The Future of Indoor Mapping - Nokia / Here


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The Future of Indoor Mapping
Indoor maps are here to stay. So where are they going to take us?
Speaker: Joseph Leigh, Head of Venue Maps, Here (Nokia)

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The Future of Indoor Mapping - Nokia / Here

  1. 1. The Future of Indoor Mapping Maps N ovem ber 2013 Company confdential Joseph Leigh – Head of Venue
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Indoor Maps • The HERE Indoor Maps “beliefs” • The Vision • What’s available today! 2 HERE Venue Maps Overview
  3. 3. Why Indoor Maps? N ovem ber 2013 Company confdential
  4. 4. …ever been in this situation? HELP: Where’s the nearest Restroom? ? !@#!@$! 4
  5. 5. Time for Indoor Maps According to the Environmental Protection Agency, humans spend 87% of their time indoors. 5 Outdoors Indoors
  6. 6. Why Indoor Maps? Looking back over the years… • • 15 years ago, PNDs revolutionized consumer personal navigation • 10 years ago, internet mapping revolutionized consumer map exploration • 5 years ago, Nokia announced “all future Nokia handsets will include GPS” and acquired NAVTEQ • 2 years ago, digital maps started appearing on smartphones almost every country around the world! in • Today it’s time to go beyond streets, and beyond GPS. • It’s time to map what lies next to, above, or below streets! It’s time for indoor maps indoor positioning and ! • 6 For past 25+ years, digital maps have primarily focused on streets / infrastructure In future we’ll be using indoor maps to re-invent smartphone applications, and consumer behavior on a truly local level!
  7. 7. Indoor Maps Our Beliefs N ovem ber 2013 Company confdential
  8. 8. At HERE we believe that... 1 Indoor Map content last meter destination arrival will become standard and elements of future digital maps. 2 3 8 Local Advertising increasingly draw upon digital indoor maps to drive will venue footfall, retail sales, local advertising and aisle level product discovery. B2B demand detailed indoor maps and indoor capabilities will continue to rise for steeply (e.g. Retail, Travel, Corporate Enterprise)
  9. 9. Indoor Maps The Vision N ovem ber 2013 Company confdential
  10. 10. Indoor Maps Everywhere Consumer Map and Transit route planners Airline concierge apps Social meet up at the mall apps Indoo r Maps Exhibition/Museum Assistant apps I’m here! Price comparison / deal finding apps Sports event companion apps Workforce management Work space management Hospital ER floor plans Aisle level product finders Retail analytics Crowd management analysis Evacuation planning Fire/Safety planning
  11. 11. Indoor routing, with (or without) your current position Natural guidance Multi-modal routing Route to airline gate
  12. 12. Product discovery Detailed Floorplans Product-level Search
  13. 13. Consumers & Retailers, better informed! Shading by facility type Shading by price Shading by usage
  14. 14. Ailse-level mapping Aisle Level Check-out wait times
  15. 15. New local advertising opportunities! Branded icons and logos Coupons along your route!
  16. 16. The Virtual and Real worlds connected! 3D rendering Indoor virtual reality experience Indoor imagery (e.g. Microsoft Photosynth)
  17. 17. HERE Venue Maps What’s available today? O ctober 2013 Company confdential
  18. 18. HERE Venue Maps Coverage (69 Countries) 1 Billion Square Meters Mapped EMEA 3953 Venues APAC NORTH AMERICA 574 Venues 4457 Venues 9,062 LATIN AMERICA 78 Venues Venues (2H13) NA HERE Venue Maps Overview 3610 Malls/Stores 125 Airports 532 Universities EMEA APAC 1826 Malls 175 Airports 1869 Rail stations 544 Malls 22 Airports 96 Universities
  19. 19. HERE Maps - Venue Maps • 9,062 Venues 69 countries in … • Feature rich mapsshopping malls, train of stations and airports • Searchable directory of stores and faciliti 19 HERE Venue Maps Overview 9,062 Venues (2H13)
  20. 20. Past 12 months of HERE Venue Maps… Rapid expansion, both in numbers and venue types Calendar Quarter View 1Q12 TOTAL 2,682 TOTAL 4,605 3Q12 Expansion TOTAL 5,100 4Q12 TOTAL 6,500 1Q13 TOTAL 7,500 New Category Types Airports Shopping Malls NA and first EMEA countries 20 2Q12 Shopping Districts Transit Stations Stores (incl. aisles) Animal Parks Amusement Parks Museums Sports Complexes Casinos Universities Convention Centers Community Centers Tourist attractions Theme parks Race Tracks Highlights First Asian countries 16 new countries Including South Africa and New Zealand
  21. 21. …The Future of HERE Venue Maps! Rapid expansion, both in numbers and venue types 21 2H13 TOTAL 9,000 Calendar View 1H13 1H14 Expansion TOTAL 13,000 TOTAL 11,000 2H14 TOTAL 15,000 New Category Types Tourist attractions Theme parks Race Tracks Hospitals 16 new countries Launch in Korea and Including South Africa Mexico and New Zealand All Major airports in Mexico and Canada Expansion Focus in APAC and Latin America regions Highlights Expansion Focus in APAC and Latin America regions
  22. 22. HERE Venue Maps Product Venues Back End Services CDN / AWS Venue Maps product consists of: Map Creator/Reporter API Local Commerce API HERE Maps HERE Explore Indoor Positioning s pp A - Experiences/Custom Apps: HERE applications (e.g. HERE Maps) - REST API: Underpinning 3rd party applications on web and mobile - SDK: Venue Maps plus libraries for rendering t en nt Co RE ST om(J st S, W Cu P, S s/ An ce 3D Locate s JS d DK n e Oro rie Til i D Real Nd, pe 2 x iO E GML S) World Vector Models Index (Binary) AP I HERE Transit - Content XML : 9000+ venues in over 69 countries. Adding 1000 Venues / Quarter.) Venue Maps product works hand in hand with: - Local Commerce / Advertising APIs Map Creator/Reporter APIs Back End Services CDN + AWS Positioning modules
  23. 23. Summary • Why Indoor Maps • The HERE Indoor Maps “beliefs” • The Vision • What’s available today! 23 HERE Venue Maps Overview
  24. 24. Questions? Maps N ovem ber 2013 Company confdential Joseph Leigh – Head of Venue
  25. 25. HERE: The People 6K 56 People in diferent countries 25 Garmin HERE Platform Introduction - 05 03 2013 25+ Year map heritage The largest most highly trained cartography team on the planet
  26. 26. HERE: The Numbers 196 47M 85M countries km road places 53B 80% 11B 230M queries of cars* probe points transactions per day *cars with integrated navigation powered by HERE map content; devices using HERE map content 26 Garmin HERE Platform Introduction - 05 03 2013