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Gendered Design Thinking: Are Men More Successful UI Designers?


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Gender issue is pre-dominant in every industry today. Pity that it’s messing the design industry as well. Often unequal representation of males and females spoils the creativity and purpose of design projects. User interface (UI) design specifically is guarded by this superficial set of misrepresentation, and hence motivated me to delve deeper.

For instance, I’ve found that statistically 82.6% UI designers are male. Chilling right? What is more surprising here is the balanced ratio in academics. A Michigan University study show that on average in the UI design classrooms, there is a 50/50 blend of male and female students respectively. If that were the case then in the real world too there should be this balanced division. Unfortunately, seems like something has gone wrong in the UI design field.

The slideshare below provides the subjective explanation based on logical reasoning of the conflicting statistics. It talks about gender as a social construct in the field of UI design.

My concern with this unequal representation is not because of feministic perception, but the real issue underlying this gender disparity in the design industry. I believe, we are capable of doing much better together, than judging the capabilities of one another based on gender bias. Social acceptance of anything is dangerous.

This slideshare will attempt to open dialogue in gendered social discourse and help you understand the reality behind the socially constructed gendered design thinking.

Published in: Design
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Gendered Design Thinking: Are Men More Successful UI Designers?

  1. Gendered Design Thinking: Are Men More Successful UI Designers?
  2. Do you know that gendered thinking today directly relates to women subjugation?
  3. It is no more about biasness or discrimination
  4. However, the issue has evolved as a matter of equal representation now
  5. Statistics show that 82.6% of UI designers are male
  6. However, women representation in UI design field has fallen in US over the last five years from 32.4% to 24.9%.
  7. Obviously chilling but let’s think over it practically
  8. Does women under representation in UI design indicates women incapability?
  9. Because that will mean men are more successful UI designers
  10. OR is it linked with the equal opportunity issue?
  11. There is a 50/50 blend in academics, where in some classes women representation in UI design is more than men
  12. Nevertheless, the web design field is male-dominated
  13. Let’s dig into the logical and subjective reasoning for “Less Women Participation and Under Representation”
  14. Relevant Arguments from Discussion: UI design is male dominated, where females’ designs are not appreciated.
  15. Individual and Collective set of beliefs: Women inspirational UI designers in the industry are less than 2%
  16. Social Dogmas and Popular Mindsets: Women are more creative with print and graphic design
  17. Personality Characteristics and Stereotypes: Women are socially conditioned to fear technology
  18. Gender Biased Cultural Roles: Technical stuff is not women’s job. IT and technology are better understood by males
  19. Solution: Create Your Place! Let Socially Constructed Fears Go
  20. Conclusion: The reason behind the existence of gender gap in user interface design is a socially constructed phenomena. It is a discourse that is now socially acceptable and became a pre- dominant controlled thinking.
  21. Reality indicates that women are not under-represented but misrepresented in the design field, especially in UI design. Share Your Opinions With Us!