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  1. 1. I am sure that a mere mention of seafood makes your tongue wag and mouth water. They are rich in nutrients and divine in taste as well as flavor. No wonder, they are a hit and hot favorite with the foodies all over the globe. Of almost unlimited varieties of seafood delicacies, crab cakes demand a special mention for its spicy look, palate-teasingflavor and royal taste. Like the other sea foods, crabcake is high in vitamin, protein and phosphorus. The level of nutrients varies by a minor or major margin depending on the weight and the region where the crabs are sourced from. The only downside is that this seafood is rich in cholesterol which is an agent to cause cardiac problems. But having them on theplatter once in a week will not inflict harmful effects if you regularly practice some free hand exercises to keep your cholesterol level under control.diaper cakes
  2. 2. The crab cakes are rich in a variety of beneficial ingredients They are veryhigh in calories The cake is also rich in different types of fat such as saturatedfat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat and trans fat We mustensure to get the right amount of fat from our daily diet as it is an importantingredient to provide us with the sufficient energy Several minerals such assodium, calcium and iron play a significant role in body-building The crabcakes have enough of these minerals and that is why are good for our health
  3. 3. The same can be said about vitamin A and C Vitamins are an important needfor our body The deficiency of vitamin A and C diaper cakes can result intomany a disease such as night blindness, scurvy etc So, intake of vitamins insufficient quantity is a must for every person irrespective of his/her age Thecrab cakes have a high content of both these vitamins A crab is also a greatsource of omega 3 fatty acids
  4. 4. This acid controls our blood pressure and reduces the level of triglycerides Italso lowers the inflammation level and cuts the chance of cardiac arrest to aconsiderable extent For an enhanced immunity power, this acid is a mustintake for us The crab cakes are also a good source of lean protein Highchromium content of crab increases the metabolism of blood sugar and thuskeeps the body glucose level on the keel Free of carbohydrate content, thesomekeyword are good for the diabetes patients
  5. 5. Rich in selenium, the crabs mend the oxidative damage to both the cells andtissues For proper functioning of the tissues and cells, enough intake ofselenium is a must The crab cakes contain a good quantity of natural sodiumbut not have sufficient amount of mercury Undoubtedly, crabs are healthy foryou and your closed ones somekeyword is also a popular seafood for the foodlovers and it is also a good source of protein and vitamin 12
  6. 6. The shrimps are good alternative to meat protein though unlike the crab cakeslow in fat as well as calorie Being high in anti-inflammatory qualities, shrimpreduces the gum swelling (result of vitamin C deficiency) It also providesprotection against the deadly cancer and other degenerative diseases Like thecrabs, shrimps are also rich in omega 3 acid
  7. 7. diaper cakes