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SMX Presentation: "Google+: More than a +1 Trick Pony"


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A comprehensive overview of the opportunities Google+ presents to digital marketers from Location3 Media's Social Media Director Angie Pascale.

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SMX Presentation: "Google+: More than a +1 Trick Pony"

  1. 1. Angie Pascale, Social Media Director | Location3 Media | GOOGLE+: MORE THAN A +1 TRICK PONY LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3 @angiepascale | @Location3
  2. 2. The Many Breeds of Google+ LOCATION3 Photo Sources Integrating with Other Digital Efforts #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A Tracking and Measuring @angiepascale | @Location3
  3. 3. The Many Breeds of Google+ Google+: More Than a +1 Trick Pony LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  4. 4. The varied types and functionality of Google+ pages can make your head spin. LOCATION3 Photo Source: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  5. 5. Page Type Verification Vanity URL Posting Ability Personal Page ✔ ✔ ✔ Brand Page ✔ ✔ ✔ Local Google+ Page ✔ Google+ Local Page LOCATION3 ✔ ✔ Tabs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. About Posts Photos Videos/YouTube Reviews +1s 1. 2. 3. 4. About Posts Photos Videos/YouTube 1. 2. 3. 4. About Posts Photos Videos/YouTube 1. About 2. Photos Follow/+1 Buttons Description Add to Circles Cover Image Displays in Google Maps Displays in Google+ Local Reviews Managers Photo Follow and +1 • 5,000 characters • Rich text Photo Follow and +1 • 5,000 characters • Rich text Photo +1 only • 200 characters Map #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A ✔ ✔ ( if verified) ✔ ✔ ✔ @angiepascale | @Location3 ✔
  6. 6. Full posting capabilities. Reviews tab signifies personal page. Personal Page Large descriptions with rich text and links. Links to other sites, sources and social channels. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  7. 7. Cover image is uploaded photo. Follow and +1 buttons LOCATION3 Brand Google+ Page Ability to post from page. Link YouTube account, replaces Videos tab. Larger description (“Story”) with rich text, tagline, contact info and links. #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  8. 8. Cover image is uploaded photo. Local Google+ Page Follow and +1 buttons Ability to post from page. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A Map is included in About tab. Larger description (“Story”) with rich text, tagline, contact info and hours. @angiepascale | @Location3
  9. 9. Google+ Local Page Map is used as main cover photo +1 button only. Two tabs: About and Photos Basic description. Customers can leave reviews. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  10. 10. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  11. 11. Integration with Other Digital Efforts Google+: More Than a +1 Trick Pony LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  12. 12. Organic Search • Some links in About section of profile are dofollow. • Pages and posts accumulate PR. • Shared links are dofollow and pass value. • Posts are crawled and indexed almost immediately. • Each post has characteristics of a blog: - Separate URL - First ~50 characters become title - Longer post lengths - Full editing power at any time - Reshares result in internal linking within G+ • Authorship and publisher markup: Do not have direct impact based on authority, but may someday and currently can increase CTR by being more eye-catching. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A NO FOLLOW LINK DO FOLLOW LINKS @angiepascale | @Location3
  13. 13. Google+ Post ranks for “business signs.” Note the meta description. LOCATION3 While “business signs” is in the Google+ post, that’s not what was used as the description. Google pulled the description from the linked article. #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  14. 14. Knowledge Graph LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  15. 15. Imagery High Quality Google+ is very image heavy, thus having high quality, engaging and high res imagery is important for increasing CTR and engagement. Animation Experiment with GIFs and succession of similar photos, which creates a gif-like image. Cover images New dimensions as of November 13! Still a 16:9 aspect, min 480x270 pixels. Profile Photo Larger version: Circumference – 120 Inscribed square – 84x84 px Smaller version: Circumference – 43 px LOCATION3 px; #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  16. 16. Image Carousel LOCATION3 Images are pulled from Google+ pages. If there are no high quality images, map is shown instead. #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  17. 17. Virtual Tours Allow customers to view the interior space of your establishment. Having a virtual tour on your Google+ page may impact ranking. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  18. 18. Paid Media Social Extensions All +1s on paid search ads roll up to total on Google+ brand page. Can increase personalization in ads, increase ranking and reach for Google+ page, and may contribute to CTR overall. Search ads with annotations have 5-10% uplift in CTR. Shared Endorsements Google+ connections and activity may be included in paid search ads, according to Google’s new terms. Applies to personal and business pages. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  19. 19. Tracking and Measurement Google+: More Than a +1 Trick Pony LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  20. 20. Google Analytics See what content from your website is being shared on Google+ and referrals from Google+ to your website. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  21. 21. View insights about specific pages, or search a query for data on all pages using that term. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  22. 22. See most popular posts based on engagement. View post activity LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A View all activity by post. @angiepascale | @Location3
  23. 23. Also view data for keyword searches. Beneficial for: • Finding influencers • Monitoring competitors • Generating content ideas LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  24. 24. View Google+ stats on daily follower growth, virality of posts, who is sharing posts, and compare CircleRank to others. CIRCLERANK OF SOME GOOGLE+ USERS/PAGES Britney Spears 1 LOCATION3 The Economist 8 Barack Obama 45 H&M 56 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A NASA 708 GE 1,120 @angiepascale | @Location3
  25. 25. Ripples See who shared posts to understand their influence and determine if establishing a relationship is worthwhile. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  26. 26. Merged Google+ Local After merging a Local Google+ page with a Google+ Local page, you are provided access to a new dashboard along with some insights. Insights provide data on how people found page, what they did on the page and how they interacted with it. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  27. 27. Analytics for Local Pages Views •All views •Profile views •Post views •Local search views LOCATION3 Actions •All actions •New followers •+1 clicks •Shares •Comments •Clicks for more info on Maps •Clicks for driving directions •Clicks to website •Posts data #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A Post views •Shares •+1s •Comments •Why posts were viewed •Actions by content type @angiepascale | @Location3
  28. 28. Analytics For Local Pages LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  29. 29. The Many Breeds of Google+ Integrating with Other Digital Efforts Tracking and Measuring Numerous types of pages exist. Know what’s out there for your brand, and determine which type you need. Google+ is not just a social channel, and cannot be viewed in a silo. Take advantage of all integration points. Tracking is not ideal at this time, but it’s new and there are options. Take the time to know and dig into these tools and data. LOCATION3 Photo Sources #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3
  30. 30. FIND ME Angie Pascale Social Media Director @angiepascale @Location3 LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #14A @angiepascale | @Location3