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LocusPlay has pioneered the mobile lottery platform for the emerging markets. A state-of-the-art technology that does not require high capital investment.

LocusPlay helps startup and paper-based lotteries transform to online lotteries with a quick implementation cycle, which runs into weeks instead of months.

LocusPlay runs on the cloud based environment and uses Android powered portable mobile lottery terminals to connect seamlessly with the use of cellular data network.

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LocusPlay Mobile Lottery Platform

  1. 1. Mobile  Lottery  Platform  
  2. 2. Lottery Management Platform What is LocusPlay? LocusPlay  has  pioneered  the  mobile  lo5ery  pla6orm  for  the  emerging   markets.  A  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technology  that  does  not  require  high  capital   investment.   LocusPlay  helps  startup  and  paper-­‐based  lo5eries  transform  to  online  lo5eries   with  a  quick  implementa@on  cycle,  which  runs  into  weeks  instead  of  months.   LocusPlay  runs  on  the  cloud  based  environment  and  uses  Android  powered   portable  mobile  lo5ery  terminals  to  connect  seamlessly  with  the  use  of   cellular  data  network.  
  3. 3. Why LocusPlay?
  4. 4. 4 LocusPlay Mobile Lottery 4 LocusPlay  helps  lo.eries  seamlessly   switch  to  mobile  from  the  exis7ng   paper-­‐based  opera7ons  and  achieve   4X  growth  in  7cket  sales  while   reducing  internal  fraud. Mobile Lottery Platform Why  choose  us Maximize Profits Control at Your Fingertips Safety & Security Make Your Customers Happy! Take Charge Now! -Remotely manage agents All-in-One System Integration Low capital Investment Fast implementation
  5. 5. Mobile Point of Sale (POS)
  6. 6. 6 LocusPlay Mobile POS 6 POS  Features LocusPlay  helps  agents  to  sell  lo.ery   through  mobile  point-­‐of-­‐sale  terminals   and  print  the  7cket  instantly. Location Management Simplified Location Management Low Investment & High Return Remote Device Management Portable terminals to sell tickets instantly Custom designed Android powered mPOS terminal
  7. 7. Online Gaming
  8. 8. 8 LocusPlay Online Lottery 88 Save  cost  by  elimina7ng  the  middle-­‐ man  and  sell  directly  to  the  players   Online Lottery 100   % Online  Lo.ery Customers login online to Play lottery games Claim winning tickets Deposit funds (Credit Card, local payment system etc.) Withdraw funds (Bank) Void ticket Secure payment transactions Comprehensive transaction reports and analytics Player rewards for online and mobile lottery SMS / Email alerts
  9. 9. SMS Lottery $2.00   1454.
  10. 10. 10 LocusPlay SMS Lottery Play  Lo.ery  by  SMS Replacing  the  physical  7cket  with  an     e-­‐Ticket  sent  through  SMS.   e-Ticket Players can register with a text message 10 Save cost by eliminating the middle-man Play lottery without Smartphone Play anywhere, anytime Secure payment Automatic notifications
  11. 11. USSD Lottery *1454#
  12. 12. 12 LocusPlay Mobile Lottery 12 Lo.ery  through  USSD Hassle-free communication Instant bet confirmation through e-Ticket Instant registration Online lottery from basic mobile phones Simplified payment transactions Target  players  without  Smartphone   and  Internet.   No Smartphone, No Internet *1454#
  13. 13. LocusPlay Management Console
  14. 14. 14 LocusPlay Management Console 14 Features  of  Management  Console Create  mul7ple  loca7ons  right  from   the  management  console  and  manage   them  remotely. Management Console Multi Location Real-Time Reports & Analytics Low Investment & High Return Customer Relationship Management One-click Control for Critical Parameters User Rights Management Data & Transaction Security Information Security
  15. 15. LocusPlay  is  the  perfect  technology  partner  as  we  not  only  help  you  with  the  technology  but  also  provide  you  a  turnkey   solu@on  for  your  lo5ery.  Our  execu@on  team  with  decades  of  experience  help  you  with  business  plan,  game  design,   marke@ng  and  core  opera@ons.  It  offers  everything  that  you  would  want  in  the  lo5ery. LocusPlay Mobile Lottery Solution Regional Impression Custom  experience  that  is  perfectly  tailored   to  meet  your  geographic  needs,  be  it   custom  games,  enabling  your  local  language   or  adop7ng  to  a  regional  payment  system. Executive Reports & Analytics provides  a  bird’s  eye  view  of  your   business.   Perfect For A Lottery  Startup Of  course,  you  do  not  need  a  huge  capital   investment  to  start  a  new  lo.ery  when   you  partner  with  LocusPlay. Product Integration Integrate  LocusPlay  with  3rd  party   applica7ons  that  you  want  to  use  in   collabora7on  with  LocusPlay  to  facilitate   your  business. Upgrade Existing Lottery Adopt  some  of  LocusPlay’s  forward-­‐ thinking  mobile  lo.ery  modules  into  your   exis7ng  land-­‐based  lo.ery.   Consulting Let  us  work  with  you  to  develop  a  plan  to   get  your  lo.o  system  in  line  with  your   needs  and  expecta7ons.
  16. 16. About LocusPlay LocusPlay    helps    transform    lotteries    globally.    Our  back  office  system  provides  you   access  to  detailed  reports  and  analytics  for  quick  decision  making.    LocusPlay  Mobile   Lottery  solution  assists  lottery  to  operate  effectively  and  efficiently.   Lotteries  across  3  continents  are  already  using  LocusPlay  platform.    Some  of  our   customers  from  emerging  market  have  experienced  4X  growth  in  sales.    50%    of    our       customers  have  switched  from  their  existing  technology  providers  to  LocusPlay.    With   over  100  million  tickets  sold  using  LocusPlay  and  we  helped  save  up  to  80%  in  capital   investment.
  17. 17.  |  +1-­‐401-­‐400-­‐1183