IBM Final Presentation NEWMEDIADL Logan Reigner


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IBM Final Presentation NEWMEDIADL Logan Reigner

  1. 1. New Media Driver’s LicenseLogan Reigner
  2. 2. Brief Overview:Goals and ObjectivesMarket Overview Due to IBM’s ‘Business-to-Business’ nature, the marketing efforts will be geared toward CEOs, CIOs, and IT Managers of small, mid- market, and major companies. In an effort to market to this audience, and achieve a substantial presence above and beyond its competitors, IBM’s new campaign will involve the idea of ‘Creating Conversation’ with current and prospective clients.
  3. 3. Brief Overview: Goals and Objectives, cont.Creating a Conversation At the heart of the campaign, the main objective will be to connect with the target audience by creating meaningful and useful content, communicating with, and responding to clients, with the ultimate goal of maintaining relationships, creating new ones, and increasing sales. To achieve this, the following actions and media will be emphasized:  Expand Social Media efforts  Produce and distribute meaningful content to involve clientele through articles, blogs, and press releases  Create a more substantial online presence, through online advertising, i.e. banners, videos  Increase SEO efforts – both paid and organic These efforts will lead to an increase in brand and product awareness, brand loyalty, and overall sales, with the a goal of 25% increase in annual net profit.
  4. 4. Putting Objectives into Action Because IBM is often looked at as too big or too expensive to meet a company’s needs, the main objective of expanding Social Media presence will be to combat this accusation. To achieve this, we will: Maintain and expand upon major Social Media efforts; Facebook, Twitter Facilitate interactive research to see what the target audience is ‘talking about’ online. What are the target audience’s major problems, what do they need, why do they need it? Use research results to create content. Content will be geared toward creating conversation about IBM’s products and services, engaging in these conversations, and offering IT solutions to company’s problems.
  5. 5. Putting Objectives into Action Creating this type of ‘conversation’ online will equate to a less intimidating perception of IBM. Content produced based upon research results will be mainly in the form of blog posts. The main objective of these posts will be to engage clientele and provide solutions to their problems. These posts will be featured on IBM’s website, along with high traffic IT websites deemed pertinent from research results. These posts may include videos pertaining to the subject at hand, and will also provide links to IBM’s landing page and other IBM specific pages to drive clientele into the purchase process. The overbearing purpose of these blogs will be to maintain, and create more of a substantial online presence.
  6. 6. Putting Objectives into ActionContinuing the effort of expanding online presence, web-based advertising efforts will be increased. Animated andstatic banners, along with videos, will be placed on websitesthat are frequented by the target audience. Websites to beused will include but are not limited to:News websites: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, WashingtonPost as well as other substantial news platforms.IT blog websites: Technorati, ComputerWeekly, Forbes, MarketWatch, ZDNet, as well as others.The objective for this will be to maintain and increase brandawareness.
  7. 7. Putting Objectives into ActionIncrease SEO efforts: Organic Initially, efforts will be focused on optimizing the current IBM website, while also ensuring the appropriate optimization of all newly produced content, including articles and blog posts. Focusing on this will help to ensure IBM’s presence on search engine results pages. Ongoing online research results will indicate keywords to be included in content to leverage a more substantial presence, as these keywords have the potential to change as the industry evolves.
  8. 8. Putting Objectives into Action Increase SEO efforts: Paid Search IBM will take advantage of opportunities to increase its presence on Google search by:  Facilitating a Google AdWords campaign.  Monitor and evaluate campaign through Google provided tools including Google Analytics. The main objective of this effort will be to appear as close to the top of Google’s results pages as possible when internet users search IBM’s pertinent keywords with the sole objective to drive users into the purchase process.
  9. 9. Campaign Overview & CostsTimeline for ‘Create a Conversation’ campaign: 1 yearAdvertising/marketing budget to be allocated: $1,000,000Overall budget amount to include: Ongoing online research – 10% Creation of consistently released content on a weekly basis through blogs, articles, and press releases – 25% Internet advertising placements: banners, videos – 35% SEO efforts, paid: Google AdWords campaign – 30%Google Analytics, along with research listed above willcontribute to the ongoing monitoring of marketing efforts.
  10. 10. Campaign Wrap UpOverall Objectives: Increase online presence through distribution of relative content Substantiate social media presence Increase brand awareness, through actions listed above, as well as through advertising placementsEnd Result:25% increase in net profit