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IBM Cloud | Loft Group Leading The Cloud


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IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure presentation, Garry Russell, Chief Operations Officer at the Loft Group was recently invited to present at an IBM internal sales training event: “Leading with Cloud”.

Loft is rapidly becoming an Australian business leader and great success story on how Dynamic Cloud and the Composable business is transforming traditional IT environments. The presentation was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, where over 250 IBM Sales Leaders attended.

“I am writing to sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk to our sales community at our Cloud Town Hall meetings last week. Your insights and experiences were the highlight of the session. I particularly appreciate your candour and honesty about IBM and your dealings with us – it was valuable for our team to learn directly from your journey. I look forward to our continued partnership into the future.” John Twine, IBM Vice President, Industries

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IBM Cloud | Loft Group Leading The Cloud

  1. 1. ftgro up creative digital agency HRW. g WAJLOLIJEITJEEET Bloomberg REUTERS TechTarget iTVll MarketWatch com. au ? == ' = -_-= SEIFTLAY-R” '= an IBM Company
  2. 2. loftgroup creative digital agency The Loft Group is a creative digital agency which specialises in providing business consultancy through software solutions. Loft Group constructs purpose-built digital infrastructure and tools for its clients. We create online communities, enhance communication and professional development, and harness human connections by making them accessible from any channel. The Loft Group respects, listens to and leads our clients, team members, partners to shape experiences that matter to them. Loft Group aspire to be recognised global leaders that discover, develop and deliver innovative solutions.
  3. 3. Content Delivery Platform A application to provide a platform for inspiration from which to build community engagement and enhance product awareness and utility via a clean, crisp and pragmatic interface. lt forecasts the requirements of the user, drives social engagement and delivers in real time for enquiry upon an elastic data structure. An environment whereby the platform can be used within the workplace to add 'content' and value to the platform. Content Social Real Time Prediction Engagement Information
  4. 4. Digital Education Platform Loft Group has identified the need for a software platform upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models and benefit from the proven beneficial social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts by mentors and peers. Our team transforms the traditional training material into rich and engaging educational content that is 'self-directed' and leverages peer to peer knowledge sharing and learning. Student Curious Transformative Driven Collaborative Open-Minded Encouraging
  5. 5. Why the cloud? More interestingly, why softlayer? 1°ft9T0uP SCIFTLAYER” creative digital agency an IBM Company
  6. 6. Softlayer allows us to reach customers on a global scale Now successfully deploying our application within Asia, America and Europe, providing private, secure service to each customer. EASILY. 1°ft9T0uP SClFTLAY-R” creative digital agency an IBM Company
  7. 7. Value Chain People | Process | Technology loftgroup creative digital agency SC! FTLAY-R” an IBM Company
  9. 9. Self-managed automated provisioning of resources via APl's Dial into the right Scale, power and cost Application architecture across dedicated servers or hybrid Scale on the fly - physical or virtual hftgmuP SCIFTLAYER” creative digital agency an IBM Company
  10. 10. Provision of resources "more" adjacent to each of our customers geographically Reduction of hops - minimise public network latency Global resources for a customer stitched as a private network Customer Constellation - control ofthat customers experience hftgmuP SCIFTLAYER” creative digital agency an IBM Company
  11. 11. Big Data Offers a whole new way of understanding the world loftgroup creative digital agency
  12. 12. Classrooms in the Cloud The Classroom of the future does not have walls. lt will be mobile, self-orgahisihg and built upon the act of enquiry. loftgroup creative digital agency
  13. 13. Why a Transformative Business Model? Consumerisation Customer Business of IT Expectations Responsiveness loftgroup creative digital agency
  14. 14. Our Nimble Business Model Move Responsive People Quick Process Adaptive Engaged Dynamic Design Customer & Composable Process Technology Building Scaleable Blocks Growth loftgroup creative digital agency
  15. 15. Dialling up our Model SaaS PaaS | aaS loftgroup creative digital agency CLOUDANT 4- Codename: BlueMix SEIFTLAY`-R' an IBM Company
  16. 16. IBM Pulse 2014: The Premier Cloud Conference General Session Keynote: Think lt. Build lt. Tap into lt. February 23-26 MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada (Estimated Attendance: 11,000) The Premier' Cloud Conferencze PUISGQ Ol 4 k
  17. 17. .E (u) gli: : a loftgroup p creative digital agency @ D g ; r : $1 WALL STREET FINANCIAL ' &ma; 5 JOURNAL Bloomberg REUTERS “www TechTarget I`lI'| /|/ . MarketWatcI-i SEIFTLAY-R' anIBMCompany Let's have a conversation #loveloft www_| oftgroup_com_au Garry Russell in LinkedIn 'F Facebook Chief Operations Officer aullmkedinlcom/ pub/ garryqusselI/75/58V9O3 facebookcom/ Ioftgroup garry@loftgroup. com. au [B Twitter Iinkedincom/ company/ Ioft-group-creative-digitaI-agency +61 (0)423 774 609 twittercom/ Ioftcreative Melbourne Office: +61 (O) 3 9999 5907 Perth Office: +61 (O) 8 92281799 Sydney Office: +61 (0) 2 8188 2059