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4000 Lumens Projector


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4000 Lumens Projector. Ultra Bright. Amazing Value. The EPSON VS410 breaks the mold for affordable, ultra bright business projectors, delivering amazing images in any setting with easy-to-use features. BrilliantXGA resolution, 4000 lumens of color/white light output and 3LCD, 3-chip technology ensure amazing presentations, even in large conference rooms. USB Plug 'n Play instant connectivity makes setup fast and easy, while the built-in 5-watt speaker enables you to easily enhance your presentation. Whether in the board room or on the road, the VS410delivers the performance and functionality you need, at a price that's sure to please. 4000 Lumens Projector.

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4000 Lumens Projector

  1. 1. TOP 10 4000 LUMENS PROJECTORIf you are looking for 4000 Lumens Projector. You are on the right place. Here we have 4000 Lumens Projector at cheap price. You can buy4000 Lumens Projector in stock. Not waste your time anymore, Check the details and buy 4000 Lumens Projector at lower price right nowvia our page below. Shops & Purchase Online with Secure Check out, Quick & Easy.Top #1 Epson VS410 Business Projector (XGA Resolution 1024x768) (V11H407020)View All OffersMore Product DetailFull Customer ReviewsXGA resolution (1024 x 768)4000 lumens color/white lightUSB Plug n Play instant setupBuilt-in 5 W speakerUltra Bright. Amazing Value. The EPSON VS410 breaks the mold for affordable, ultra bright business projectors, delivering amazingimages in any setting with easy-to-use features. BrilliantXGA resolution, 4000 lumens of color/white light output and 3LCD, 3-chiptechnology ensure amazing presentations, even in large conference rooms. USB Plug n Play instant connectivity makes setup fast andeasy, while the built-in 5-watt speaker enables you to easily enhance your presentation. Whether in the board room or on the road, theVS410delivers the performance and functionality you need, at a price thats sure to please.Customer ReviewJust What Our Church Needed : Replace a 2100 lumen projector in our church sanctuary. The colors would wash out on Sunday morningsdue to light from windows and fluorescent indoor lamps. Not an issue with this projector. The brightest projector we could find under $1K.Note: our projector is hung from the ceiling about 24 feet from the screen.Excellent Value For Church/sanctuary Presentations : We needed a rugged, economical multimedia projector for advanced multimediapresentation in our churchs large sanctuary and parish hall--but one that would also be at home in smaller meeting rooms. My folksremembered bad experiences with earlier "computer projectors" and wanted to make sure it had a bright image, long lamp life, and tolerancefor people "pulling the plug" when a presentation was done. They also dont have the 2-5 K dollars for a professional projection engine.
  2. 2. The VS410 was our answer. This projector, out of the box, fulfilled all the requirements. The features I appreciated (especially on ChristmasEve!) were the automatic keystone adjustment and the A/V "mute." The latter works either via remote or, on the projector, by sliding the lenscover closed--the lamp goes into a low-lumen mode, audio/video are cut off, and the cooling fan spins to a low RPM setting.The lamp is rated at 3,000 hours life in the high setting, and 4,000 in the low setting. What I find fascinating is that the projector requires NOcool-down period before disconnecting from the power source. There is no provision for it in the power-down; it simply shuts off and isready to pack. Epson provides a mode that allows the projector to be controlled by a simple power-switched outlet: the projector powers upwhen current is available, and (of course) turns off when no current is available.The VS410 will support image output through a computers USB port, though I have not yet tried this. On plug-in, image drivers forWindows or Macintosh are available for installation, presumably by a "disc" mounted from the VS410s firmware.PROS: Very bright lamp output on high-lumen setting; relatively quiet fan; no cool-down period after use; vivid color; very customizableimage settings and "scenes"; automatic or manual keystone adjustment; good throw range for large roomsCONS: focus a little soft compared to a DLP projector; does not support very wide screen or hi-def imaging (a step-up feature in the modelline).Great Projector : This is by far the best projector Ive ever used. It is especially good with my Macbook Pro laptop. Other projectorsespecially ones whose bulb is starting to fade have never given me the screen brightness I get with the Epson VS410. I also like the fact that Idont have to worry about cooling down the bulb before I can move the projector. So far with nine presentations there have been no problemsat all.Wow... Great Sharp Color : Bought this for use in the church. I wanted the high lumens - 4000. Had trouble installing it on the ceiling, andhad to purchase a new mounting fixture, but once mounted and plugged in, it is great. Much brighter and sharper than our previous projector.Well worth the price.Best Buy Ever!! : This projector is the best projector you can buy under 1000 dollars. Very easy to use, great quality, and portable.Perfectfor business or personal use . i have tried many projectors and this is by far the best! Its picture quality is crystal clear, its light never need towait for it to cool down, it doesnt get hot. Its definely worth every penny. It also has 4000 hours for the bulb which will save you alot ofmoney compared to other projectors. I simply would highly recommend this to everyone. If you want your Presentation to go smoothly youneed to have this projector!!Simply Excellent! : Excellent product!!Bright, color and features are very good... The box arrived in time with no damage. Remote control