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Kérastase Paris Presentation June 2015


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Kérastase Education 2015 | Mobile Learning & Sales Enablement

Loft has developed a range of enhancements and features since first launching Kérastase Education Australia in 2012. The benefits extend beyond the academy environment with the ability to engage educators and students in their Salon. It empowers the sales team and provides executive dashboards, business intelligence and analytics in order to measure and monitor across key performance indicators.

Kérastase Education has identified Australia & New Zealand are recognised as a leader within the L’Oréal Group globally for the adoption and use of digital education technology.

The Loft Group has developed an enterprise grade mobile content delivery platform for education, mobile learning and training. The training application enables companies such as L’Oréal Professionnel to deliver sales and product knowledge training to their national professional salon network, retail stores, staff and clients.

Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying Digital Education & Training Applications. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector, Digital Education is contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient, cost-effective and maximising mobile application deployment.

Loft Group Digital Education is much more than an education platform; it is a powerful software tool that will revolutionise the way your organisation educates.

The focus for Digital Education has been to ensure the education journey continues to evolve and remain relevant to the ever changing business needs of your salon partners. The ability to measure and review performance against the highest industry standards ensures your education will continue to provide an educational experience based on participation feedback, data collection and results based on statistical reporting methods developed across the Digital Education Application.

As with any capital expenditure in business today, ultimately return on investment is one of the key considerations. In looking specifically at the tangible gains and the immediate benefits accrued from the Digital Education Platform, there are a number of reasons why the ROI proposition is so exciting. Improved cost savings and exponential gains in operational efficiency are obviously some of the key features that result from its implementation. What is equally if not more important are the profitability gains that are harder to quantify, for example the resulting strategic advantage in the marketplace that arises from the increased individual value. In turn through the education experience, the individual becomes a highly valued member of the retail sales process.

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Kérastase Paris Presentation June 2015

