Conversion Conference - Mobile+Phone Calls=HIgher Conversions


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According to xAd and Google, mobile searches result in phone calls more than 50% of the time. As mobile search surpasses desktop search (sometime in 2013) phone calls to businesses are going to increase. This has broad implications for websites, mobile landing pages and conversions. This presentation will discuss:

- Specific research from Google, Mobile Marketer, eMarketer and BIA/Kelsey about mobile conversions
- Case studies from companies experiencing high phone call conversion rates
- 7 ways to prepare your website and lead management for more phone call conversions
- How to create and optimize mobile landing pages
- Tips to track, optimize and close more leads via the phone
- Why mobile targeting and phone calls produce higher conversions

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Conversion Conference - Mobile+Phone Calls=HIgher Conversions

  1. 1. Mobile + Phone Calls=Higher Conversions Jason Wells, CEO @logmycalls
  2. 2. What % of web leads buy in 3 months?@logmycalls #convcon
  3. 3. 2% to 8% of web leads are ready to buy in 3 months Marketing Sherpa, 2011@logmycalls #convcon
  4. 4. Why does this matter?@logmycalls #convcon
  5. 5. But First… Mobile: The Basics ‘Severely Anxiety Inducing’ 90% 91% of U.S. smartphone 80% 70% owners have their phone 60% within arms reach 24/7 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Morgan Stanley, 2012 Taylor Nelson Sofres, 2012@logmycalls #convcon
  6. 6. There are nearly 7 billion people on Earth. 4.2 billion own a toothbrush 5.1 billion own a mobile phone.@logmycalls #convcon
  7. 7. The primary consumptiondevices are now wholly mobile.
  8. 8. Marketers
  9. 9. Mobile search will surpass desktop search in 2013 or 2014 Google, eMarketer, 2011@logmycalls #convcon
  10. 10. “In three years time desktop search will be totally irrelevant.” Google, Nov. 2010@logmycalls #convcon
  11. 11. Mobile Search Mobile Search Response 90% of mobile searchers No Action take action within ONE 10% DAY Action 50% of mobile searchers Taken 90% BUY Nielsen, 2012 Mobile Marketer, 2012@logmycalls #convcon
  12. 12. of mobile searches 61% result in a phone call immediately Google, 2011 of all mobile searchers 73% look up phone numbers and call businesses Nielsen, 2012@logmycalls #convcon
  13. 13. Mobile = Tidal Wave of Calls Businesses will receive 70 billion calls from mobile devices by 2016. Today that number is 20 billion Calls to businesses will more than double by the end of 2013@logmycalls #convcon
  14. 14. “Mobile call volumes will so profoundly change advertising spend that companies that cannot make the transition won’t even be remembered with the same disdain as the much-maligned print Yellow Pages.” BIA/Kelsey, 2012@logmycalls #convcon
  15. 15. What % of callers buy immediately?@logmycalls #convcon
  16. 16. 21% to 35% of all inbound callers buy immediately@logmycalls #convcon
  17. 17. Inbound callers convert 10-15x more than web leads@logmycalls #convcon
  18. 18. Mobile Search Almost all web leads enter the funnel Awareness unready to buy Evaluation Mobile leads are in ‘buying’ Decision mode@logmycalls #convcon
  19. 19. Mobile Produces Calls Mobile CTC (Pay-Per-Call) Mobile Landing Pages Mobile Sites@logmycalls #convcon
  20. 20.  Mobile is Growing  Mobile Produces Calls  Calls convert like CRAZY So how do you optimize mobile conversions and drive more calls?@logmycalls #convcon
  21. 21. Tactics@logmycalls #convcon
  22. 22. Click To Call Maps and „tap-able‟ phone numbers@logmycalls #convcon
