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Localytics Webinar: Direct Access


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In this webinar hosts Kristina Lisacki, Aaron Sawitsky and Marc Tollin walk you through all the ways that you can benefit from accessing the raw data collected by Localytics.

In this webinar you'll learn:
What is raw data and how it differs from the data seen in the Localytics Dashboard.
How raw data can help you obtain a true omni-channel view of your customers.
The various ways that you can access your raw data, along with the benefits and drawbacks to each approach.
How Localytics Direct Access provides a new option for accessing your raw data (including a demo of the product).

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Localytics Webinar: Direct Access

  1. 1. Webinar How You Can Make Use of Localytics Raw Data 06/14/17
  2. 2. Meet Your Hosts Aaron Sawitsky Localytics Head of Product Marketing Kristina Lisacki Localytics Account Manager Marc Tollin Localytics Product Manager
  3. 3. Agenda Intro Options for Accessing Raw Data Use Cases Direct Access Demo What is Raw Data Q & A
  4. 4. Raw Data
  5. 5. What Is Raw Data? Every Session Open, Event, and Session Close is captured by Localytics, time-stamped and recorded as a unique data point. This is known as Raw Data.
  6. 6. What Is Raw Data Used For? Simply put, if you want to explore something that’s not shown in our Dashboard reports, raw data is the answer: • Execute custom queries and perform cross-app reporting • Evaluate user-level behaviors • Integrate Localytics data with data from other sources for an omni-channel view of customers
  7. 7. Accessing Raw Data
  8. 8. What Are the Options for Accessing Raw Data? 1. Raw Data Log Exports: Event and Session data are written in JSON format and is published hourly as log files in a dedicated bucket in Amazon S3. 1. Direct Access: Enables access to raw session, event, and Profile data in real time. You can also connect BI tools like Tableau and Looker to Direct Access.
  9. 9. Raw Logs vs. Direct Access
  10. 10. Use Cases
  11. 11. Run queries across all your apps and understand how users move from one app to the other Examples: • “How many users across my iOS, Android, web performed a purchase event in the last 30 days?” • “What is the average LTV of users who sign up on iOS and perform a checkout event on iPad?” Cross-App Queries
  12. 12. With raw data, you can identify and analyze all data points created by a specific user (assuming your app hasn’t blocked the capture of PII). Examples: • “User 123 experienced a crash, what did they do leading up to the crash?” • “User 456 is one of our most loyal customers, do they behave differently from our average customer when interacting with our app?” Evaluate Behavior of Specific Users
  13. 13. By joining raw data with data from other sources, you can obtain an omni-channel view of customers and understand how they move between your brand’s marketing channels. Examples: • “Out of the users whose last in-store visit was within the last 30 days, how many of them have performed a mobile Check Out event?” • “If we Tweet at a user, do they become more active in our app?” • “Are customers who actively use our app less likely to call customer service?” Obtain an Omni-Channel View of Customers
  14. 14. With Direct Access, you can connect your app’s usage data with your users’ Profile information to understand more about what types of users are performing specific actions. Examples: • “Out of the users whose favorite category is clothing, how many of them have performed a mobile Check Out event?” Analyze Profile Data
  15. 15. Since you have all your session, event, and Profile data, you can use Direct Access to construct incredibly complex Audiences. You can also evaluate the health of an Audience by looking at its users’ downstream behavior or even export your Custom Audiences to other systems. Examples: • “iOS users who abandoned cart on the web” • “Premium Subscribers who are using my app on both iOS and Android devices” Build Custom Audiences
  16. 16. Direct Access
  17. 17. Why Direct Access? Easy Whenever you need a question answered, simply type in a SQL query. You can even connect a BI Tool like Looker or Tableau for enhanced reporting. More Efficient You pay your data scientists to run queries, not to maintain a complex ETL process. Direct Access eliminates this busy work, letting your team get back to what they do best. No Warehouses Since we store all the raw data for you, there is no need for an expensive data warehouse or the headaches that come with it.
  18. 18. BI Integrations Direct Access has plug and play integrations with the following business intelligence tools: …and more
  19. 19. upday is Europe’s largest news app with over 8 million active users. The team at upday was experiencing significant pain around: • Growing data storage costs • Engineering time wasted on ETL process • Difficulty collecting and sharing data across the org By using Direct Access, they obtained: • 60% Reduction in data storage costs • 10% Engineering time freed up Case Study - upday
  20. 20. How It Works
  21. 21. • Direct Access is available via the Snowflake cloud-based data warehousing solution. • Connect your BI Tool and other applications via Direct Access • Single source of truth: With Direct Access, you are looking at the exact same data that powers the Localytics Dashboard How It Works
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Questions?