Functions of Blood (Method of Loci)


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Having trouble remembering the functions of blood for a test or exam? Using the Method of Loci I have created a unique story to help you remember these facts :)

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Functions of Blood (Method of Loci)

  1. 1. The Functions ofBlood( The Method of Loci)
  2. 2. Pay Close Attention:Believe Me- You Won’t Forget This!
  3. 3. The Story Goes……You are in the living room when you seeDracula sitting on the floor playing with sometoy cars.
  4. 4. Dracula then puts the toy cars into a bucketand starts pouring acid all over them.
  5. 5. Suddenly, you notice a group of snakescreeping towards Dracula, who spots themout of the corner of his eye and beginsshooting at them with a gun.
  6. 6. After successfully fighting of all the snakes,Dracula pulls a thermometer out of his pocketand sticks it into his mouth
  7. 7. So what does all this have to do withblood?Well… each step of the story is a memory hookyou can use to remember the functions ofblood…
  8. 8. DraculaBy visualizing Dracula sitting in the living roomyou will be able to remember that this story isassociated with blood!
  9. 9. Toy CarsCars are associated with transport right? So byremembering toy cars you will be able toremember that:Blood is involved in TRANSPORTATION ofdissolved gasses, nutrients, hormones andmetabolic wastes.
  10. 10. The AcidAcid is acidic right? and anything acidic israted on a pH scale. So, by rememberingDracula pouring acid over the toy cars you willremember that:Blood is involved in the of REGULATION OF pHin interstitial fluids.
  11. 11. The BucketBut remember, Dracula didn’t just pour theacid on the cars all over the floor. He madesure to first place the cars into a bucket tocatch all the spills. This means that:Blood is involved in the REGULATION OF FLUIDLOSS at injury sites (by clotting).
  12. 12. The SnakesThe snakes represented toxins an pathogens asthey are venomous and dangerous. This willmake sense in the next slide…
  13. 13. The GunBy remembering Dracula shooting the snakeswith a gun, you can remember that:Blood is involved in DEFENSE AGAINSTTOXINS AND PATHOGENS.
  14. 14. The ThermometerThermometers measure temperature right?By remembering the thermometer Draculasticks in his mouth, you will remember that:Blood is involved in STABILIZATION OF BODYTEMPERATURES.
  15. 15. Thank YouI hope the Method of Loci (and my creativestory) was useful in helping you remember thefunctions of blood!Good Luck with your studies Sincerely,An Aussie Paramedic Student.