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Presentacion de soluciones de Unified Communications

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  • CLEARING : Our strategy is to create solutions that enable more effective communications that directly impact businesses’ top and bottom line. It is built on three key elements. First, building communications solutions that are effective, that help to eliminate some of the communications complexity by enabling people to reach the right resource the first time. We also are creating solutions that are collaborative….. And of course built on Open standards-based secure systems that are built into the intelligent information network With this strategy – we are: Repositioning (or entering into a new phase) our entire IPC portfolio: Address key new business imperatives Drive turnover of legacy systems Speak to a different audience BDM/VDM New Naming Solutions based offer Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in voice & collaborative applications Transition: But Why Cisco? Others are starting to talk about business transformation – why are we best able to deliver?
  • Cisco gives you voice plus the NETWORK and network applications: E-mail, web and collaborative applications, instant messaging, voice messaging and others coming together in a robust, secure environment. With Cisco IP Communications, you can make the leap from ‘ piecemeal stand alones’ to an integrated communication strategy. Best of all, your employees get the access you need them to have to be more productive. Cisco Unified Communications securely integrates voice, video, and other collaborative data applications into intelligent network communications solutions. This system—including IP telephony, unified communications, rich-media conferencing, IP video broadcasting, and customer contact solutions—takes full advantage of all of the power, resilience, and flexibility of an organization’s IP network. A few examples of our complete solution that we’ll describe a bit more fully in this presentation: Cisco Unity delivers email, voice and fax messages managed from a single inbox – you can answer a voice mail w/ and email or vice-versa! Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a voice and web conferencing solution that integrates with an organization's internal voice and data networks and collaborative applications. If you have a web browser and a phone, you can meet anywhere! Cisco Unified Video telephony enables real-time, person-to-person video sessions to be transparently added to telephone calls and conferences
  • Cisco has a complete end-to-end portfolio that can be leveraged to reduce operating expenses and deliver strategic ROI. Our total systems approach combines the strengths of Cisco data networking infrastructure (including robust security) with call control to applications to endpoints. Our IP telephony architecture is designed from the very beginning to take advantage of tight functional integration with the underlying Cisco IP networking infrastructure. Call Control is at the heart of the Cisco IP Telephony system. Whether deploying a centralized call-processing model, a decentralized model, or a combination of both, Cisco IP Telephony solutions meet individual organizational needs. In a centralized deployment, Cisco Unified CallManager extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to telephony network devices such as IP phones, voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications throughout the network. On the Application front , Cisco offers a wide array of applications: Unified Communications clients (IP Communicator, Video Advantage, or Unified Personal Communicator); messaging (unified messaging and voice mail), rich media conferencing (audio, Web collaboration, and videoconferencing); mobility solutions (Mobile Connect, Extension Mobility): presence (IP Phone Messenger) as well as 3 rd party applications that via XML deliver business data directly to the phone’s display or technology partner applications that are part of the SolutionsPlus Program. Endpoints are user instruments – either a desk phone or wireless phone or video phone . Our Cisco Unified IP phones have all the functions that a telephone provides, as well as additional features, such as the ability to access Websites, or productivity-enhancing applications. Only Cisco offers a complete portfolio of true IP phones. Infrastructure: Cisco is committed to providing fully integrated systems with products and solutions that are resilient and adaptable. One of the most compelling advantages of a solution based entirely on Cisco equipment is that customers gain the benefit of an IP telephony architecture designed from the start to take advantage of tight functional integration with the underlying Cisco IP networking infrastructure-primarily switches and routers. Our fully integrated system allows an organization to maximize its total value of network ownership, adapt more readily to current and future business needs, and be more responsive.
  • Clearing: Increased security, choice of operating system and an easy to deploy appliance model are some of the advantages of Cisco Unified CallManager CallManager is a server based call processing component of Unified Communications system. Enterprise IP telephony call-processing solution that is scalable, distributable, and highly available. Provides a choice of operating system, either a Windows-based server (release 4.x) or the appliance model (release 5.0). Redhat is the Linux system for CM 5.0 Open and extensible – supports many different protocols, which provides customers with choices and allows Technology Developers to develop IP Telephony applications, including XML type apps Flexible management – CLI for installation and monitoring and administration GUI for provisioning Network Mmgt is provided with Cisco Operations Manager and Service Monitor or via Cisco Technology Developers’ applications, which use SNMP Multiple Cisco Unified CallManager servers are clustered and managed as a single entity on an IP network, a distinctive capability in the industry that yields scalability of 1 to 30,000 IP phones per cluster, load balancing, and call-processing service redundancy. Interlinking multiple clusters allows system capacity to reach 1 million users in a system of more than 100 sites.
