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Integrated Digital Marketing for Franchise Systems


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In case you missed our webinar “Integrated Digital Marketing for Franchise Systems”, co-hosted by Google, we wanted to give a recap of the great content outlining why integrated digital strategies are so important and how they can be developed to achieve a balance between the brand and the franchisees. This approach is something Location3 Media calls “Franchise impact, Brand intact”.

Integrated digital programs allow advertisers to reach customers on their individual path to purchase. Today’s path to purchase is fluid rather than linear, it is consumer directed versus brand directed and it requires guidance from multiple sources. Managing the path to purchase for franchise systems requires a combined effort between franchisors and franchisees.

The success of your integrated digital marketing plan starts with your customers. Learning about their path to purchase and shaping a strategy to meet them at all points along the way will gain and keep your customers. Managing the path between the system and the franchisees will empower the individual locations while protecting the brand.

Do you have any success stories with your franchise system and integrated digital marketing that you’d like to share?

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Integrated Digital Marketing for Franchise Systems

  1. 1. - and- INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING FOR FRANCHISE SYSTEMS IN 2013#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  2. 2. TODAY’S PRESENTERS Ty Schlegel – Google Partner Trainer Responsible for the education of Googles product, sales, and strategy to the North America Premier SMB partners. Anne Baum – Location3 Media Account Director Responsible for providing strategic direction in paid search marketing and local business listings management for franchise and multi-unit businesses.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  3. 3. LOCATION3 MEDIAFounded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 is a full servicedigital marketing partner with a staff of 80 full-time employees who serviceglobal, national and local brands and manage over 100,000 franchise and multi-unit business locations.More than half of our client base has worked with us for at least three years, aswe improve the findability and performance of every client with whom wepartner.Industry RecognitionInc. 5000 Top Company (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)DMA International ECHO Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2010)Search Engine Strategies Award Winner (2008)American Marketing Association Peak Award Winner (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)Telly Award Winner (2011)Top 50 Colorado Companies To Watch (2010)
  4. 4. FINDABILITY EXPERTS 1 of only 19 agencies in the U.S. awarded both Google Analytics and Website Optimizer/Content Experiments certifications 1 of only 9 agencies in the U.S. awarded Microsoft AdExcellence “Preferred Agency” status 1 of only 24 agencies in the U.S. designated as a certified Google Tag Manager Partner 1 of only 16 agencies** worldwide awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner status **Certifications as of November 1, 2012 **This certification is held by Local Search Traffic (LST), a division of Location3 Media.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  5. 5. THE ONLINE MEDIA LANDSCAPE RESEARCH & TRENDS#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  6. 6. One of the Most Popular Online Activities 1B+ More than a billion searches a day worldwide – more than half come from outside of the US 18.2B In December 2011, 18.2 billion searches were conducted in the US alone – 2 in 3 on Google#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  7. 7. Google has Majority Search Share Globally#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  8. 8. People are constantly looking for new information online There are billions of searches each day on Google. 16% of the searches we see are new.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  9. 9. And they are looking every day… PEW [D680] eMarketer, July 2011#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  10. 10. All day and across all devices… Source: Google Internal Data, 2011. % of each platform’s traffic shown hourly for one day. Does not indicate absolute or relative traffic volumes.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  11. 11. Customers rely on Shopping starts Online shopping online sources for local online continues in store information 94% of consumers research 97% use online media when 75% search before or products online before buying researching products or during a shopping trip services locally Sources: 2010 Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study, March 2010 BIA/Kelsey consumer tracking study, 2010 Deloitte LLP Survey#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  12. 12. While total ad spend is expected to increase 25% from 2008 to 2013, the Internet’s share of ad spend will increase by more than 50% Source: Jupiter, “U.S. Online Advertising Forecast, 2008 to 2013,” June 2008.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  13. 13. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  14. 14. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  15. 15. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  16. 16. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  17. 