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  1. 1. Diaper cakes are an impressive and practical gift. But if you buy one in a store it will cost between$70 - $170. Have you thought about making your own? I guarantee once you start you wont beable to stop and you will be encouraging more ofyour friends and relatives to fall pregnant just sothat you can make them this great gift! You mayeven start getting requests to make diaper cakes for friends and they will pay you for them!
  2. 2. It is pretty hard to learn how to make diaper cakes by following writteninstructions and you will probably waste a lot of time making mistakesand getting frustrated in the process The best way to learn this craft isthrough someone showing you step by step
  3. 3. If you dont know anyone who can teach you, you can download a videothat will show you everything you need to learn Learning via a video is afantastic and quick way to produce good looking and creative diapercakes
  4. 4. Once you learn the basics you can start to be as creative as you want byadding ribbons, toys, trinkets, photos and lotions You can think aboutcreating a theme for each diaper cake you make, this could be a themebased on color, a nursery rhyme, a popular kids TV program, animals,transport or fairies - the options are endless
  5. 5. Diaper cakes are a great gift, they brighten up any hospital room, make awonderful centerpiece for a baby shower and are a practical andwelcomed gift for parents It will probably cost you around $40 for thematerials needed to make each diaper cake
  6. 6. To cut these costs look out for specials insupermarkets, they usually have regular specials on diapers toencourage parents into the store If you hunt around you can always findgood quality toys, teddy bears, creams and ribbons at reduced rates
  7. 7. If you attend baby or parenting expos you can often pick up lots ofsamples or give-a-ways that will look great on a diaper cake Of course ifyou buy in bulk you will end up saving a lot too
  8. 8. So get creative and make a diaper cake today! You will find that it is funand easy!!
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