  • Enhanced Services and Application Delivery Line-side SIP support for SIP devices and applications SIP trunk-side enhancements including support for video calls over SIP trunk Support for presence-based applications including Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and IP Phone Messenger Simplified Deployment and Management Appliance Model implementation Appliance Model implementation for call processing; ships with operating system and CallManager application software pre-loaded on MCS platform and optionally available as a DVD kit for customer-provided servers. Administration enhancements Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support, allowing customers to set and report traps on conditions that could become service-affecting and send them to remote monitoring systems. New administration features such as the ability to add users faster, arrange and re-arrange line appearances, copy stations and administer presence groups Networking enhancements RSVP Agent support for more efficient use of networks Support for Japanese, Korean and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages
  • Clearing: Increased security, VT Advantage, and remote operation are just a few of the things to look forward to in CME 4.0 ROS – Remote Operation Services. Security – does not include SRTP which will come later. This is device authentication only. Cisco Unified Video Advantage (formerly named Cisco VT Advantage) – Full VT Advantage feature set. Also SRST support for VT Advantage. Retail customers don’t like to use soft keys, so added feature access code support CME/SRST combo – Auto registration in CME. CME for SRST. More features, but more complex configuration. Deployment models: 1) Would want this to retain Unity at SRST site. 2) Additional features Expected availability: June 2006 Transition: Rounding out our SMB software updates, check out what we have in SRST.
  • Clearing: SRST 3.4/4.0 include a host of new features. SIP B2BUA Register Basic call Inbound/outbound PSTN calls Caller ID and name Transfer blind/attended (Refer) Class of restriction Forward busy/no answer/all Distinctive ring receiving After hours call blocking Analog phones (via ATA and VG224) SIP MIB for SRST Phone Services Hold/resume Call waiting w/ caller ID Redial, Speed dial MWI (visual and audio) 3-way conference Intercom, Etc. Transition: We’re broadening the market for our SMB products with increased localization.
  • Cisco’s Unified call processing systems can be deployed in a variety of ways
  • CLEARING: From the telephony focused IP communicator to the Unified Personal Communicator with the unified interface. Cisco IP Communicator – For organizations of all sizes, IP Communicator gives computers the functionality of IP Phones. Cisco VT Advantage - For organizations of all sizes; multi-site and geographically dispersed, Cisco VT Advantage brings video telephony functionality to Cisco IP Phones and IP Communicator Cisco Unified Personal Communicator - For medium-sized organizations and enterprises evaluating unified communications solutions, Unified Personal Communicator seamlessly integrates presence, IM, voice, video, and Web conferencing into a unified, rich media client TRANSITION: Let me walk you through each of these in more detail
  • CLEARING: You can see three listed here with some key details. Cisco Unity Express: This is a new product that will be launched in CY06. Key system / Branch office Voicemail system Integrated with Cisco routers / gateways Cisco Unity Connection 2.1 Simple, single site Voice Mail Plus (no MS Exchange or AD) Speech enabled feature set PC access to VM through Cisco Unity Inbox and basic IMAP Targeted at small – medium businesses, grow over time…. Cisco Unity UM and VM deployment options Feature-rich client integrations Multi-site networking Legacy PBX and VM integrations TRANSITION: Although you may be familiar with Cisco Unity as a Premier, Enterprise-class Messaging Platform for Multi-site Deployments- it’s been updated
  • CLEARING: This is a voicemail system with lots of advanced productivity features, integrated messaging and an installation so simple you can be up and going within an hour OR LESS! This product does not require MS Exchange experience for VM administration and maintenance TRANSITION: Advanced productivity features include speech navigation for voicemail browsing & directory dial and personalized productivity with call routing rules Let’s take a closer look
  • CLEARING: As you can see here, IP Video Conferencing and the new Cisco MeetingPlace Express are good for both commercial and enterprise companies. Cisco MeetingPlace is too, but on the higher end of the capability scale. The portfolio enables partners to add value by consulting on the right solution for customers. Cisco Unified Videoconferencing provides IP videoconferencing for geographically dispersed teams with videoconferencing end points. Cisco MeetingPlace Express: Integrated voice & web conferencing for mid-sized organizations Cisco MeetingPlace: Rich-media conferencing for Enterprises TRANSITION: By rich media we mean fully integrated voice, web & video conferencing
