What Batman Has Taught Me About Being a Marketing Superhero


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In this thrilling webinar the Founder of Generations Beyond, a digital marketing firm in Long Island, will discuss the marketing philosophies you need to know to become a marketing superhero. Specifically this webinar discusses the following:

- How to be a forensic detective when reading your analytics
- Look at your web traffic as you would a crime scene and learn what goes on in the minds of your visitors as they travel the web BEFORE they arrive on your site, while they are on your site, and what makes them flee the scene
- How to create a massive toolbox of gadgets to optimize and track your marketing
- The importance of mobile

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What Batman Has Taught Me About Being a Marketing Superhero

  1. 1. • A Big Nerd (obviously)• Founder & Marketing Director At Generations Beyond• Creator Of Puppet Terrors
  2. 2. Exhibit AThe Bat-SignalExhibit BThe BatMobileExhibit CThe Bat-A-Rang
  3. 3. If your logo was flying high aboveyour city what would your clients& potential clients think?Is it in line with your vision statement?Would they even recognizeyour branding?
  4. 4. What is your most effective branding opportunity? • Email blasts • Your email signature • Facebook updates • Your invoices • TV/Radio Ads • Billboards
  5. 5. Don’t Be A One-Tool-Wonder • Avoid allegiances to a singular tool. • Successful marketing requires a combination of efforts SEO GUY SOCIAL MEDIA GURU
  6. 6. What Tools Are In Your Marketing Utility Belt?What tools are you currently utilizing in your marketing efforts? Can theybe combined with each other for a more explosive effect? Or used in succession for a powerful one-two punch? • SEO • SMM • SEM • Other Paid Ad Channels • Remarketing • Killer Design • Killer Copy • Market Specific Landing Pages • Non-digital tactics
  7. 7. Utilize your analytics to figure out the mindset of visitors BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER they visit your site.Try to detect where your MARKETING BREAKDOWN occurs. Marketing Breakdowns Are Killing Your Conversions! So what is a MARKETING BREAKDOWN?
  8. 8. Marketing BreakdownsA prospective customer goes through a series of minute actions from thepoint he or she initially realizes they want to buy whether they have a specificneed for the product or service and are actively searching for it, or they havepassively been marketed to, such as at an end cap store display or via atelevision ad.From this point on, that buyer goes through a series of actions and reactionsuntil ultimately the sale is made or lost.It is at these critical points where a breakdown can occur.
  9. 9. A Typical Web Sales Process