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Build a Reputation for Your Local Business with Online Reviews


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Ratings and reviews can make or break your local business's online reputation.

Luckily, creating a positive reputation online for your local business is within your control -- all you need are a few simple guidelines and formulas.

This SlideShare will provide you with all the information you need to ensure your business's online reputation is one that brings new customers through your doors on the three major networks: Facebook, Google and Yelp.

This deck covers:
-- How to encourage positive reviews (without breaking "rules")
-- A tried-and-true method for turning negative reviews into positive ones
-- New uses for your reviews: advertising, search and more

Start using your business's online ratings and reviews as a way to bring in new customers.

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Build a Reputation for Your Local Business with Online Reviews

  1. 1. Facebook, Google and Yelp Build a reputation for your local business with online reviews
  2. 2. #LocalVoxWebinar • The importance of ratings + reviews • Top review sites • How to respond to reviews • Tips to generate more positive reviews • Leverage customer reviews to boost sales • Additional resources • Q&A What We’ll Cover Today
  3. 3. #LocalVoxWebinar The Importance of Ratings + Reviews
  4. 4. #LocalVoxWebinar 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations 44% of customers make their purchase decision after reading reviews 10 the number of reviews people read before purchasing Reviews Impact Your Business Digital word of mouth
  5. 5. #LocalVoxWebinar How Online Reviews Help • Free customer feedback • Reach new customers when intent is high • Boost your SEO • 75% of reviews are positive
  6. 6. #LocalVoxWebinar Manage Your Reputation of negative reviews turn positive when you respond to them 33% of unhappy customers return if you resolve the problem quickly 95% A few negative reviews won’t ruin your reputation
  7. 7. #LocalVoxWebinar Top Review Sites
  8. 8. #LocalVoxWebinar Audit Current Review Sites • 60%+ of local directories have incorrect information • Local businesses with bad directories won’t rank in search engines • 92% of customers expect accurate information on directories
  9. 9. #LocalVoxWebinar Facebook • 30MM small businesses have Facebook Pages • 1.39 billion active monthly users • Manage reviews through your Facebook Page • Review tools, like LocalVox Social, can send you text message notifications
  10. 10. #LocalVoxWebinar Google • There are 7.6 billion local searches every month • Easily manage reviews, Google+ and business listing through Google My Business • Reviews appear alongside your business’s information • Can incorporate into AdWords campaigns
  11. 11. #LocalVoxWebinar Yelp • 4 out of 5 Yelp users visit the site when they plan to spend money • 98% of Yelp users made a purchase at a business they found on the site • 55% of Yelp users take action with a local business frequently/every time they visit the site • Easily managed in Yelp for Business
  12. 12. #LocalVoxWebinar How to Respond to Reviews
  13. 13. #LocalVoxWebinar Review Response Formula
  14. 14. #LocalVoxWebinar • Respond in a timely manner • Say “thank you” to a customer who went out of their way • Show your appreciation Positive Reviews
  15. 15. #LocalVoxWebinar Negative Reviews • Make sure negative reviews are surrounded by positive ones • Respond quickly and kindly • Harris poll shows that customers actually trust businesses more when they see a few bad apples
  16. 16. #LocalVoxWebinar 1. Minimize Damage • Address the problem directly • Identify any issues and apologize • Add a human element to your response
  17. 17. #LocalVoxWebinar 2. Take it Offline • Avoid back and forth public arguments • Include an email or direct phone number to establish credibility and effort • Even if the reviewer is in the wrong, don’t accuse them of anything on the review site
  18. 18. #LocalVoxWebinar 3. Resolve the Problem • Help customers reach a positive outcome • Good for both your business and the customer • Track complaints so you can see a pattern of issues that can be fixed for the future
  19. 19. #LocalVoxWebinar Tips to Generate Positive Reviews
  20. 20. #LocalVoxWebinar Ask Family + Friends
  21. 21. #LocalVoxWebinar “Have we done business together? Please review us!” Add to Your Email Signature
  22. 22. #LocalVoxWebinar • Include a “Find Us On Yelp” Sticker in your location • Share where people can find your review profiles (receipts, store windows, banners, website, etc) • Ask after you’ve had a successful sale Ask In-Person
  23. 23. #LocalVoxWebinar Encourage Multiple Reviews
  24. 24. #LocalVoxWebinar Ask on Phone Calls
  25. 25. #LocalVoxWebinar Create a Review Cheat Sheet
  26. 26. #LocalVoxWebinar Email Customers Post-Sale
  27. 27. #LocalVoxWebinar Leverage Customer Reviews to Boost Sales
  28. 28. #LocalVoxWebinar Influence Customer Journey
  29. 29. #LocalVoxWebinar Boost Your Credibility
  30. 30. #LocalVoxWebinar Use Google AdWords
  31. 31. #LocalVoxWebinar Incorporate into Conversations
  32. 32. #LocalVoxWebinar Increase Your Page Rank
  33. 33. #LocalVoxWebinar Email Nurture Campaigns
  34. 34. #LocalVoxWebinar Display Social Proof Showcase your positive reviews to convert prospective customers to paying customers
  35. 35. #LocalVoxWebinar Additional Resources Additional Resources
  36. 36. #LocalVoxWebinar Start Getting More Online Reviews New Blog Article Get a Free Marketing Consultation CONTACT US (844) 654-6169 or Need More Help?
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