  • Clearing: You can see how Cisco MeetingPlace makes remote meetings as effective and natural as face to face. Integrated with outlook, notes, email, directory services, IP Phones: Because it’s deployed on the net, it’s a solution that’s cost effective and secure. TRANSITION: As mentioned earlier we are also introducing, Cisco MeetingPlace Express v1.1
  • CLEARING: This is a voice and web conferencing solution that delivers powerful functionality while still being easy to deploy and manage. Functionality: Simple to deploy and manage Deploy conferencing with CallManager for cost savings and productivity Although English is the only language currently supported, additional language support is expected Q2CY06 TRANSITION: Note also that for Cisco Unified CallManager Express and Cisco Unity Express deployments, the meet-me conferencing feature is available to those users.
  • The UCC Enterprise Edition is made up of a group of Cisco IP Telephony and Contact Center products We are going to explore each of these.
  • Email and chat may be presented in a single desktop application The email/chat desktop is embedded in CAD’s browser area EIM/WIM may also be presented in a separate Internet Explorer window.
  • The Operations Manager has 4 main areas Service Level Views : Showing a picture of the entire Unified Communications Solution including CallManager, Phones, Gateways, Routers and Switches etc. Provides a DashBoard view into the status of all components in the Unified Communication Solution Alerts and Events : Shows a view of the alerts and events in the Communications Solution. Provides easy troubleshooting next-steps. Service Quality : When Service Monitor is present – provides a view of the calls which have lower MOS scores then the thresholds. Note: Alerts and Events are focused on thigs which either happened in real time or failures from the background tests. Service Quality is a real-time indication of actual calls and their MOS scores. Cisco uses the combination of realtime MOS score monitoring together with the collection of realtime alerts and events from the components to give the IT staff the most efficient view of what is happening for their Unified Communications Solution. Many times these indications can be alerted to the IT staff before the end users notice issues. Phone Status – provides reports relating to the phones and their status. This key information can tell IT staff how many users and who is being affected by issues.
  • Cisco has been an IP innovator for more than 20 years now. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been delivering IP communications solutions that allow customers to extend productivity-enabling applications to their branches and small offices. In fact, it was back in 1995 that we entered the voice market with the first POTS-enabled router. From there, we built our expertise internally, chaired standards initiatives, issued more than 200 voice patents, and made a number of significant acquisitions to drive the industry forward. The result? More than 25,000 customers are now using our IP Communications solution. We’ve shipped more than 5 million IP phones, more than 3.6 million voicemail and messaging seats, more than 19 million gateway ports and so on…
  • Our customers range from the very small like BloodSource and BlueFin Research Partners to the very large like IBM and Merrill Lynch. Bloodsource, a California-based blood bank with a national clientele, deployed Cisco® CallManager Express® to upgrade its outdated voice communications system and communicate more effectively with staff, blood donors, and hospitals. The new system simplifies administration and significantly reduces toll call and maintenance costs. Merrill Lynch is deploying a Cisco IP Communications system to support 14,000 financial advisors in approximately 600 Merrill Lynch offices nationwide. John Killeen, chief technology officer of the Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group, says "The integration of telephone and workstation represents a significant productivity enhancement for our Financial Advisors and their clients.“ Others are taking advantage of IP Communications in their specific vertical by integrating XML applications. For example, Frederick Schools is using partner AAC’s PhoneTop application for taking student attendance. Previously, teachers would mark down absent students on cards and then someone from the office would physically walk around and collect the cards from each classroom. Then a secretary in the school office would spend nearly two hours cross-checking the absent-student cards with the office records of parents who had called in to report an absence, and entering the information into a database. Students whose absences were unexcused then received a phone call at home. This process used to take the secretary two hours or more every day. With the PhoneTop application, each teacher can send a full attendance report directly to the office.
