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  1. 1. Every birthday is a milestone in an individuals life. It not only signifies a year of your life that has gone by, but also celebrates, maturity, growth and all the achievements in the pat year. The tradition of celebrating birthdays has been around since timeimmemorial, and birthday cakes are an integral part of all these celebrations.diaper cakes
  2. 2. Though young and old alike celebrate their birthdays with the sameenthusiasm and eagerly look forward to the next, children specially lookforward to them diaper cakes It is a complete fun time for children
  3. 3. They get to wear new dresses, get different gifts and other surprises,and get to eat all kinds of candies and chocolates, apart from the biggestdelight of the day, birthday cakes For others too it is celebration time asthe place is decorated with ribbons and balloons and children can gettogether and play all their favourite games
  4. 4. The blowing of the candles and the cutting of the cake have become apart of the birthday tradition There are many folklores on birthdays andbirthday cakes
  5. 5. There is one very famous folklore regarding birthday cakes that says thatif one blows all the candles on the cake in one blow, it brings good luckAnother one says that if you wish while blowing candles and all thecandles are extinguished in one blow, then the wish will come true
  6. 6. Different cultures have different significance and folklore related tobirthdays and birthday cakes One of the most common and worldwidepractices related to cutting birthday cakes is singing of the HappyBirthday song while cutting birthday cakes
  7. 7. This practice is popular all over the world, and no birthday is completewithout the singing of this popular birthday song Though this song is verypopular and has now become a part of the birthday folklore, it was notuntil the early 1900s that this song first made its appearance
  8. 8. diaper cakes