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Mobile Lottery with SMS Betting


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LocusPlay is a mobile lottery platform. With LocusPlay, lottery can be offered through mobile, web, SMS, USSD, Point-of-Sale (POS)terminals etc. It also provides mobile lottery, SMS betting and online gambling as well online lottery.

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Mobile Lottery with SMS Betting

  1. 1. SMS  Betting   Lottery  on  Mobile
  2. 2. LocusPlay Mobile Lottery What is SMS Betting? SMS  Be&ng  is  a  unique  way  of  playing  lo0ery  from  any  type  of   mobile  phone  irrespec7ve  of  the  telecom  operator.    Players  do   not  have  to  move  out  of  their  place  to  play  lo0ery,  they  can  place   the  bets  anywhere,  any7me.   ! Players  can  pick  their  lo0ery  numbers  by  sending  SMS  or  TEXT   message  from  their  mobile  phone. $2.00   1454.
  3. 3. How does SMS Betting work?
  4. 4. 4 LocusPlay SMS Betting Register  by  sending  an  SMS Replacing  the  physical  4cket  with  an     e-­‐Ticket  sent  through  SMS.   Simple Registration Players can register their mobile number with a text message Receive alerts and notifications by SMS 4
  5. 5. 5 LocusPlay SMS Betting 55 Save  cost  by  elimina4ng  the  middle-­‐ man  and  sell  directly  to  the  player.   Online Lottery 100   % Play  Lo@ery  Online Type it like a regular text message Pick your lottery number Send the message Short code compatible Receive an e-Ticket by SMS $2.00   1454.
  6. 6. 6 LocusPlay SMS Betting 6 If  you  prefer  we  can  integrate  with  the   billing  system  of  cellular  operator. Transaction Security Secure  Payment Opt to deduct the payment either from your credit balance or billed directly by your cellular operator
  7. 7. 7 LocusPlay SMS Betting 7 No  need  to  go  and  check  the  winning   number.    Informa4on  and  no4fica4ons   are  delivered  automa4cally  by  SMS. Alerts and Reminders Automa4c  No4fica4ons e-Ticket sent by SMS Notify winners Campaigns & Promotions Reminders Financial transaction alert
  8. 8. Reduce Cost Replace  physical  4ckets  with  e-­‐ Tickets,  delivered  through  SMS.   Different Modes of Payment Players  are  free  to  select  their   preferred  mode  of  payment  to  pay Customer Engagement & Loyalty Build  trust  by  interac4ng  with   them  directly.   Leverage Promotion & Offers Stay  in  touch  with  your  players,  it   also  plays  a  vital  role  in  players   reten4on   Save Money Eliminates  the  middle-­‐man  and  sell   directly  to  the  player.   No Technology Barrier No  Smartphone,  No  Internet?               No  problem.   Play  L68  2342  $2.00|   gn  bc There  are  many  players  who  want  freedom  to  play  lo@ery  from  anywhere.    There  are  players  who  want  their  privacy.    There   are  players  who  do  not  own  a  Smartphone.    Not  only  LocusPlay  SMS  BeKng  solu4on  helps  you  reach  all  such  players  but   also  it  helps  you  increase  your  lo@ery  sales. Benefits of TEXT Betting 7878
  9. 9. 9 Why LocusPlay SMS Betting? Almost instant Personalized Global Simple to use Interactive e-Ticket ! Cost effective No training required Works on all mobile phones and networks Secure transaction Know your player Play anywhere, anytime
  10. 10. About LocusPlay LocusPlay    helps    transform    lotteries    globally.    Our  back  office  system  provides  you   access  to  detailed  reports  and  analytics  for  quick  decision  making.    LocusPlay  Mobile   Lottery  solution  assists  lottery  to  operate  effectively  and  efficiently.   ! Lotteries  across  3  continents  are  already  using  LocusPlay  platform.    Some  of  our   customers  from  emerging  market  have  experienced  4X  growth  in  sales.    50%  of  our   customers  have  switched  from  their  existing  technology  providers  to  LocusPlay.    With   over  100  million  tickets  sold  using  LocusPlay  and  we  helped  save  up  to  80%  in  capital   investment.
  11. 11.  |  +1-­‐401-­‐400-­‐1183