  • Clearing Statement : Our vision for IP Communications builds on 5 pillars: virtualization, rich media, natural language, modality / presence / context and personalization. Virtualization Giving users access to their communications environment, regardless of location Rich Media Enriching communication through integration of voice, video and data collaboration Natural Language Simple, natural language access to a portfolio of communications services Modality, Presence and Context Support for multiple media types, devices, and bandwidth capabilities Leveraging dynamic information in the network, including presence, location, and authorization Personalization Preferences that track with the user, not the device or directory number This is the power of the network now. Won’t you join us?
  • Logicalis Ucom Presentation Spanish

    1. 1. Unified Communications
    2. 2. Componentes de la solución Una breve descripción de los componentes que se utilizaran en la solución.
    3. 3. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Overview
    4. 4. Cisco Unified Communications La Estrategia de Cisco: Crear una solución que permitacomunicaciones mas efectivas, que impacten directamente en todas las áreas del negocioEfectivas Colaborativas Abiertas Elimar la Aplicaciones que Basadas en complejidad de permitan aumentar estandardes de las la productividad sin mercado, seguras,comunicaciones importar el donde, construidas sobre llegando a la el cuando o el una red covergente epersona buscada dispositivo inteligente. en el primer utilizado. intento.
    5. 5. Cisco Unified Communications Solution Procesos de Trasformación Productividad Negocio E-Mail Calendar Audio-Conferencing Web ApplicationCollaboration Security IP Network Video Voice Telephone Instant Contact Conferencing Messaging Services Messaging Center
    6. 6. Portfolio de productos
    7. 7. Arquitectura de Unified CommunicationsSimplificada
    8. 8. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Call Control
    9. 9. Cisco Unified Communicatios ManagerSistema de comunicaciones basado en IP yestándares de la indutria, con distintasopciones de sistemas operativos. Líder de la industria en sistemas de Telefonia IP. Escalable hasta mas de 30,000 internos. Completo set de funciones de telefonia, video y datos. Gran varidad de protcolos de comunicaciones soportados (SIP, H.323, MGCP, SCCP). Soporte para dispositivos SIP de 3ras partes. Interfaz de admisnitración gráfica para gestión, monitoreo e instalación de nuevos dispositivos. Integración de aplicaciones XML para ampliar la funcionalidad yincrementar la productividad. Reporte centralizado de alarmas utilizando SNMP gestionado por Cisco Unified Operations Manager.
    10. 10. Cisco Unified Communicatios ManagerServicios y aplicaciones Mensajería Unificada, Collaboration, Contact Center, IVR, Mobilidad y muchas otras. Soporte nativo para SIP line que permite integración de dispositivos de 3ras partes. Soport para SIP Trunk. Manejo del concepto de Presencia. Reserva de anchos de banda y optimizació del mismo mediante RSVP Agent. Disponible en modelo “Appliance” para una instalación mas rápida y mejor gestión (Tambien disponible en sistema Operatvo MsWindows) Soporte para mas de 22 lenguages
    11. 11. Cisco Unified Communicatios Manager ExpressPlataforma de comunicaciones IP orientada asucursales y oficinas pequeñas-medianas. Solución con soporte de hasta 40 extensiones basada e integrada en las plataformas de routers Cisco ISR. Soporte total de funcionalidades de telefonia adpatadas a las necesidades de empresas pequeñas, medianas sucursales o modelos dele estilo managed services. Provee una solucón de interconexión robusta entre sitios utilizando protocolos como SIP o H323. Voice mail y auto-attendant con la solución integrada Cisco Unity Express o mensajería unificada utilizando Cisco Unity Incluye opciones como: Video Telephony, Tele workers, IP Communicator Softphone, B ACD call routing, SIP phone. Integración competa con CCM. Reporte centralizado de alarmas utilizando SNMP gestionado por Cisco Unified Operations Manager.
