Webinar - Critical Keys to Mobile Landing Pages


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This webinar, presented by Atmio, describes how mobile landing pages can be used to increase conversion rates and drive phone calls. It is a great marketing webinar.

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Webinar - Critical Keys to Mobile Landing Pages

  1. 1. www.atmio.com Create, Target, Optimize Mobile Landing Pagesfor Increased Conversions
  2. 2. Atmio Mobile Landing Pages:Self-Serve + No Programmers Programmers
  3. 3. Mobile Websites ≠ Mobile Landing Pages Mobile Websites Mobile Landing Pages To communicate info To achieve conversions Can jump around from page Restricted page flow (focusing to page to page on what’s important for the conversion) Static, don’t change much Dynamic, frequent changes (to improve conversions) Don’t need advanced features Need advanced features Mobile Advertising Needs These9/2012 v1 ©Atmio 2012 3
  4. 4. Atmio Platform: Create, Target, Optimize
  5. 5. Use Case: Mobile Advertising
  6. 6. Use Case: Email Marketing
  7. 7. Click-To-Call on Atmio Landing Pages
  8. 8. Click-To-Call on Atmio Landing Pages
  9. 9. Using LogMyCalls
  10. 10. Create Mobile Landing Pages
  11. 11. Create Landing Pages w/Forms
  12. 12. Co-Registration Forms
  13. 13. Target Mobile Landing Pages
  14. 14. Targeting
  15. 15. Location Targeting (Coming in November)
  16. 16. Device Targeting
  17. 17. Query String Targeting (Coming Soon)
  18. 18. Day Parting
  19. 19. Optimize Mobile Landing Pages
  20. 20. Optimize
  21. 21. A/B Split Testing
  22. 22. A/B Split Testing
  23. 23. Integrations
  24. 24. Integrations
  25. 25. SummaryIn this case, 1 + 1 > 2Atmio Mobile Landing Pages with Click-to-call increase conversionsLogMyCalls gives you insights for the callvia Call analytics to further increaseconversions!
  26. 26. Why are call analytics important?61% of mobile searches result in a phone call immediately of all mobile searchers look up 73% phone numbers and call businesses 20% of mobile website visitors call a business
  27. 27. Call AnalyticsDynamic Number Insertion (DNI) - Track mobile callers from their original online source
  28. 28. Call Analytics Reports
  29. 29. Thank You! Rekha BaligaProduct Marketing Manager rekha@atmio.com +1-408-755-5710 x104
  30. 30. Webinar OfferSign up for FREE Trial • LogMyCalls.com/30-day-trial • Coupon Code: DAMGOOD
  31. 31. Next Webinar Thursday, October 11 – 2 PM EDT Title: 21 Golden Nuggets: Delivering Great Customer Service on the Phone- Learn customer service and sales skills for the deluge of calls mobile marketing will produce- Learn about why unexpected customer service is critically important to any business- With mobile marketing producing 70B new phone calls by 2015, how do you handle mobile callers? - LogMyCalls.com/webinar Nancy Friedman, President, Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman has presented before Fortune 500 companies in dozens of countries. Oprah, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CNN and Fox News are just of few of the national media outlets on which Nancy has appeared over the years. The author of 7 books on communications, sales and customer service, Nancys articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as well as dozens of other publications.