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New Study Finds Comparable Heart Benefits from Yoga and Aerobics


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New Study Finds Comparable Heart Benefits from Yoga and Aerobics

  1. 1.  A longtime physical education teacher, Lois Bruckno has balanced her career endeavors with extensive charitable efforts focused on promoting health and the environment. Lois Bruckno also engages in various outdoor hobbies and athletic activities, including yoga. In a recent study, researchers at Harvard University reported in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology that yoga may be as beneficial for the heart as aerobic activities like walking or cycling. The researchers conducted 37 clinical trials and found that practicing yoga lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate at levels equivalent to aerobic exercise. According to the researchers who led the study, yoga can be used to complement a cardiovascular health routine and may be easier for seniors to implement into their exercise regimen.
  2. 2.  The researchers also noted that broader studies are required before health professionals can routinely prescribe yoga as a cardiovascular treatment. Additional research is required to understand precisely how yoga and its many variations improve health. A cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center asserts that while the benefits of yoga have been posited for a long time, the recent Harvard study has helped to reveal and measure a number of them.