    12. 12. Cisco Unified SRSTSurvivable Remote Site Telephony Soporte para SIP station-side: Cisco Unified IP Phones usando SIP Support; RFC3261 compliant. Capacidad de actuar como SIP proxy ante una contingencia (caida de WAN) Mejoras en manejo de SIP trunking Opciones flexibles para la instalación. Cisco Unified CallManager Express con el servicio Cisco Unified SRST fallback permite el soporte de la mayoria de las fucniones de telefonia en un escenario de contingencia. Soporte de Cisco Unified SRST para Cisco Unity Solución extensible y esclable. Permite escalar de 24 a 720 telefonos por router usando SCCP y 24 a 480 telefonos usando SIP. SNMP MIB para reporte de fallas. Internetworking con Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0
    13. 13. Modelos de instalación. Distribuido vs. CentralizadoCisco Unified CallManager Express Cisco Unified CallManagerProcesamiento de llamadas distribuido Procesamiento de llamadas centralizado No depende del vínculo WAN.  Requiere WAN para soporte de todas las funciones; Funcionamiento contingente Llamadas sobre WAN o PSTN SRST duranteperdda de WAN. Sin límite en la cantidad de sitios  Llamadas sobre WAN o PSTN H323 o SIP Trunking con Cisco Unified  500 sitios remotos con un solo cluster CallManager Solución en una sola caja:  Requiere 2+ Servers mas switching y Routing/switching/voz/seguridad routing CME/CUE SRST/CUE CM/Unity VoIP GK VoIP A A CME/CUE PSTN SRST/CUE PSTN CM/Unity Multi-site Cisco Unified CallManager Express Multi-site Cisco Unified CallManager Networks Networks
    14. 14. Posicionamiento de Communication Manager # Extensions
    15. 15. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”End Points
    16. 16. Unified CommunicationsEnd Points Porfolio
    17. 17. Cisco Unified Communication Clients Telephony Focused Rich Media/Unified Interface
    18. 18. New Unified CommunicationsDesktop Client – Personal Unified Communicator. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator • Interfaz de usuario intuitiva • Concepto de Presencia • Llamadas, colaboración. • Llamadas Desktop video
    19. 19. Nokia Dual ModeSoluciones de movilidad para la empresa Cliente Nokia SCCP para dispositivos dual- mode Nokia E-series El usuario puede seleccionar la red a conectarse Opera como un telefono IP de Communications Manager sobre la wireless LAN En la red GSM pública opera como celular GSM común con las funcionalidades provistas por el carrier. Interactua con Cisco Mobile Connect para proveer servicios empresariales como ombre del llamante, Forward, aviso de mensajes. Soporte para aplicaciones móviles Unico numero telefonico en el teléfono físico y en el telefono móvil.. Email, Contacts, Agenda sincronizados.
    20. 20. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Soluciones de mensajería
    21. 21. Opciones de mensajería
    22. 22. Cisco UnityCompleta y escalable plataforma multisitio demensajería coorporativa. Provee una solución integrada de voicemail y mensajería unificada. Plataforma ideal para entornos multisitio inteconectados. Escalable hasta 96 puertos simultáneos de atención y 7.500 usuarios por server, pudiendo soportar mas de 250.000 usuarios en entornos de red. Poderosas herramientas para migración a telefonía IP. Funciones útiles para faciliar la migración de plataformas como Octel y Nortel EOL. Solución global con soporte para mas de 30 lenguajes. Permite convinar Cisco Unity con Cisco Unity Express para conseguir poderosos modelos distribuidos de mensajería.
    23. 23. Cisco Unity ConnectionPlataforma single-site simple, facil de usar. Soporte de hasta 72 puertos y 1.500  Poderosa interfaz por voz. usuarios en un solo servidor.  Navegación por vos en los voicemails Mensajería unificada. Permite la  Directorio manejado via voice recepcón de voicemails en clientes e- recognition. mail. Instalable en ~dos horas.  Tecnología de Text-to-speech Soporte multilenguaje.  Reglas de llamadas personalizadas. Australian English, Frances, French  Basadas en: time-of-day, caller ID, calendario, etc. Canadian, Aleman, Japones, UK English, US English.  Permite reenviar las llamadas automáticamente a un número único o a múltiples  Selección de que llamadas atender o no en tiempo real.