  2. 2. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW OUTCOMES ACHIEVED BY KÉRASTASE PARIS AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Recongised as an innovation technology leader within the hair and beauty industry. Innovation in the delivery of Kérastase Paris brand, product and education messages for Salon Staff throughout Australia and New Zealand. Enabled rapid delivery of content to support new product launches, product details, updated branding and changes to educational content. Substantially lowered existing education costs by removing the requirement for graphic design and traditional printing of Stylist workbooks. Reduced environmental impact through tablet based digital delivery. Added to the local and global group’s sustainable business model and practices. Education delivered to over 5000 attendees in every state within Australia and New Zealand.
  3. 3. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF USING THE DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM Provides a content and Educator led approach to improve the Kérastase Paris Education Experience further within Academy and In-Salon. In-Salon and Academy Education to allow for on-site and remote training. Deliver Sales and Product training to the national salon network, retail stores, staff and clients. Executive Dashboards providing extensive regional overviews down to individual performance and real-time data to measure Education. Continued investment in the Digital Education Platform and the solution road-map by Loft Group.
  4. 4. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW THE EVOLUTION OF THE DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM livery Platform to an interactive educational tool that creates a s. om he es. THE BEGINNING, YEAR ONE (1) - 2012 •  Stylist Profiles & Personalised Education Journey. •  Creation of Digital Stylist Workbooks. •  Creation of Educator iBooks. •  Salon & Stylist Information Digitally Collected and Stored. •  Online Product Shelf. •  Fusio-Dose™  Consultation Application Integration. •  Salon Locator. •  Social Community Connects Stylists & Kérastase Paris. •  Introduction of Apple Products within L’Oréal. •  Application on IOS iPad Tablet Only.
  5. 5. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW THE EVOLUTION OF THE DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS, YEAR TWO (2) - 2013 •  New ‘Look & Feel’. •  Improved UX – Better Menu. •  Speed & Performance Enhancements. •  Introduction of an ‘Education’ Calendar. •  Introduction of Online Booking. •  Introduction of In-App Notifications. •  BYOD Support (iOS Only). •  Social Sharing – Via Facebook. •  Automated Digital Session Certificates. s. om he es. rag
  6. 6. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW THE EVOLUTION OF THE DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM ENHANCED INTERACTION, YEAR THREE (3) - 2014 •  New ‘Look & Feel’ (iOS 7 Inspired). •  Re-Design / Rebuild Database Architecture. •  Re-Design / Rebuild to enable ‘Cloud’ ready. •  Introduction of ‘Basic’ Education Reporting. •  Introduction of a Content Management System. •  On-The-Fly Content Updates made Available. •  Enhanced Stylist Interactivity within Digital Workbooks. ngement of copyright. The ideas and concepts within this rohibited from using or disclosing such ideas and concepts to he es. rag
  8. 8. DIGITAL EDUCATION OVERVIEW THE CURRENT APPLICATION, YEAR FOUR (4) - 2015 MORE THAN JUST AN EDUCATION APPLICATION •  Executive Dashboard and Reporting for Education. •  Enables In-Salon Education. •  Stylist Education Workflow. •  Additional Social Media Integration. •  Push Notifications. •  Multi OS Support For Academy, In-Salon & Consumer. •  Tablet & Mobile Ready.
  9. 9. 9   THE COMPARISON HOW THE DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM COMPARES TO COMPETITORS EDUCATION TOOL FEATURES COMPETITOR LOFT DEP Stylist Registration / Enrolments ✘ ✔︎ Stylist Unique Profile & Dashboard (Displaying Educational Journey) ✘ ✔︎ Salon Details ✘ ✔︎ Kérastase Educator & KBC Ready ✘ ✔︎ Kérastase Educator & KBC Feedback (In-Salon & Academy Sessions) ✘ ✔︎ Stylist Notes & Resources (Accessible on Multiple Devices – iOS / Android / Web) ✘ ✔︎ Stylist Workbooks – Interactive Features (Scribble Pad, Note Pad, Highlight, Photos and Drag & Drop) ✘ ✔︎ Use Outside of an Academy ✘ ✔︎ Use In-Salon ✘ ✔︎ Push & In-App Notifications ✘ ✔︎ Salon Owner Notifications ✘ ✔︎ Kérastase Educator Dashboard ✘ ✔︎ KBC ‘Live’ Dashboard ✘ ✔︎ Executive ‘Live’ Dashboard ✘ ✔︎ Report Exports ✘ ✔︎ Digital Session Certificates ✘ ✔︎ Web Application ✘ ✔︎ iOS Application (Tablet & Smartphone) ✘ ✔︎ Android Application (Tablet & Smartphone) ✘ ✔︎ Kérastase Quiz ✘ ✔︎ Social Integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google+) ✘ ✔︎
  10. 10. 10   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD & REPORTING - OVERVIEW •  Detailed Executive Dashboard Providing Extensive Drill-Downs from Regional Overviews to Individuals. •  Displays ‘Real-Time’ Data of Education Performance & Allows for .PDF / .CSV Report Exports. •  Incorporates Kérastase KPI’s for Educators & KBC’s in Dashboard View to Track Performance.
  11. 11. MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD & REPORTING – BY HOURS •  A ‘Snapshot’ of the training hours completed. •  Divided into ‘Regions’ for easy comparison. •  Includes both Kérastase Educator and KBC data. •  View ‘Total’ hours and National Average by National and by State (Region), for Kérastase Educators & KBCs. •  Extensive Drill-Down of hours from Regional Overviews to Individual (Kelly Reynolds – Kérastase Educator). •  Benchmark Individuals against National Averages & provide a ‘National Rank’
  12. 12. MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD & REPORTING – BY SESSIONS •  A ‘Snapshot’ of the Education Sessions completed. •  Divided into ‘Regions’ for easy comparison. •  Includes both Kérastase Educator and KBC data. •  View KBC & Educator Sessions held by National or by State (Regional). •  Compare against National Averages, KPI’s and National Rank. •  View Individual’s Training History, Academy Vs. In-Salon and number of sessions held for each Kérastase Course.
