Parts of Speech: Session 1


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  • Parts of Speech: Session 1

    1. 1. Parts of SpeechEnglish Grammar – Session 1 Lois Dalphinis
    2. 2. Parts of speech are very important in grammar since they are the groups in which words are categorised. They allow you tolabel a word in a sentence and provide the framework for the rules to follow in a sentence. The 8 parts of speecho Nouns point out or name people, places, things or ideas.o Pronouns are used in place of a noun.o Adjectives are used to describe a noun or a pronoun. What kind, how many or which one.o Verbs describe the state of being of a subject. It can also be used to describe or to show physical or mental action.o Adverbs describe a verb, an adjective or another adverb.o Prepositions express relationships between people, things and actions by placing words in front of nouns, noun phrases or pronouns to connect them to another word.o Conjunctions are words that connect parts of speech.o Interjections are words to express feelings or emotions. Learn the 8 parts of speech and be able to label or name a part of speech in a sentence. Lois Dalphinis
    3. 3. PARTS OF SPEECH Nouns Nouns point out or name people, places, things or ideas E.g. chair, computer, car, pen. __________ __________ __________ __________ Write a Noun in each of the spaces provided to correctly name each image. Lois Dalphinis
    4. 4. PARTS OF SPEECH Types of Noun Proper Nouns  Common Nouns A name of one specific One specific person class or place or group that is thing that is capitalised. not capitalised. E.g. Peter, London, Washington E.g. dog, lock, pen Other words that are Proper Nouns Other words that are Common Nouns • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ • ______________________________ Write down other examples of common and proper Nouns. Lois Dalphinis
    5. 5. Exercise PARTS OF SPEECH: NOUNS 1) Circle the nouns in the sentences below:1. I want to go to the department store.2. The doctor and the teacher are in the car.3. There is a big book in the classroom.4. My cat likes to sit on the bed. 2) Write a noun in the blank to complete each sentence:1. I want to go to __________.2. The __________ and the __________ are in the car.3. There is a big __________ in the classroom.4. __________ likes to sit on the bed. • [click to download full ‘Nouns 1’ worksheet] • [click to download full ‘Nouns 2’ worksheet] Lois Dalphinis
    6. 6. Subject :: Object Noun as a subject – The dog broke the lock. Noun as a direct object – The dog broke the lock.Noun as an indirect object – I gave Harold the lock.
    7. 7. Exercise PARTS OF SPEECH: NOUNS Write 8 sentences containing common or proper nouns.E.g I went to Henley today– The proper noun is ‘Henley’ I went with my friend – The common noun is ‘friend’ 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________ 6. _____________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________ See if you can find the noun as subject, direct object and indirect object, in your sentences..
    8. 8. Notes