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ICC World Cup 2015 Logo


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Do you know the logo for ICC World Cup 2015 was unveiled at the end of the previous edition in 2011? There is more to this logo then a batsman playing his shot!

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ICC World Cup 2015 Logo

  1. 1. CFIICKET WORLD CUP CRICKET W AUSTRALIA W iII‘~‘~""' / es: IILi*““ ‘“; -»i: ..’«: ,/’’ as $. ;2:: ;:~ aver ( I/ i » ENGLAND NEW ZEALAND CRICKET CRICKET The logo for the 2015 World Cup 2015 was unveiled at the end of the previous edition in 2011. ICC received applications from across the globe. FutureBrand (Australia) was chosen. They approached Jumbana Group/ Balarinji to design the logo. Cricket Player with Text Used traditional motifs @ , , . J lumbana Group/ and symboIs, Aborigina| Balarmji Graphic and Maori (Australia 81 C / Consultancy in New Zealand), to create Sydney, Australia the batsman. 4 5 la. —— I W URI I) Maori Tahora represents _ toughness, pride and tribal P’ J _ Helvenca culture Aboriginal shows Condensed the spirit of the land Bold Australia — Green & Gold New Zealand — Red & Red Ochre Red ' Hard Work Blue — Strength Green — Growth & Harmony FUN FACT Some people misinterpret the batsman in the logo as Sachin Tendulkar, as he became the Ambassador of the ICC Cricket World 2015 Brand identity for the 2015 tournamentt On the official kits of the competing nations. ICC's event banners. Marketing material. Press releases related to the tournament. In promotions of Fantasy Cricket.