Radio trails steven fry


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Radio trails steven fry

  1. 1. Radio Trails AnalysisTrail for BBc 5 live weekend schedule(station/channel) Target audience • Sports fans • Football fans • Regular listeners to BBC five live Tone of voice? • Sounds like someone is live talking to the public • Has a calm voice for listeners • Includes live public speaking from a question point of view Sound effects? • Slight noise in background to give it a upbeat type show makes a bit of (SFX) comedy to invite the audience to listen. • Music in background to keep the trail flowing Wildtrack/ambient • None sound? Use of music? • Music in background creates an upbeat show makes the audience flow with the trail and fills up space where there are blank spaces. How many tracks? • There is a couple of tracks being used at once with the main commentator and public and the music in background. Sound levels? • The sound level is consistent all the way through and doesn’t change. Length? • 30 -35 secondsOther notes/commonelements/conventions