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  1. 1. Organizing a baby shower can certainly be full of excitement. Nevertheless, there are times when decorating ideas are not smooth and you are wondering if you will able to pull off a wonderful party. For this reason, if you are looking for a few creative ideas to get started, why dont you consider making fabulous baby diaper cakes? Now, you dont have to stop reading or start to imagine that this is something unpleasant, as this is definitely not intended to be eaten by your
  2. 2. What are baby diaper cakes? These are spectacular cakes which areassembled by hand using the best quality ingredients to form impressivecenterpieces for table and can be useful for newborn and mom Mostpeople classify these creations as unique and special because you willnot find a lot of companies offering this service You can even make yourcreativity extend a bit further by coordinating your baby shower invitationsand thank you cards with the same designs and color theme of the cakes
  3. 3. In addition to using for decorating purposes, if you have an invitation toattend a baby shower you can bring this as your gift This is becomingquite a popular gift item these days for persons who want to givesomething practical and memorable As ofsuch, the market is now flourishing with lovely cakes for this specialoccasion and you can purchase your readymade ones easily online
  4. 4. At present, this market has even become specialized and it is possible toget separate cakes for girls and boys You can find the boy cakes withsporty looks and girls with cute decorations with colorful ribbons andmotifs If you want do your own designs this is actually pretty easy, allyou need is some supplies and you are ready to go
  5. 5. Making your own creations Basically, you need to get several diapers;this could be regular or the cloth types But, the amount will depend onthe size, style and the amount of tiers that you want for the cake Youneed to tie all the diapers in a cylindrical structure and after that puttogether in the different tiers
  6. 6. For this you need safety pins, colorful ribbons, lace, satin fabric, wool,cord and crocheted lace Next, arrange the tiers above each other
  7. 7. Lastly, you have to decorate your cake using a variety of gift items whichare useful for both mother-to-be and baby Some of these items includebaby shampoos, bibs, soothers, rattles, stuffed toys, powders and babybottles
  8. 8. You will be surprised of the special gifts that you can make with a littlecreativity and imagination As an example, you could make your cakes inshapes of wreath, teddy bear, purse, high-heel boot, bicycle and anythingthat you desire
  9. 9. If you want to have a special theme based on the baby shower event,you can do this as well or get a readymade cake online Lets say its aboy baby, you could do sporty theme, for example skiing with cozyminiature goodies like ski rods, skis, mittens or wool scarves
  10. 10. When everything is done you can add your special labels to your cake
  11. 11.