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Color Psychology: Guide to Branding for Startups


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Before choosing a color for your business, it is crucial to take these considerations because color has a power to boost your sales. Learn the 7 effective aspects of choosing color for your small scale business. Color has a lasting effect on consumer psychology, where effective color can guide the customers purchasing behavior.

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Color Psychology: Guide to Branding for Startups

  1. 1.  Know the Emotions of Colors  Impact Of Colors On Your Business  Follow the BRANDS of your niche  See how color can boost your sales  Choose Techno-Friendly Colors #LogoDesignGuru
  2. 2. #LogoDesignGuru
  3. 3. #LogoDesignGuru
  4. 4. They Choose their color according to their industry #LogoDesignGuru
  5. 5. #LogoDesignGuru Every Color Has Its Own Effect On Consumers Buying Behavior
  6. 6. Consider how your site colors will look both on the Web and mobile devices #LogoDesignGuru
  7. 7. #LogoDesignGuru Visit our blog for more information