    24. 24. Cisco Unity Express Voicemail y preatendedor automático para oficinas pequeñas, medianas y locaciones distribuidas. Soporte para instalaciones con Cisco Unified CallManager o Cisco Unified CallManager Express. Intalable por placa de expansión sobre routers Cisco ISR (familia 2800 y 3800) Beneficios: Elección de modulo de integración avanzado o • Cost-effective— Specifically designed for the SMB or módulo de red. branch office • Application integration— 12 a 250 mailboxes, 6 a 16 puertos. Fewer devices to manage • Intuitive user interface—Uses VPIM Networking con Cisco Unity Express o Cisco same menu and prompts as Unity Cisco Unity • Investment protection— Localización regional – mas de 13 idiomas Increase mailbox capacity via simple software upgrade SNMP agent para monitoreo remoto • Broad range of configurations and scale • Feature velocity—High feature velocity to meet market and customer needs quickly
    25. 25. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Collaboration & Conference
    26. 26. Cisco Conferencing Solutions
    27. 27. Cisco Unified MeetingPlaceServicio de Video Conferencia, voz y web integrados Totalmente integrado con Outlook,  Servicio disponible en la red lo que Notes, email, Servicios de directorio, reduce costos y asegura una IP phones inegración total. Acelere las desiciones de negocio,  Escalable a miles de usuarios sus proyectos y sus ventas. concurrentes. Who’s Sharing Who’s Speaking Who’s Attending Movable, Sizable How Attending Video Window
    28. 28. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace ExpressSoluciones de conferecia con Voz y Web Simple y poderosa funcionalidad. Capacidades de conferencia de voz extendidas. Control de reunión y compartir contenidos. Confguración simple. Acceder a la conferenca desde la red. Facil de implementar y gerenciar. Plataforma de servidor único. Appliance Linux Instalable en ~una hora. Ideal para organizaciones medianas De 20-120 usuarios concurrentes. Soporte para multelenguaje.
    29. 29. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Applications
    30. 30. ApplicationsAdding Value to Unified Communications Agenda -30-
    31. 31. IPBilling & Control Compatibilidad total con Cisco Communications Manager. Soporte TCL (Tool Command Language) Appliance Interfaz basada en WEB Segurdad y control de acceso a los datos. Disponible en idioma Español, Ingles y Portugues
    32. 32. Cartelería IP Mostrar información en forma dinámica Conectado a la red. Gestión centralizada.Mostrar información de:  Eventos.  Promociones.  Restaurant.  Publicidades.  Mapas  Sistema de emergencias.  Y muchas funcionalidades..
    33. 33. Videoconferencia - TelepresenciaSoluciones de Video Conferencia IP oconvencional Soporte para todos los servicios brindados por la telefonía (hold, transfer, directory, forward etc.) Tan simple de utilizar como el teléfono. Soporte de protocolo H.264 para comunicaciones de video de alta calidad con conexiones de ancho de banda limitado. Administración sencilla. Se setean extensiones desde Cisco Call Manager como un interno mas. Interoperatividad con protocolo H323 que asegura compatibilidad con otros equipos. -33-
    34. 34. IP Video & Alarm manager  Grabadoras  Camaras  Sistemas de análisis de video  Internet Streaming Server  Domos09/07/12 34
    35. 35. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Contact Center
    36. 36. Customer Contact & Cisco Differentiation UCC Hosted UCC/ICM Enterprise Self Service UCC Express Self-Service
    37. 37. Cisco Unified IP Contact Center Express Edition
    38. 38. Unifed Contact Center Value Proposition Support for thousands of agents in one platform Universal Queue concept (Inbound, outbound, E-mail, Chat, IVR, Fax, WEB, etc) Based on IP Telephony but support for TDM platforms ACDs - PABX Open architecture and 3er party integrations. (DB’s , CRM’s, 3er party developers). Powerful reporting tools for real time and historic. Full out-of-the-box agent and supervisor interface. Powerful IVR solutions including IP IVR and CVP. The “IVR on the cloud” Embedded recording solution (coaching oriented). Also integrable with recording leaders products (Nice, Verint, etc) Strong development environment. Cisco as a leader on IP Contact Centers. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) integration - Optional Text-to-speech (TTS) integration – Optional
