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Per Fjeld


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Per Fjeld

  1. 1. Local television online in Norway
  2. 2. 09.07.09 Our journey from print to multimedia  Stavanger Aftenblad is a regional Norwegian daily paper started in 1893 and has a current circulation of 70.000.  Started the website in 1996 and the local tv station TV Vest in 1997.  Placed the digital activities in a new company called Aftenbladet Multimedia in 2007.  Reached a new integration milestone by moving into new building in downtown Stavanger in 2008. Will merge with mother company before the end of 2009.
  3. 3. Everything is now under one roof 09.07.09
  4. 4. 09.07.09 Why web tv?  Cheaper distribution than regular television  Increasing capacity – increased quality demand: Over 75 % of households in Norway have broadband (+2mb)  The aim of any site is to build traffic, and you build traffic by offering moving images.
  5. 5. 09.07.09 Broadcast tv is our starting point  Daily newscast anchored and looped  We sell ads, content and production  Potentially 300.000 viewers.  Rating 37% weekly  Distributing via cable, IP, web, terrestrial.  And from fall 2009: satellite.  First local station in Norway on HD
  6. 6. 09.07.09 Integration started in two separate locations  Project involving paper/web staff and tv staff in 2006. At least 2 daily reports from the start.  Spent almost a year doing hourly anchored newscasts on the web.  Focused on content management, technical processes and organisational issues – less on commercial revenue.  Dedicated staff: Rotating most stills photographers as video collectors, plus one web tv video journalist. And from tv staff: One producer and one editor/anchor.
  7. 7. 09.07.09 Web user pattern: Follow and lead  First lesson: Don’t do ”tv-tv” on the web. We ditched the daily newscast.  The other way around: Web material is often single source because it is packaged together or embedded with text that include balancing sources.  Increase value and time spent on text stories by offering video related to the stories. And vice versa.  Be prepared to offer higher quality as the difference between platforms decreases.
  8. 8. 09.07.09 Broadcast and web – separate and combine  When you already have a tv station – don’t create a parallell organisation . It helps to be under one roof.  Don’t let the tv station swallow your capacity for developing new stuff. Make room for playgrounds.
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  12. 12. 09.07.09 Tools and methods  Panasonic HVX200 HD for most of the video collection in addition to bigger Panasonic ENG cameras.  Nokia N95 with Mobile Reporter video file transmission system. In principle, all our 100 journalists can become video-correspondents in the field.  User generated material through single MMS adress.
  13. 13. 09.07.09 Volume: Weekly traffic levels Date (week beginning) Item 1 1. Oct 20, 2008 - 25,974 2. Oct 27, 2008 - 31,661 3. Nov 3, 2008 - 49,468
  14. 14. 09.07.09 Making money: The football case  Schibsted (including Aftenbladet) has bought the rights for streaming live Norwegian top league matches on its websites 2009-2012.  Revenue from: subscription and single match sales, ads and indirect effect of increased site traffic.  In addition, we will expand our existing minute by minute text and stats service with immediate clips; goals, bookings, etc.
  15. 15. 09.07.09 Making money: New ideas on new platforms  IP television is expanding rapidly in the Stavanger area, opening new avenues for content development and revenue: -Local proving ground for pay- for- content solutions -Capacity almost without limits -A locally based distributor with a humble attitude
  16. 16. 09.07.09 Have fun!