17. YoY Search Metrics Summary For Hospitality#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  18. 18. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  19. 19. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  21. 21. Search, Display & Social Media#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  22. 22. TODAY’S PATH TO PURCHASE Consumer-directed vs. Brand-directed Leverages the transparency of the market Fluid vs. linear Guidance from multiple sources Input and validation from social graph Predisposed before ever engaging a salesperson THE BRAND OPPORTUNITY: Utilize content and calls to action to proactively inform, support and shape the buyer’s journey.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  23. 23. The Buyer’s Journey: A consumer-directed, socially-influenced, brand-inspired pursuit of truth and opportunity. Research Content Content Interest Retail Validation Content Intent Communities Brands Input Discovery Decision Content Friends Content Authorities Content#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  24. 24. Managing the path to purchase for franchise systems requires a combined effort between franchisors and franchisees.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  25. 25. Franchise Impact. Brand Intact.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  26. 26. MANAGING THE LOCAL PATH TO PURCHASE BRAND / FRANCHISOR FRANCHISEES / STORE OWNERS • Provide store locations with marketing plan and approved • Manage local paid search programs that target local branding collateral for individual use customers using keywords and ad copy specific to individual stores • Provide franchisees with seasonal content calendar • Update local landing pages to add to new products or • Manage local listings by centralizing at corporate to ensure services at the store level using access to CMS provided consistency and accuracy of data by corporate system • Provide franchisees a website framework and CMS that • Engage customers on local social media channels while allows for localized custom content adhering to brand guidelines and corporate policies set forth in advance • Develop a centralized social media strategy that ensures a consistent brand voice, and is supported by store-level voice • Use social media as an extension of community-facing initiatives and efforts to further engage customers • Provide incentives to franchisees to manage their own paid search campaigns on a location-by-location basis#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  27. 27. •Online venue management •Geo-modified PPC and data integrity is the campaigns ensure your foundation of your local local businesses are found digital presence in local search results Local Local Listings Paid Search Management LOCAL STORE DIGITAL MARKETING Local Local Social Media SEO •Listen, Respond, Promote. Engage your local •Optimized local store pages customers with local and content help your local content and with a local businesses achieve voice maximum organic ranking#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  30. 30. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  31. 31. PaidTHE ANATOMYOF A LOCALSEARCH Maps Organic#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  32. 32. THE IMPORTANCE OFPAGE 1 POSITION Paid75% of searchers never scrollpast the first page of resultsListings in the top position onpage one for search resultsreceive 42% of all click-thrutraffic.Paid search ads provide 50%incremental clicks even when a Organicbusiness ranks #1 for a keywordin organic search results#FranchiseDigital @Location3 Source: , ranking-on-ad-click.html
  34. 34. THE ANATOMY BrandingOF A LOCALLISTING Social NAP Keywords Local Content Rating Reviews#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  35. 35. LOCAL SEARCHES CONTINUE TO GROW 1 in 5 1 in 3 desktop searches are local mobile searches are local#FranchiseDigital @Location3 Source: Google Internal data, 2011.
  36. 36. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  37. 37. Our time online is spread between 4 primary media devices Avg. time spent per interaction 39 Minutes 43 Minutes 30 Television 17 Minutes PC/Laptop Minutes Tablet SmartphoneBase: All Interactions (15738). Q. How long did you do this activity? #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  38. 38. Sequential screening is common & mostly completed within a day 90% Use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time 98% move between devices that same day Base: Total Respondents (1611). Q. How often do you start an activity (i.e. emailing, researching, or shopping) on one device, but continue it or finish doing it at a later time on a different device? Base: Have Started Activity on One Device & Continued on Another (1455). Q. On average,#FranchiseDigital @Location3 how much time passes between the time you begin an activity on one device and continue the activity on another device?
  39. 39. Consumers rely on search to move between devices Searching Browsing Shopping Watching an for info The internet Online Online Video Search again on the second device 63% 61% 51% 43% Directly navigating to the destination site 52% 58% 48% 43% Via email / sending a link to myself 49% 45% 31% 30% Base: Have Started Activity on One Device & Continued on Another: Searching (923); Browsing (1172); Shopping (969), Watching a Video (623). Q. You mentioned that you have started each activity below on one device and then continued it on another device. For each activity (column),#FranchiseDigital @Location3 please indicate the way(s) in which you did this.
