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Japan Weekly Fashion Headlines by - June 21,2016
Dear Japanese FashionFans,
The rainy seasonstart...
The target of J.PRESSHOUSEisgrandfather, fatherandson. The theme is “passedonthe style of
dressingandculture fromfatherto ...
14. GINZAPLACE is CompletedtoOpen This Fall
GINZA PLACE, a new commercial complex with 11floorsabove groundand 2 below inG...
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Japan Weekly Fashion Headlines by - June 21, 2016


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Loic Bizel Loic Bizel has been reporting Japanese Streets Fashion Trends since 2001. We also organize Shopping and Retail Tours
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Japan Weekly Fashion Headlines by - June 21, 2016

  1. 1. Japan Weekly Fashion Headlines by - June 21,2016 Dear Japanese FashionFans, The rainy seasonstartedaftera warmSpring2016 and new stores,brandsand conceptshave continued to flourishinTokyo,bringingmanynewideasforstoresdesign,VMDandof course trendyproducts. We will arrange the bestplanningforyou todiscoverall these innovativeandinspirational concepts stores. Contact us if youneedaquote foryour TokyoFashionTour ( NewshopsopeninginTokyo: 1. UNIQLOPresentsa CollectionforMuslimWomeninJapan “HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO” collection,startedin SoutheastAsiain2015 forMuslimwomen,offers comfortable clothes.Asymmetrical silhouettes,longslits,comfortablefabricand loose-fitting silhouettes tocoverthe skinand shape of the bodycharacterize the brand. 2. Parisian Brand NÏUKU will be Launchedin Japan NÏUKU,anupcomingParisianunisex brandstartedin2014 by an Africanduo,will openpopup storesat 5 stores includingInternationalGallery Beams, H Beauty & Youth and ADDITION ADELAIDE on August. The brand mayattract people whohave highinterestsinfashion. 3. Baseball Glove Brand TRION will Debut a New Bag Brand TOMOE The world'slargest baseball glove brand TRION willlaunch bagbrand TOMOEin collaboration with Japanese bagbrand HOZUKIYA andbag design teamHIKARU MATSUMURA.The brand offersblack leatherbagsthat combine functionaldesignand craftsmanship underthe concept "Minimal is Maximal”. 4. PAL CO.,LTD. Starts NewBag Brand MARBOLICA from FW 2016 MARBOLICA,directedbyanart directorof DAILY RUSSETand designerof HEM, presentsacollection of casual unisex bagsusinglightweight,functionalandwater-repellentmaterials. Bagssee price range of 3,000 to 10,000 yenand will be available at DAILYRUSSETshopsand online store. 5. BEAMS Presentsa CollaborationBag with EASTPAK To accommodate bothBeams and EASTPAK’s40th anniversary, Beams introducedaspecially designed EASTPAK’s“Padded Pak'r”. The price is7,800yen and available intwocolors(black, gray) fromthisJune. 6. J.PRESS will Opena ConceptShop J.PRESS HOUSE on August 24th
  2. 2. The target of J.PRESSHOUSEisgrandfather, fatherandson. The theme is “passedonthe style of dressingandculture fromfatherto son”.To give an opportunitytogetusedto men’sfashionsince theirchildhood,same materialsasmen’sapparel are usedforchildren'sclothes. 7. Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Started a Luxury e-commerce Store on June 8th NOREN NOREN ISETAN MITSUKOSHI, anew e-commerce store forluxurybrands,linesupapparel, jewelry andluxurywatch.They willexpand the categorytolifestyle goods toacquire new customers. Thise-commerce store willbe usedasan online catalogfor customers atthe stores. 8. AOYAMATRADING Co.,Ltd. Opensa Made-toOrder SuitStore on June 23rd A majorsuitstore chain AOYAMA will open UNIVERSALLANGUAGEMEASURE'S astheirthirdmade- to-ordersuitstore. Customerscanexperience the new 3Dsystem“virtualfitting avatarsystem”to try fromover1,000 combinationsof suitandshirt.The price range is40,000 to 80,000 yen. 9. SAZABY LEAGUE,Ltd.Launches NewWomen’sBrand ebure from FW 2016 Capsule Collection Under the concept “clothesthatwill give womenpowerto enjoy the life andappreciate tobe women”, eburewill startwitha capsule collectionof 10 outers. Noriko Sakai,the directorof ADORE and BODY DRESSING,isthe directorof the brand.The firstcollectionwill be availableonlyat Ron Herman stores. 10. CLANE×fragmentdesign AnnouncedTheirCollaboration The collaborationbetweenthe fashionbrand CLANEby Ena Matsumoto andfragmentdesign by Hiroshi Fujiwara will startinSeptember. CLANEtostart theirmen’sline fromFW2016 causedthis collaboration. 11. LOUIS VUITTON will Collaborate with fragment design by Hiroshi Fujiwara Kim Jones,the artisticdirectorof LOUISVUITTON men’scollection,postedapicture of LOUIS VUITTON andfragmentdesign’slogoonInstagramwithahashtag “limitededition”.The detailsof thiscollaborationare still unclear. 12. PatagoniaSurf will Reopenon June 24th Patagonia Surf Tokyo,openedasaPatagonia’sfirstsurf store onthe thirdfloorof Patagonia in 2005, will reopenasastreet-levelstore.The 265sqmstore linesupsurf board,surf apparel,sport wearand alsooutletitems. 13. UGG Store in GinzaRenew OpenedonJune 17th “Cleanandpolisheddesign”thatwasselectedasa global retail conceptinUSA lastmonthis used for thisrenewedstore. Toaccommodate the renewalopening,theirbasicitemAnsle’sspecialdesign ison sale inlimitednumberof 100.
  3. 3. 14. GINZAPLACE is CompletedtoOpen This Fall GINZA PLACE, a new commercial complex with 11floorsabove groundand 2 below inGinza,will openon September24th . The store will operate restaurants, cafés, goodsstoresandshowrooms underthe concept“the base to transmitandexchange information”. 15. Takashimaya will Start the NewEditing Type Shop “NewSeasonStyle Lab” NewSeason StyleLab, directed bya popularstylistNaoko Ookusa,targetwomenover45. The collaboration withmaterialmanufacturers willcreate highaddedvaluesforthe original itemswith reasonable price.Takashimaya will startoperating6shopsfromthis September. 16. Mitsui ShoppingParkLaLaport will Open on October 6th The total retail space is 61,000sqm and includes 246 storessuch as the first Allsaints shopin Kanagawaarea, the largestscale ZARA andH&M around the area. It is withinwalkingdistance from JR Hiratsukastation inKanagawaand close to the mainhighways. 17. @Cosme will Launch @Cosme Mikke! on July27th @Cosmewhichexpertlymergeonline withreal life will openasmallerself-service shop @Cosme Mikke! to acquire newcustomers atTokyostation’snew extended floorarea.The targetiswomen workingaroundthe area andthe tourists. 18. JAPANBLUE JEANS OpeneditsFirst Store in Tokyo JAPAN BLUEstartedJAPAN BLUEJEANS in2010 to cultivate overseasmarkets andthe numberof wholesaleclients is190 in Japanand 100 inoverseas. Theyhave now openeditsfirststore inJapan and planningtoopen 10 more stores inJapanand overseas bythe year2020. If you wantto visitall these newstores,pleasecontactusand we will organize yourcustomized TokyoFashionTour ( Bestregards, Loic