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The Ultimate List of Top Logo Design Trends 2017-2018


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Looking for the latest trends for your logo design? This infographic contains a list of the top logo trends being used in different industries.

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The Ultimate List of Top Logo Design Trends 2017-2018

  1. 1. Plain Typeface Some brands are taking minimalism too far and simply using a font for a logo design. It is better to use a custom font if you want your brand to look different. Hollow Outlines In this trend, lines enclose the shape of an object with no fill. So you’re using contour lines to make a particular icon, symbol or alphabet. Vintage Modern In this trend, the aesthetic sense of two eras of design is used. Vintage alone can get a bit gaudy but if you pair it with minimalism, the logo looks contempo- rary. Brutalist There’s no sense of humanization nor touch of feminity in this trend. It is rigid and often the sight of such a logo makes you uncomfortable unless you like it. Such a brand looks unapproachable. Hand-Made This design trend looks like someone just drew the logo by hand but with a sense of direction. You can achieve painting-like texture such as rough oil paint strokes, watercolor or ink blobs. Shadow Break Graphic designer Bill Gardner spot this trend. It is a new way to incorporate shadows in logo design instead of sticking to the cliché way of using drop shadows. Pattern When lines and shapes repeat, they become a pattern – which are intrinsic to nature. Humans are naturally accustomed to patterns so if this trend is used smartly, it can reap you benefits. Underscores This symbol is usually used in email addresses but now it’s a part of logo design trends list. They give a modern touch to a brand’s visual identity if paired with a san serif font. Sources: Bill Gardner. 2017 Logo Trends. (2017) Logo Lounge. Brand New Before and After Archives. Underconsideration LLC. Jacob Cass. 2017 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration. (2017) JUST™ Creative. Logopedia:Recent logos. The logos wiki. Abstract Art Abstract design can depend on two aspects of a logo: the shape, or the meaning. Whichever you use, it can be complex or simple. Broken Letters This is a new way of displaying text in a logo design. Alphabets, numbers and words are unevenly cut to create new and unknown shapes. Thick And Thin The principle of contrast plays a key role in this trend that usually involves fonts. For example, if you’re using Futura then you should use bold and thin versions of this typeface. Text Warp Special text effects can be created using the text warp technique in design software. While there are many types of warping techniques, the most common one used in logo designing is Arc Lower. Blivet Illusion Optical illusions are attractive and they make people think about what’s happen- ing in the design. Logo designers use the idea to create fascinating designs. Flat Say good-bye to skeuomorphism and welcome a flat two-dimensional design era. Such logos are easy to reproduce on any medium. Color Transition A transition of colors can be achieved in three ways on a design software: with the gradient tool, blend tool or the mesh tool. Your logo can be monochromatic or multi-color for this look to work. Overlay Shapes, colors and text come together to create an illusion of depth in a logo design. Designers play with the layers, opacity levels and blending modes to get foreground, background and middle ground. Inside The Box Graphic designers often say “think outside the box” but for this trend the saying doesn’t serve true. The text is confined in a rectangle or a square. Unpredictable Spaces This trend tends to break the conventional rules of kerning, space and alignment. It is unusual and interesting. It makes you wonder. Polka Dots If you see Yayoi Kusama’s art, it is all about polka dots and people are intrigued by it. The logo design industry is also fascinated by circles. This shape is bunched to make a new shape or pattern. Every year new trends are introduced and some of the old trends are brought back to the present-day. It isn’t necessary that you fancy all the trends mentioned below, but this is what the design industry is doing. LOGO DESIGN TRENDS 2017-2018