operating distance is very very good.Excellent for the price...Outstanding Bang For The Buck : Needed to replace our churchs Mitsubishi XD2000U auditorium projector that we paid nearly threegrand for back in 2007. After reading dozens of extremely positive reviews on the Epson VS410, I purchased one for our church.The Epson crushed our old Mitsubishi in any way you care to compare them. It was a fraction of the price, plus I received free next dayshipping and a rebate for a free replacement lamp. The Epson is much smaller, lighter and had 500 more Lumens than the Mitsubishi. Iwasnt sure exactly how much difference 500 more Lumens would make, but the first time I turned it on, it simply blew me away.The first Sunday morning it was used for services was a very sunny day, perfect for testing how well it would work in a bright environment.The colors were accurate and extremely vivid. Even though the projector was not being fed an HD signal from our media PC, on screen itlooked like HD.I received dozens of positive comments from the church members. Set up was a snap, the remote is simple and very efficient. It doeseverything the old projector did and then some. It switches sources seamlessly from our media PC to our camcorder. I highly recommend theEpson VS410.Dont waste money on "professional" equipment. Youll spend thousands, it will have features you will never use, be complicated to set upand use and the replacement lamps will cost you half of what it takes to purchase the Epson. Epson has a reputation for building outstandingvideo projectors, and the VS410 more than lives up to the expectations.Best Sub-$1k Projector Out There : My Specific Purpose: Replaced a 1,000 Lumen projector in my Church auditorium. We had somerenovations that added a buch of ambient light, and the projector was moved from about 6 from the screen to about 20 from the screen.1,000 lumens was already pretty washed out at 6 (plus the image was tiny), so it simply wouldnt do with the renovations.
  3. 3. Brightness: I am extremely satisfied with the level of brightness. Obviously, going from 1,000 lumens to 4,000 lumens is a huge jump, soyoud expect me to be impressed, but I have plenty of experience with projectors in the 2,500 lumen range, and I can most assuredly say that4,000 lumens is a huge step up. For most applications, I actually only use the eco mode of the projector. However, when displayingimages/video where contrast and clarity is important, I like to bump it up to 4,000 just to be safe. The brightness is more than satisfactorywith a mounting distance of 20, a screen size of about 9x12, and all the lights in the auditorium turned on.Clarity: The focus ring is a bit touchy. My entire setup is completely stationary, so it only needs to be set once, but it would have been nice tohave a fine-tuning focus ring. That said, its not a big deal. Thats a luxury most projectors dont have, and focusing isnt any more difficultthan other projectors I have used in the past.Noise-level: It is not loud, but its not exceptionally quiet either. I would imagine that if you were using this projector in a small conferenceroom, the fans could be a slight distraction if the projector is set to normal power consumption. Eco mode is a bit quieter. For my application(ceiling mounted about 12 high in a 30x100 room), the eco mode noise is virtually inaudible throughout the auditorium, and the noise fromthe normal power mode is only audible to those within about 20 of the projector. The ambient noise of most rooms (A/C, music, talking,typing, etc.) will likely drown out the noise of this projector in any large-room setting.Value: I dont think you can possibly find a better XGA projector for less than $1k. For a large room, I wouldnt recommend any otherprojector if youre on a tight budget. If you will be in dark, small rooms, you might be able to find a better option for slightly less money inthe 2,000-3,000 lumen range.Best Bang For The Buck! : I bought two of these projectors for our office training classrooms and have been using them for a few monthsnow. I was shopping for the brightest (highest lumens) projector I could find for under $1000 and so far Im very happy with my choice. Wemounted these to the ceiling approximately 15 from the screen. I spent $850 on Amazon at the time of purchase.Pros:1) Very bright compared to our old projectors2) Colors are very accurate3) Easy to install and setup4) Very fast warm-up and power down cycles5) Epson offers a free replacement bulb by mail-in rebate!!Cons:1) The focus, although very good, could be a little better.2) Only VGA, composite, and USB inputs. (No HDMI or DVI)All in all, Im very happy with this projector and would confidently recommend it for business/commercial use.Epson : it was well and nice package, arrived in good time and is being used, requirement where and sometime the box is way to bigTop 10 Best Sellers (#2-#10)Top #2 : Epson PowerLite 1880 Projector, 4000 Lumens, 1024 x 768 Pixels ProjectorTop #3 : View Sonic PJD6553W 1080p Front Projector, 300 Inches - BlackTop #4 : Optoma HD66, HD (720p), 2500 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater ProjectorTop #5 : ViewSonic PRO8500 XGA DLP Projector - 120Hz/3D Ready, 5000 Lumens, 3000:1 DCRTop #6 : BenQ MX717 4000 Lumen XGA DLP ProjectorTop #7 : Mitsubishi HC4000 300-Inch 1080p Front Projector (Black)Top #8 : Hitachi CP-X605 4000 Lumens Projector with Built-In SpeakersTop #9 : ViewSonic PRO8400 1080p DLP Installation Projector - 4000 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR, Dual HDMI, 20W SpeakersTop #10 : ViewSonic PJD5126 300-Inches 720i SVGA DLP Projector with 2700 ANSI Lumens,4000:1 Contrast Ratio,120Hz/3D-Ready,Integrated Speaker and Smart ECO - BlackVisit here you will be found the Best of 4000 Lumens Projector In Discount Price. We have Great deals for 4000 Lumens Projector You cancheck Prices and Comparison before you buy 4000 Lumens Projector Quick & EasyPowered by TCPDF (