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Localytics ENGAGE - Preempting Customer Churn


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No matter the app size, category, or business model, retaining app users is a big problem -- and an opportunity. An emerging breed of data-savvy marketers are bridging new technology and proven statistics to level up their app retention strategy. Erik Kubik from Delivery Hero joined us to discuss how they leveraged predictive analytics to identify and rescue their customers at risk of churn.

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Localytics ENGAGE - Preempting Customer Churn

  1. 1. Preempting Customer Churn Erik Kubik, Marketing Executive at Delivery Hero Zac Aghion, Director of Product at Localytics
  2. 2. • Takeaway and food delivery platform – 2,000 employees covering 34 international markets – 10 million monthly orders from >200,000 restaurants – $3.1 billion valuation (June 2015) About Delivery Hero
  3. 3. Identifying Churn Risk Customers Key Insights: • Users who performed 1+ Checkout Success events in their first 14 days were 16% more likely to churn; and • Users who performed 3+ Restaurant Tapped events in their first 3 days were 13% more likely to churn. Localytics Predictions:
  4. 4. Preemptive Retention Campaign A B
  5. 5. Bottom Line Impact Result: 11% lift in purchase retention (p-value 0.0001), representing >$11,000 direct revenue impact in the first month.
  6. 6. THANK YOU Contact us: