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Understanding Facebook Analytics


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For local businesses, the ability to gain insight into how users on social networks connect and react to your content is extremely important, as it is powerful and immediate feedback provided directly by your customers. In addition to the tremendous data and results provided by the LocalVox platform, Facebook itself provides a free, easy to use interface for tracking analytics called Facebook Insights, that helps show how well your business's profile is performing.

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Understanding Facebook Analytics

  1. 1. Understanding Facebook Analytics
  2. 2. OVERVIEW DASHBOARD See an overview of you Page Likes, post reach, engagement and the breakdown of your top 5 posts (not pictured below) with engagement and reach for the past week.
  3. 3. PAGE LIKES DASHBOARD Set a specific time period to see how your Page Likes have increased over time, and see a visual representation of total page Likes, net Likes, and where Likes occurred.
  4. 4. EXTERNAL REFERRERS See what websites are sending traffic to your Facebook Page to determine which external sources increase engagement on your Page.
  5. 5. POSTS DASHBOARD Have a clear understanding of which day and times connect you with the biggest number of your fans to optimize your post times.
  6. 6. POST BREAKDOWN See which posts perform the best, whether in reach, clicks or likes, comments or shares to know what content to share on a regular basis.
  7. 7. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Find your audience demographic under the "People" tab and see the gender, country, city and language your Page engages with the most.
  8. 8. APPLY THE DATA Head to Facebook's Insights and dig into your metrics today! Once you collect the data and analyze it, apply it to your Facebook strategy. You can learn: -Best times to post -Top posts for engagement -Where you gather Likes ....and so much more!