  40. 40. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  41. 41. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  42. 42. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  43. 43. 89% OF CONSUMERS USE A SMARTPHONE EVERYDAYYET 79% OF BRANDS DO NOT HAVE A MOBILE WEBSITEHow does the mobile search mindset differ from that of a desktop searchmindset?• Less information, less time• Searching for very specific information (e.g. location, price, coupon)• Desire tailored, local content• With the growth of Voice Search technology, not all mobile users are searching with keywordsThe results of Location3 mobile websites for our clients:• 100% increase in time spent on our clients’ sites• 50% reduction in bounce rate• 100% increase in conversions from search campaigns Source: Google/Ipsos 2011 Study; The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users
  44. 44. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  45. 45. #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  47. 47. Search Increases the Efficiency of TV, Print & Radio Efficiency (Effectiveness/Budget) Without Search With Search +10% +9% +3% TV Radio Print Adding search to other media increases all media efficiency in impacting brand values. Source: Flora Xmos Unilever Study (MetrixLab, March 2009)#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  48. 48. Search Drives Offline Conversions 89% 93% of consumers are looking for of purchases are done products Online Offline Source: Yahoo! and comScore Study Finds Online Consumers Who Pre-Shop on the Web Spend More In-Store. July 2007.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  49. 49. SEARCH PHILOSOPHY Intent-based behavior Specific answer to a specific problem, question or opportunity Predictive modeling Start with a broad set of ad groups and keywords Consistently refine and optimize Drive the highest level of conversions at the lowest cost#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  50. 50. Targeting: Geo-targeting toCUSTOM CAMPAIGNS local buyers within an approved market Keywords: Keywords Budget Assessment: can be customized to Impacts visibility and individual locations to should be carefully focus on specific determined up front Program Implementation products and services Optimization: Continuous Ad Copy: Pre-qualifies traffic evaluation and optimization to the landing page by experienced professionals to maximize ad spend PlaceholderWe take an individually-tailoredapproach on a store by store level, whilestill ensuring best practices are met. Reporting: On-demand reporting portal Landing Page: To enhance every step of the#FranchiseDigital @Location3 available with full transparency into KPI’s conversion path, you must consider the layout and ROI and design of the landing page.
  51. 51. MARKETING TERRITORY NCOMPLIANCE W E Location-target your franchisees’ ads according to your marketing territory requirements. Using IP addresses, search engines can determine where searchers S are located and map this to provided specifications. The result is that your franchisees comply with marketing regulations and spend money on the searchers that matter.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  52. 52. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS PPC CAMPAIGN PORTAL Provide a self-serve solution for program participation. Budgets, keywords and ad copy are pre-approved by corporate. A centralized resource that relieves corporate of overwhelming franchisee management. Flexible payment options are available to accommodate any scenario.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  53. 53. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS PPC REPORTING SUITE Reporting suites take campaign data and turn it into easily-readable intelligence so franchisees can see how their campaigns are progressing. Interface cleanly features important campaign metrics. Franchisees are supported with helpful video-FAQs to better understand reporting.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  54. 54. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS PPC CALL TRACKING PORTAL Enables franchisees to track PPC leads and listen to incoming calls from PPC campaigns, providing valuable insight on their customer’s needs and their store’s service to support both marketing and training opportunities.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  55. 55. INTEGRATING SEARCH AND DISPLAY FOR DATA-DRIVEN USER EXPERIENCES The combination of Display and Search delivers: • 155% increase in search activity • Speeds Up the Purchase Funnel 5X • 27% of users perform a search query instead of clicking on a banner#FranchiseDigital @Location3 Sources: Yahoo Search and Display, Atlas Digital Marketing Insight, Specific Media
  56. 56. DISPLAY PHILOSOPHY Data drives Display Display drives Awareness Awareness drives Intent Intent Drives Action A catalytic impact on the purchase funnel#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  57. 57. DISPLAY ADS DRIVE DIRECT ENGAGEMENT: THEY BOOST TRAFFIC, PROMPT SEARCHES AND INCREASE CLICKS ON YOUR LINKS Users exposed to display ads are: Only 20% of conversions are the result of a click. Source: Google 2012#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  58. 58. Display plays an important role at each phase of the purchase cycle Customer purchase funnel GDN features Audience engagement Awareness Contextual targeting Interest Interest category / similar users targeting Intent interest, remarketing Consideration Display + search Purchase Social display Loyalty#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  59. 