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Company Profile Brochure


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Company Profile Brochure

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Company Profile Brochure

  1. 1. Company Profile LOGINCLINIC Inc. is a leading prov provider of Practice Management System, Login Therapy, Login Nuclear, EMR Implementation, Medical billing services , Transcription services and LAB Interface, currently n, serving number of physicians and healthcare providers in medical specialty and practice size. For over 9 d years, LCI has been focused on delivering superior customer satisfaction s satisfaction.
  2. 2. About LoginClinic, Inc. LoginClinic Inc brings decades of experience in managing radiology enterprises of all types. We have assembled this expertise to design and deliver cost-effective, TRULY integrated technology solutions that can improve your operation. Our core offering is a web- based Practice Management System with complete RPM, PACS, HIPPA compliant and AT A GLANCE billing capabilities, as well as a host of staffing management and QA tools. Our technology can save you money and improve your operation. 9 Years of Health Care Software Services experience LoginClinic, Inc has experienced incredible growth and satisfaction from patients to clinicians and administrator to radiologist in healthcare 2003, Innovation Winner facilities. By providing comfort and convenience with cost-effective - Conerstone Chamber of healthcare solutions; LoginClinic’s product and services makes a Commerce of S.W.MI difference in their lives. dddddd Award Winning EMR LoginClinic Mission Team of Qualified Professional The Mission of LoginClinic, Inc. is to be the productivity partner and value to medical practitioners in their endeavor to provide consistent and quality patient care. Each customer is treated with dignity and respect. With pride, we offer all employees the opportunity for professional as well as personal growth. We uphold an active, responsible presence in our community. BEST-OF-BREED PRODUCTS By developing superior software products, services and dedicating our The LCI family offers unparalleled product entire organization to total customer satisfaction, we will continue our quality, reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and leadership in the markets we serve. customizability. The comprehensive feature sets are customer-driven, innovative, and continuously updated to ensure that it keeps “More than just products, we are LoginClinic product and services “ pace with the rapid change that characterizes the healthcare industry. Rapid adoption of HIPAA is an excellent example of this dedication.
  3. 3. LoginClinic Vision LoginClinic Vision is to be the most preferred provider of end to end solutions for clinical and diagnostics practices and to make LoginClinic as one of the top integrated medical practice solutions available in the United States with complete back-office servi and enable physicians office service reduce avoidable medical errors by using the technology resulting in reduced deaths and injury. LoginClinic Values “We wanted the opportunity to e have a system that was so easy that Product Values: Superior Products and Services throug Client through feedback and continued research you can sit down and just do it." Customer Values: Customer First; Outstanding customer care and - Triumph Radiology Inc. Always available technical support Workplace and People Values: Professionalism, Respect, Commitment : and a Positive Outlook Employment Values: Merit, Employment Equity, Mobility and LOGIN PRODUCTS Performance Recognition Leadership and Management Values: Openness, Integrity, Trust and : Teamwork “LoginClinic Goal is to retain our position as the leading independent provider of Healthcare software solutions.”
  4. 4. Culture At the heart of any company’s success are its people. LoginCilinc employees take pride in everything they do. That is why so many healthcare professional have come to rely on LoginClinic product and services. Quality products and comprehensive support prog programs are certainly a major factor, but it takes dedicated people to make it happen. LoginClinic strives to provide a healthy, comfortable working “Using LoginClinic PMS, We are able provide environment focusing on the growth and development of every employee. Provided with the best resources, employ employees are encouraged better services to our referring physicians. The to succeed professionally as well as personally. ability to have Report and Images available immediately at the point of care contributes to LoginClinic embraces a loyal, dedicated work force, as rich in cultural as the diagnostic to the diagnostic process.” it is in skill and talent. LoginClinic and its employees pride themselves on bringing such cultural and career diversity under one roof. The result is a iversity - Orland Open MRI united family atmosphere where teamwork is a way of life. LoginClinic earned it reputation as a healthcare software developer and services provider by helping customers meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing healthcare arena. LOGIN SERVICES Sales Services Providing more than just product excellence, LoginClinic is focused on customer satisfaction. Integrity and service are the key intangibles that benefit all customers. From hospitals to Physicians and Diagnostic centers to the healthcare, LoginClinic customers know that they will be treated fairly. Conversant, tenured Sales Representatives take the time to listen and learn exactly what customers need. Always close to the customer, they offer choices, which allow customers to select the best solution for s, their facilities. However, the LoginClinic commitment does not end with the sale. Highly trained Field Sales, Inside Sales and Customer Service teams ensure responsive, personalized service. Daily in interaction with healthcare professionals and users provides immediate solutions to product and service issues. When customers need training, LoginClinic is there with extensive support programs. This dedication to service is unequaled in the healthcare industry.
  5. 5. Quality & Commitment At LoginClinic, We have a unique outlook on quality. Our philosophy is to continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. From developing to administration to executive management, every member of the LoginClinic team is completely focused on maxi maximizing quality. Employees are trained extensively not just to make products but also to fully understand all quality requirements. By integrating quality and regulatory compliance systems into all aspects of the product life cycle; ects LoginClinic develops superior and reliable products that consistently meet high performance standards. By maximizing operating efficiencies and controlling costs, LoginClinic has become an increasingly efficient partner in the professional healthcare. To strengthen this commitment, LoginClinic is investing in a tment, Consultative, cooperative approach to new, state-of-the-art facility devoted to efficient health personal care art ensure superior benefits & performance product and services. Although many changes have occurred through the years, there has always been a LoginClinic constan a clear constant; Specialized health solutions based on new commitment to quality, and responsiveness to ever uality, ever-changing customer ideas, practices and aggressive cost needs. management strategies Intensive management to control claims costs, cash flow & risk “CONTACT US today for a complimentary Flexibility to accommodate unique y consultation, product demonstration & products designs & administration Services information ces information” Financial strength and technical resources that provide security, integrity & flexibility ide se Client focus with dedicated, cross- cross functional teams serving plan & members Organization commitment to support - TEL: - (773) 267 7777 | Fax: - (773) 309-2063 | 206 N Gammon Rd.| service, performance and savings Madison, WI 53717| USA | | Sales:| Support: |