello everybody!! I am Rohit Singh. I belong to Ghazipur in theeastern part of Uttar Pradesh but born and brought up in the beautiful city of Guwahati (Assam).I passedmy engineering (Electrical & Electronics) from Ghaziabad (U.P) in the year 2011.Before sharing myexperience, I would like to make a few points clear that would justify my motto behind coming for thiswonderful rural internship programme: 1) Right from my childhood, I have been very proud of my India. Its vast diversity seduced me a lot and I always cherished a desire to explore its diversity. I always desired of identifying myself with each and every Indian irrespective of his/her caste, sex, religion, region etc and the very internship played a very short but very vital role in this regard. 2) I want to give back something to the society, to the country. I want to bring about a change in the society either by joining the civil services or through constructive and good politics. But before doing so, I feel it’s very necessary to understand the ground realities and experience the problems/issues at the grassroot level of the society and the country as a whole. 3) To widen my world view and understand issues from different perspectives As a part of the SMILE internship programme of Pravah, I wasplaced at ALFA Educational Society in the beautiful village of Karawara, Kherwara, Udaipur, Rajasthan.For me, the internship was an awesome one which gave me a wonderful feeling which is inexplicable.The exposure gave me a golden opportunity to explore myself and to come out of my comfort zone. ALFA Educational Society basically works in the areas of childeducation and communalism. It is doing a very commendable work and that too, on self support basis.During my stay there, my job was basically confined to documenting, interviewing people and teachingEnglish grammar to the youths and the children of the villages. The overall internship was a perfectblend of work, fun and adventure. The youths and the people of the locality were very warm andfriendly which made the internship a memorable one. The place was like a second home to me. Theoutskirt of the village was a scenic beauty with hilly forests and ponds that acted as a symbol of serenity.I interacted a lot with the youths of the villages and we also shared one’s thoughts with each other.Those interactions and discussions helped me in knowing the ground realities of the villages andunderstanding the issues through their eyes. I made many new friends and relationships in those few
  6. 6. days. Interacting with people like Pathan (an electrical mechanic) and Kantibhai (a tea stall owner) wasfull of fun. I am very grateful to my mentor Mr.Lokesh Kalal who tried his bestto make me feel comfortable and guided me throughout the internship. He was very supportive of mywork and always kept on encouraging me like an elder brother. It is often said that every human being isselfish by nature but when I looked forward to Lokesh, I was forced to give that saying a second thought.His organization has no external funding yet; he is working on an issue as sensitive as communalismwhich many well established NGOs refrain from laying their hands on. Although, I found that ALFAlacked some professionalism and the working there was not structured but I am quite hopeful that onceit starts receiving funds, it would function in a more professional and better way. Last but not the least, Iwish ALFA huge success in every endeavor of theirs. ALL THE BEST!! Rohit Singh, a SMILE intern from Pravah (December, 2011Batch) I am Maneesh singh . I am 20 years old and belong to Uttar Pradesh.Iam pursuing my graduation in Science steram from University of Delhi.I worked with Alfa educationalsociety from 14Dec to 31st Dec.I came here as an intern under Pravah a NGO in new delhi.I taughtmahtematics, science and computer science . It was a great experience to devwelop my teaching skills asa well as communication skills. I was appriciated by students and they also co-operated me. I alwaystried to put my 100%^ efforts.I also taught tribal children near Kherwara village.. They were very excitedabout the way I taught them.They were intelligent and obedient. I taught them matematics , english andmoral education. My hard work was resulted in a good change in theintelluctual level of students.I want say about Pathan Bhai . he was very much willing to this stage.By the i footed in kherwara village. the people herewere very helpful.I did not feel like I am away from home. I have learnt about communism as well as iItried to understand people mentality of all communities here.I would like to thanks to Mr. LokeshKalal CEO of Alfa Education Society.He always encouraging. I got a lot knowledge about society and issue.He provided me good accomodation,food and other facilities. I would like to thanks to Mr.
  7. 7. Kaishbarg, Vasim, Tushar,Malng,Pandit,Moin Khan,Sultan, Mehul .they all made my work entertainingand easy for me.Special thanks to,All villagers and Fulla ji.I will miss u all.from,Maneesh SinghHansRaj CollegeUniversity of Delhi