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  1. 1. The diaper cake is now one of the most popular centerpieces at any baby shower party. As it is the cake at a baby showerparty is a lot of fun to make, decorate, seeand eat. However, the diaper cake, despiteits name is not an edible cake. Among the edible cakes that are usually served at these types of parties are fruit cakes, ice cakes, and white cake and so on.diaper cake
  2. 2. How to Make a Diaper Cake? The diaper cake despite the common beliefis not too difficult to make Information about how to make a diaper cakeis available from library books, special baby shower theme cookingbooks, internet, and so on
  3. 3. Usually, the cake is three tiered but you could decide on whatever sizeyou like to have it, depending on the size of the party and your patienceand expertise diaper cake The basic idea is to make a cake-like form outof diapers
  4. 4. As you will find out from the various sources, and the how to make adiaper cake books/ sources, this cake is meant to be a little treasure forthe little baby who is due The lower tier and the largest one would bemade of approximately of 30 - 50 diapers, the second one of 15-25, andthe top most would be made 5-6 diapers
  5. 5. The diapers should be put together with the help of baby safety pinsand/or tape Ensure that the bottom layer is secured well in the form of acylinder
  6. 6. Once the layer is well formed, you could put a cardboard on top of it, or ababy blanket, or if you want to have something big in the centre, you canleave it hollow and attach the rest of the tiers with safety pins or tape Donot use glue or staples because it will be difficult and messy todisentangle it later
  7. 7. The second layer would have to be fashioned the same way as the thirdlayer For the top layer you will want to keep all special baby items, suchas rattlers, ribbons, little booties, pacifiers, and even bottles
  8. 8. For the cake which has the centre empty, you could keep a big teddythere, or any other big thing that would be useful to the baby Many howto make a diaper cake sources, advice that you should use disposablediapers instead of ordinary cotton ones
  9. 9. In this case you could even use glue, and then throw away the diapersinstead of struggling to disentangle them It is not difficult to learn how tomake a diaper cake and the fun that it involves adds to the joy of theexperience
  10. 10. diaper cake