    39. 39. Functionality Agent Desktop  Powerfull and complete out of the box agent CTI interface  Ip Telephony control using a single interface.  SDK tools for agent desktop configuration (optional)  CTI pop up’s and integrations with customer applications  All interfaces in a single agent tool (inbound, outbound, email, chat)  On Screen Dial pad, Login – Logout, Not Ready reassons, on demand recording, Chat with supervisor, alerte msg´s, call history, embebed Web browser, personal stadistis, macro launcher, trasference, conference, supervisor asistance, record on demand, etc…
    40. 40. Cisco Agent Desktop
    41. 41. Cisco Agent Desktop email option Voice controls E-mail / Chat toggle Inbox Reply window
    42. 42. Functionality Historical Reports  Customizable reports with wide range of filters  Open databases for more flexibility (read only)  Browseable reports, inmediate distribution, remote supervisors.  Business oriented reports. Business rules interacting with the call center.  Online reporting based on business data (require customization)  Accesible ERD and data diccionary
    43. 43. Multichannel Agent Contact Summary Report
    44. 44. Deployments by Logicalis NEXT: Contact Center outsourcer. Fineshed fushion with Qualitel Teleservices 250 agents instaled. 250 agents grow for this year (estimated) Installed platform can grow up to 900 agents Installed solutions:  Inbound  Outbound  Email & Chat  CVP IVR Recording via Withness Interoperation with Nortel Meridian PBX Agents running IP Phone 2 buldings (conected via MPLS) Planing disaster recovery implementation. Technical Contact Center. Little integration with applications, only basic CTI pop- up.
    45. 45. Deployments by LogicalisREPSOL- YPF: The most important Oil Company in Argentina with regional and world wide presence.100 been agents instaled.200 agents grow for this year (estimated)Installed solutions:  Inbound  Outbound  IVRRecording via VerintInteroperation with Nortel Meridian PBXAgents running IP PhoneDistributed agents within all buildings and regional offices via IP Telephony networkCustomer satisfaction and help desk contact center.CTI integration with SAP CRM & HP Service desk.
    46. 46. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Management
    47. 47. ManagementOperations Manager and Service MonitorCisco Unified Operations Manager Real-time view of IPC solution Alerting and diagnostics Phone inventory reportingService Monitor• Real-time voice quality alerting• MOS scores and details• Archival of historical call qualityCisco 1040 Sensors
    48. 48. Cisco Unified Operations Manager
    49. 49. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Why Cisco ?
    50. 50. Cisco: The Worldwide LeaderMore and more customers 50,000+ Cisco Unified Communications customers worldwide 250+ customers deploying more than 5,000 IP phones, including 30+ customers deploying more than 25,000 IP phones More than 70% of the Fortune 500® are using Cisco Unified Communications More true IP endpoints shipped 15 M+ Cisco Unified IP phones 10 M+ Cisco Unity seats (Messaging) 1.3 M+ Cisco Unified Contact Center agents 250 K+ Cisco Unified MeetingPlace licenses (Rich-media conferencing) More deployed & proven VoIP infrastructure 85 K+ Cisco Unified Communications Manager licenses 100 K+ Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express & UC500 licenses 40 M+ VoIP gateway ports 105 M+ Power over Ethernet ports
    51. 51. Unified Communications:Reference Accounts
    52. 52. Cisco:Award-Winning Unified Communications!
    53. 53. Vision and Direction for Unified Communications Natural Language Rich Media Modality, Presence, Context Virtualization Personalization
    54. 54. CISCO Unified Communications“Unified Communications Solution”Why Logicalis ?
    55. 55. Logicalis Latam
    56. 56. Regional Presence
    57. 57. Review What this solution will offer to CISCO Unified Communications Business?  Unified Communications experience.  Better interactions and communications between users.  New ways for the users to communicate (mobility, presence, collaboration)  Increase customer satisfaction adding new contact channels with ABC.  Cost reduction and operation improvement.  Generate users new ways of working (teleworking, remote agents, mobility) How will be deployed?  Using Lifecycle methodology, Logicalis Know-how and best practices.  Establishing a schedule without interfering with business needs  Working with certified professionals with great experience.  Using Communications industry leader products (Cisco)  Following an implementation process schedule.
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