59. TOOLS FOR SUCCESS – GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK Direct response campaigns Brand campaigns The typical search + display campaign gets 22% Preliminary studies show that the GDN drives greater conversions compared to search only greater lift in brand metrics than market norms:3 campaigns1 The typical remarketing account gets: + 8% + 55% • 52% higher click through rates • 51% higher conversion rates and • 28% lower CPA Compared to the rest of display2 Vizu GDN Vizu GDN average average average average Source: 1. Iprospect & comScore real branding implications of digital media - august 2011. 2. Internal Google data. (13.4%) (14.4%) (8.0%) (12.4%) 3. Vizu brand lift norms, nov ‘11, compared to 7 “awareness” and 6 “intent” campaigns that ran on the GDN. Awareness Intent#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  61. 61. Source: @Location3
  62. 62. Grow your followers and connect your Google+ page to your site For top sites, the badge accounts for 38% of followers Links your site to your Google+ page, allowing for: • +1’s from your page to appear in search • People to follow your page directly from search#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  63. 63. Give your fans aMegaphone#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  64. 64. Google+1’s• Your brand message Android Phone | Save Instantly On Android With No Mail Rebates at BestBuy!• Your fans’ recommendations at Kari Clark, Christian Oestlien, Chris Vennard and150 other people +1’d this page the right time & place#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  65. 65. +1’s increase your performance 5 –10% average increase in CTR on search ads#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  66. 66. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Brand Website Keywords Brand Social Media Assets Title tags Press Release Optimization URLs Directory Submissions META data Link-building Content Website Images Blogger/Influencer Outreach Distribution Optimization Text Guest Blog Posts Headers Social Syndication Internal linking Content DevelopmentOnline distribution and engagement of unique, fresh and Onsite keyword structure can influence relevant content can influence over 50% of SERP’s over 25% of SERP’s organic ranking factors organic ranking factors Blog Product/Service/Category Sub-pages Resource Section New Sections #FranchiseDigital @Location3 Infographics, Video, Posts
  67. 67. AS THE WORLDS OF DESIGN, CONTENT AND SEO COLLIDE, FINDABILITY REQUIRES A CHOREOGRAPHED EFFORT. And enhanced performance requires design to not only be user-centric, but to be optimized for multi-channel engagement.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  68. 68. UNIQUE LOCAL PAGES storage/1019-80205-2011-storage.aspx#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  69. 69. BRAND SITE FRAMEWORKCorporate can enhance franchisee marketingefforts by laying out a design framework thatprotects the brand’s image while stillallowing for a Content Management Systemthat individual locations can use withprovided access to customize the following:• Local landing pages within the site• Product listings and updates• Images and videos• Custom content by location#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  70. 70. WHY IS CONTENT IMPORTANT TO SEARCH ENGINES? There are two primary reasons… 1. Properly-formatted content is the substance that search engines crave when crawling your site. It helps engines match up searchers’ needs – expressed via queries – to relevant websites. 2. Content provides a natural way for your site to organically generate back links. This metric still remains an important factor in Google’s algorithm that impacts ranking. As more people link to your content, the better your site should rank.#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  71. 71. Content marketing is educating and inspiring people enough to do business with you.
  72. 72. Nothing that comes out of the mouth of a brand or any other institution has remotely theinfluence of what comes from the mouths of 7 billion bystanders freely trading opinions online.
  73. 73. Content = YOUTILITY Source: Jay Baer, Convince and Convert
  74. 74. Sell something and you make a customer today. Help someone and you make a customer for life. @jaybaer
  76. 76. Location Targeting and ExtensionsAirport Targeting a new way to reach travelers on the go Location extensions and sitelinks show together Larger, more useful maps #FranchiseDigital @Location3
  77. 77. Calls Innovations Click-to-call Button Expanding Availability of Google call forwarding numbers Call Extensions for in-app ads#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  78. 78. Universal Analytics - BETANew tools offered by Universal Analytics via the new Measurement Protocol can help you measure how people actuallybecome and remain loyal customers.Consumers use multiple devices – seamlesslysend your own data about your customers andbusiness to your Analytics account The world is mobile– mobile app analytics has been delivering great results for clients – Universal Analytics now enables you to measure your marketing more holistically Your business is unique – use Universal Analytics to integrate your own data and customize the metrics that matter to you – Cross-channel measurement is essential – Cross-channel information is beyond website visits more important and more diverse than ever before. Universal analytics lets you sync your own data from across various marketing channels#FranchiseDigital @Location3
  79. 79. THANK YOU! Ty Schlegel – Google Partner Trainer Anne Baum – Location3 Media Account Director @Location3