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Getting Started with Workflows


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Aaron Sawtisky, Director of Product Marketing, walks through the setup and creation of Workflows in our new campaign builder.

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Getting Started with Workflows

  1. 1. Getting Started with Workflows
  2. 2. Localytics Team Aaron Sawitsky Director, Product Marketing Marc Tollin Senior Product Manager
  3. 3. Agenda ● A Brief Recap of Workflows ● App Groups & Event Mapping ● Creating Your First Workflow ● Campaign Ideas ● What’s Next? ● Q&A
  4. 4. A Brief Recap of Workflows
  5. 5. Workflows allows you to: • Trigger messages based on user behavior • Join data and send a message to multiple apps • Chain messages
  6. 6. Prerequisites For Using Workflows ● Your Localytics contract must include a subscription for Enterprise Push or Enterprise Marketing ● Only users who have their org-level permissions set to Admin or Creator can access App Group and Event Mapping settings ● You must have Owner or Marketer app-level permissions to build a Workflow
  7. 7. App Groups & Event Mapping
  8. 8. App Groups let you include multiple apps in a Workflow
  9. 9. Event Mapping lets you tell Localytics which events in your apps mean the same thing
  10. 10. Demonstration
  11. 11. Use Cases
  12. 12. did not did did not did Abandoned Cart Added to Cart Checkout Checkout
  13. 13. Onboarding did not did did not did Onboarding App Opened App Login App Login
  14. 14. Onboarding did not did did not did Upsell App Opened
  15. 15. What’s Next?
  16. 16. Profiles in Entry Criteria
  17. 17. Campaign Performance Reporting
  18. 18. Support for Liquid Templating
  19. 19. In-App Messages
  20. 20. Questions?