  13. 13. 13   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD & REPORTING – BY STYLISTS •  A ‘Snapshot’ of the number of Stylists that have received training. •  Divided into ‘Regions’ for easy comparison. •  Includes both Kérastase Educator and KBC data.
  14. 14. 14   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION YOUR EDUCATOR’S AND KBC’S ‘LIVE’ IN-APP DASHBOARDS - OVERVIEW •  Educator and KBC Dashboards display the ‘Real-Time’ Data & Statistics. •  View total hours trained and compare against the National Average. •  View total and unique Salons reached and compare against KPI’s and the National Average. •  View total and unique Stylists trained and compare against KPI’s and the National Average. •  View total number of sessions trained and compare against KPI’s and the National Average •  View your National Rank in overall, hours, sessions and stylists.
  15. 15. 15   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION YOUR EDUCATOR’S AND KBC’S ‘LIVE’ IN-APP DASHBOARDS – SALON REVIEW •  Salon Summary allows Kérastase & KBCs at a glance, view which Salons are in need of additional training. •  View the total and unique number of Stylists trained at an individual Salon. •  View the total number of training hours a Salon has received, In-Salon and also in the Academy. •  View the total number of sessions the Salon has received (both In-Salon and in the Academy). •  View the break down of individual sessions held, by name of the session, the hours and number stylists attended.
  16. 16. 16   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION YOUR EDUCATOR’S AND KBC’S ‘LIVE’ IN-APP DASHBOARDS – FEEDBACK •  Feedback Summary allows Kérastase Educators and KBCs to keep track with their Session delivery standards. •  View your Average Feedback for each Session and bench mark it against the National Average. •  View the percentage score per questions for your last previous session. •  Compare your Average Feedback score against KPI’s •  View your National Rank for the Average Feedback score.
  17. 17. 17   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION ON-THE-FLY CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 17   •  The Content Management System (CMS), links directly to all OS Devices & the Web App. •  Content updates saved via the CMS, are updated in ‘Real-Time’ within the Application without the need to re-download the Application from the GooglePlay or Apple Stores. •  Access to, Dashboards / Reporting / Sessions / Content / Notifications / Salons / Users / Settings.
  18. 18. 18   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION ON-THE-FLY CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 18   •  Dashboard / Reporting - Administrator access to the Executive Dashboards. •  Session Management – Create / Edit / Delete Sessions and set the Session Dates for the Calendar. •  Content Management – Create / Edit / Delete Products, Collections, News Articles, Resources, Quiz Game Questions and Learning Pathways. •  Notification Management – Create Push Notifications to send out to Salon Owners and Stylists. •  Salon Management – Create / Edit / Delete Salons within your Region. •  User & Role Management – Create / Edit / Delete Kérastase Educators, KBC & Administration Staff. •  Application Settings – Set KPI’s, Create / Edit / Delete Menu Items, Update icons and colours.
  19. 19. 19   MORE THAN JUST EDUCATION EDUCATION WITHIN YOUR ACADEMIES & YOUR CLIENT’S SALON 19   •  Create Session for In-Salon or Academy. •  Invite Stylists that are already registered to a new Session. •  Invite and Register Stylists that do not have an account. (Invite email with Stylists Sign-In credentials automated). •  Use this In-Salon to register all the staff members at the Salon. •  Inviting a Stylist to a session will automatically generate an In-App and Push Notification.
  20. 20. 20   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL THE STYLIST’S DASHBOARD 20   •  Stylist’s can view their Education Journey via the Dashboard. •  Stylists can view and share socially their digital session certificate. •  Stylists can view their next ‘recommended’ session. •  Stylists can re-access session content, notes, digital certificate and provided from completed sessions via the tablet, smartphone or web. •  Stylists can socially share their digital certificate via Facebook or Twitter.
  21. 21. 21   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL THE IN-APP PRODUCT GUIDE 21   •  Update product information instantly via the CMS. •  Create / Edit / Delete products and collections instantly via the CMS •  Use ‘Push-Notifications’ to inform Salons & Stylists of new product / collection launches •  Display ‘Consumer’ product and collection information for non-registered users to the application.
  22. 22. 22   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL THE IN-APP RESOURCES 22   •  Kérastase Educators and KBCs can use resources In-Salon to assist with education. •  Salon Owners and Stylists have access to Kérastase Resources In-Salon on multiple devices (Apple, Android & Web). •  Resources can display both Video and .PDF formats.
  23. 23. 23   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL THE IN-APP CALENDAR 23   •  Salon Owners and Stylists can see up coming sessions in their State (Region). •  Salon Owners and Stylists can use the ‘Book Now’ to register interest for a session. •  Kérastase Educators and KBCs can use the Calendar In-Salon to plan a Salon’s training for the month or year.
  24. 24. 24   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL THE KÉRASTASE DIGITAL EDUCATION QUIZ •  Daily Quiz questions can be sent out to Stylists and Salon Owners. •  New Quiz questions automatically generate Push and In-App Notifications. •  Drive Salon Owners and Stylists back to application daily. •  Salon Owners and Stylists can compete against others Nationally and against other staff within their Salon. •  Quiz can be used for promotions or incentives for Salons / Stylists.
  25. 25. 25   THE APPLICATION IN DETAIL SOCIAL INTEGRATION & SHARING •  Social Integration to allow new users to ‘Sign-Up’ using their Facebook or Google+ Accounts. •  Existing users are able to ‘Sign-In’ Using Their Facebook or Google+ Accounts, for quicker and easier access. •  Share In-App Notifications to Facebook and Twitter. •  Share Achievements such as Session Score and Digital Certificates.