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  1. 1. Singapore Cupcake and Cake are freshly home-made cupcakes made from finest and freshest ingredients. Artsy and beautifully customised, all individually finished by hand with a wide variety of frosting, toppings, sprinkles and decorations. Deliciously soft and yummy. Ideal for whatever the occasion: wedding, solemnisation, engagement, baby first month, love surprises, birthday, special occasions and celebrations. It make stunning centrepiece, great surprise
  2. 2. Cute and very portable creamy and pretty very homely littlecupcakes & cakes Made in Singapore Cupcakes have delightedgenerations From the classic combinations to the irresistibly richpairing, All the best loved cupcakes here, at Dreamy CupcakeDreamy cupcakes are freshly homemade baked immediately andcollected/ deliver, made from the finest and freshest ingredients AllHalal YUMMY!! Try our yummy signature white chocolate cakebased! A cupcake (the common US, Canadian, South African andAustralian term) or fairy cake (the common British and Irish term), isa small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in asmall, thin paper or aluminum cup
  3. 3. As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such assprinkles, are common on cupcakes A standard cupcake uses thesame basic ingredients as standard-sized cakes: butter, sugar, eggs,and flour Nearly any recipe that is suitable for a layer cake can beused to bake cupcakes Because their small size is more efficient forheat conduction, cupcakes bake much faster than layer cakesThere must be something special about this sugary delight A muffinmay seem more sensible to some; you could have it for breakfast; itmight have bran or nuts or fruit in it
  4. 4. A cupcake, on the other hand, is sexier, more flirtatious Theres nosemblance of functionality; rather, its pure, unadulterated decadence Theres no room for wholesomeness or sensibly watching yourcalorie intake here Instead, one may find sprinkles, bits of candy,and its most seductive feature as much creamy frosting as the bakerdares to pile on top, in colours ranging from frivolous neon pink to asultry, fudgy chocolate brown Irresistibly extreme playful creationscake! Artsy and beautifully customized with care, all individuallyfinished by hand with a wide variety of frosting, royal icing, buttercream icing, toppings, sprinkles and pretty decoration made ofcolorful edible sugar paste All decorations are edible
  5. 5. Dreamy Cupcakes & Cakes will be a stunning centre piece for anymemorable occasions They made great surprise gifts and youresure to put a smile on the face of the recipient They are sure toplease the most fussiest of taste buds Your guests will be beggingfor more! Tiered wedding cupcakes! No matter how small they are,they always add a touch of grandeur to any celebrations! We alsobake and supply all sorts of pastries, such as cookies, cake lapis,muffins, kuehs, customized cake, at affordable prices! Do enquire forcorporate events/ daily supply for cafes/ bakery shops/ weddingplanners There are a lot more catalog to view! Do request in orderform enquiry at www
  6. 6. cupcake-dreamy net and well send you allthe catalog on floral theme for you to view! "Your cakes are overthe top! No joke I have seen some of the best and you have outdoneall of them They are majestic and beautiful Fairytale like!" SuzyHicks, Joplin, Missouri, USA
  7. 7.