  23. 23. Mobile Bidding Separate Mobile Campaigns – Average CTR increases by 11.5% – Budget and bid separately for mobile – Optimize keyword lists – Optimizing ad copy with ‘call-specific’ words can increase CTR by 8%+ Day-Parting – Day Parting – Desktop off-hours are mobile on-hours Geo/Device Targeting – Tablets, smartphones – Take advantage of location awareness – Local, local, local@logmycalls #convcon
  24. 24. Call Extensions@logmycalls #convcon
  25. 25. Call Extensions@logmycalls #convcon
  26. 26. Call Extensions@logmycalls #convcon
  27. 27. Mobile Landing Pages@logmycalls #convcon
  28. 28. @logmycalls #convcon
  29. 29. Mobile Landing Page Tracked Click-to-Call Checkin Map – Directions Limited Forms #convcon
  30. 30. Mobile Websites Less Content Click-to-Call Simple Categories #convcon
  31. 31. Mobile Ad Copy Include Phrases like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Call for Special Price’ – Google says CTR increases 1% to 3% when call specific language is used in ad copy Call Analytics – Calls are simple to track – No longer a blind spot@logmycalls #convcon
  32. 32. Case Study: Click To Call IHG sought to increase room reservations and revenue via mobile click-to-call (CTC) • Tactics – Bought click-to-call (CTC) ads via the Google mobile ad network – Put phone numbers in these ads with phrases like ‘Call to Book Now’ or ‘Call us Now’ • Results – Mobile search revenue increased 91% YoY – Traffic to mobile site increased 20% – Increased CTR over 30% compared to ‘generic’ ad copy in mobile ads before@logmycalls #convcon
  33. 33. Case Study: Click To Call Esurance needed to decrease CPA. Experimented with mobile CTC ads. • Tactics – Bought click-to-call (CTC) ads via the Google mobile ad network – Put phone numbers in these ads with phrases like ‘Call to Get a Quote Now’ or ‘Call us Now’ • Results – Campaigns generated 30% to 35% higher CTR than campaigns without ‘call specific’ ad copy – 10% lower CPC than ‘regular’ PPC ads – CTC ads had a 30% lower CPA than other channels@logmycalls #convcon
  34. 34. “The people coming in through Google mobile ads click-to-call are very, very high converting leads. CTC allows us to immediately begin consultative selling over the phone, and that increases our close rate substantially.” Dir. Online Mktg., esurance@logmycalls #convcon
  35. 35. Case Study: Call AnalyticsIs Google Adwords measurementenough?• Tactics – Put LogMyCalls local numbers in click-to-call pay- Call Results Study per-call (PPC) ads Q- – Put phone numbers in these ads with phrases like Closed ‘Call us Now’ Q- Lost 10%• Results (for every $1oK 5% spent) No – Google Measured 1800 calls Connect – Actual Call Analytics Not a 51% • 890 Calls completed (48.3%) Lead • 270 Qualified Opportunities (15%) 34% • 180 reservations Booked (10%)@logmycalls #convcon
  36. 36. Case Study: Call Analytics Google calculates (and charges you for) every time the number is tapped • Without gathering call analytics CPL, CPA, CPC would have been totally wrong • Use some number as call extension, use call tracking number • Mobile marketing still useful ($600 ROI on $300+ spend)@logmycalls #convcon
  37. 37. The Case for Mobile Click-to-Call • They have higher CTR than ‘desktop’ PPC campaigns • The most common result is a call • Calls convert more often than web leads • Call analytics tools now available@logmycalls #convcon
  38. 38. ‘Regular’ Page Conversions and Calls Campaign 1 – 40.1% Conversion Rate • 17.8% Demo Rate Campaign 2 – 32.9% Conversion Rate • 13.2% Demo Rate Campaign 3 – 40.4% Conversion Rate • 3.6% Demo Rate Calls On This Page • 54% of callers to this landing page converted to demo stage@logmycalls #convcon
  39. 39. Thank You! • Connect With Me – Twitter: @logmycalls – Email: • Special Offer – Free White Paper – 9 Things You Need to Know About the Mobile Marketing Explosion – #convcon