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L'Oreal Digital Education | Touch Of Class Document

The Loft Group has identified the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

The Loft vision for the ideal digital classroom is emerging. It meets the needs of the students and the community that surrounds them. It assists in the creation of innovative content design and supports delivery and assessment. It provides opportunity for active learning and collaboration amongst peers and mentors by putting control into the hands of the individual. In short, it’s not a room at all.

The Loft Group specialises in providing business consultancy through software solutions. Established in 2007, the Australian company constructs purpose-built digital infrastructure for clients to create online communities and harness the organisation’s communications, education, and human connections into one place, accessible from any channel.

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L'Oreal Digital Education | Touch Of Class Document

  1. 1. L’Oréal Professionnel Digital Education Platform Touch Of Class
  2. 2. Let’s have a conversation Explore and discover what the future holds for all of us .
  3. 3. Announcing Digital Education A modern and powerful education platform for training organisations worldwide.
  4. 4. Overview - Our number one goal. A mature approach, creating a deeper engagement and visual experience through content and communication between educators and students. Design inspired by the merging trends of simple flat design and the new iOS7 software. This solution provides a visual way to involve all users which guarantees easy navigation and understanding of the platform to create a calm, happy and positive learning environment for all.
  5. 5. Features User Profiles 01 02 Products Latest News 03 Social Network 04 05 Education Salon Locator 06 07 Calendar 08 Inspiration 09 Resources 10 Feedback
  6. 6. Navigation Framework Simple sidebar navigation, find everything important with just one tap. Accessible on every page.
  7. 7. User Profiles The Profile begins with a quick overview of basic information where you can view or edit your profile, and also gives you access to your course features. No unnecessary elements or clutter.
  8. 8. Products The product categories are displayed in a list format as individual visual tabs. Users are able to scroll vertically on the list to reveal additional information.
  9. 9. Latest News Keep users up to date with current international and localised news through the dedicated news section. Have the latest press releases, launches of new products etc. seen and understood.
  10. 10. Social Network Encourage students to follow your Social Network and share their education experiences with the community.
  11. 11. Education Using the best, most intuitive features of the iPad, we have created the ultimate user experience. The Digital Education Platform puts the focus on the user experience which guarantees engagement and as a result content retention. Educators who now present from the iPad using the Digital Book Application are more confident as their presentation is consistent with the agreed global standard.
  12. 12. Salon Locator The Salon Locator allows you to enter your current address manually, or you can tap on the ‘Geolocator’ button which will automatically pinpoint the nearest salon to your location.
  13. 13. The Calendar allows you keep on top of your education programs while informing the user about up and coming courses. The calendar months are displayed in a horizontal list up at the top where the user can easily swipe left and right to navigate from month to month. Booking forms are sent to the bookings manager which enables users to book a course online and preview all of the course options within the Digital Education Platform. Calendar
  14. 14. Inspiration Allow students to burst with creativity within the Inspiration page. Enable the link to the latest styles and trends to inspire the artistic flare in students.
  15. 15. Access education material in your salon, home or anywhere. Resources enables a group of users to have access to their Digital Education media which includes individual collection PDF’s and product videos. These are all stored on the cloud which means easy access for both educator and student. Resources
  16. 16. Feedback Embrace feedback and access the data straight from the student’s experiences in Digital Education. Identify strengths and weaknesses within course content and delivery to enhance the education journey.
  17. 17. Education Modules The essential and fundamental aspects.
  18. 18. Education Features Drag & Drop 01 Scribble Pad 02 Camera Roll 03 Note Pad 04 05 Moodboard
  19. 19. This feature enables users to drag photos, notes, answers or supplied images on to their workbook. This is accomplished by the user selecting the virtual object by ‘grabbing’ it and dragging it out of the container to a different location within the workbook. Drag & Drop
  20. 20. Scribble Pad The digital Scribble Pad enables users to handwrite notes and add comments to photos or illustrations by using the touch functionality or with a stylus. This allows for freedom to create illustrations, mark headsheets, circle or highlight answers with in the workbook.
  21. 21. The Camera feature takes advantage of the device in-built camera. Users are able to take photos at any stage during the course and insert them into their workbook. This enables users to capture and document individual and group activities. The Camera Roll stores all of the users photos in one convenient location for easy access. The user has the ability to enter the Camera Roll and select or delete any photos within. Once a photo has been selected, the user has the ability to Drag & Drop the photo onto their workbook. Camera Roll
  22. 22. Note Pad The Note Pad within the Digital Education Platform is a simple text-only editor that provides users use of the device keypad. All of the user notes are stored within the course and on the page on which the notes were taken.
  23. 23. Moodboards are a great way to convey your intentions, and the Digital Education Platform helps you hone your ideas and organize the board in the manner in which you want to present. Moodboard
  24. 24. Mobile Lite Access to your education. Anytime. Anywhere.
  25. 25. Mobile Lite The Digital Education Platform is available on Smartphone devices enabling users to access their personalised content on the go.
  26. 26. Users course notes, including Scribble Pad, Camera Roll, Notes and Drag & Drop items can all be viewed via a Smartphone device. This gives users the flexibility and freedom to access and review their course notes from a completed course anytime, anywhere. Your education is always available for when you need it. Notes Lite
  27. 27. Calendar Lite The Calendar Lite also allows users keep on top of their education programs while giving the ability book courses on the go. Booking forms are sent to the bookings manager which enables users to book a course online and preview all of the course options within the Digital Education Platform.
  28. 28. LET’S HAVE A CONVERSATION #loveloft LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Loft Group Australia 1300 789 795 Gavin Russell Founder & CEO (Global) +61 (0)417 755 181 Garry Russell CEO (APAC) +61 (0)423 774 609 Stewart Harries Head of Sales +61 (0)488 113 688