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HoraData IoT Fleet Monitoring and Analytics

Fleet monitoring and analytics by HoraData- Explained

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HoraData IoT Fleet Monitoring and Analytics

  1. 1. Unleash the True Potential of Fleet Management and Analytics HoraData IoT Fleet Monitoring & Analytics
  2. 2. Requirement Summary Loss due to mishandling & fuel theft. Suppliers / Distributors / Unit Managers are struggling to manage and control of vehicles efficiently. Suppliers / Distributors / Unit Managers need cloud based solution to access real-time and historical data.Customer CareDriver Customer CareEngineer Customer CareBoat Driver
  3. 3. Solution HoraData IoT Fleet Monitoring and Analytics Suppliers DriverDistributors https https Data Collection Real time monitoring Fleet Tracking Search & Reports Real-time Alerts Automated Fault Analysis Fuel Leakage Analysis Fuel Theft Analysis Real-time Customer Support Customizable Access Control JSON JSON https JSON Help Desk
  4. 4. System Flow LogFuze IoT Gateway LogFuze’s BigData Cloud Infrastructure JSON JSON JSON JSON JSON Archive Suppliers Unit ManagerDistributors receipt[AUTH_KEY]?key=value
  5. 5. How fleet support works? Driver LogFuze IoT Gateway LogFuze + Generate Report and Alert and Ticket Create Team (Admin + Fleet Managers etc) Help Desk - Executive (Executive will call manager from remote) Fleet Manager Chat Room Recorded Message and SMS + Truck Service Provider +
  6. 6. HoraData Advantages Fast delivery High security No revenue loss Cloud based control
  7. 7. HoraData Platform
  8. 8. Generator Monitoring & Analytics Other IoT Solutions IoT Analytics Platform Operation Theatre & Lab Monitoring Refrigerator Monitoring & Compliance Industrial Power Monitoring & Analytics Solar Thermal Monitoring & Analysis
  9. 9. Uniqueness ● Roll your own basic IoT Solution within a day ● Onboard any complex machinery ● Obtain AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Analytics
  10. 10. Reach Us 1-855-LOGFUZE LogFuze Inc #2215, Chastain Dr. NE Atlanta, GA 30342