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Phones started out as social devices – we made voice calls. Then we had SMS (text) and then email (think Blackberry). Now we have smart phones, iPhones and Gphones – personal mobile devices and tablets (iPad). What does the present and future hold for “local and social” on Mobile? How does the rise of the tablets, iPhones and Android change the game? We will examine the fast growth of daily deals and the impact of the new breed of local+social applications (think Foursquare, Tellmewhere, etc). What do local businesses need/expect from mobile and what products make sense for directory publishers (both as a publisher and as a marketing services provider).

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Mobile Gets Localised - Time to Get Social

  1. 1. Mobile Gets Localised - Time To Get Social 2011 EADP Conference Discover the MOBILE AND SOCIAL EL DORADO
  2. 2. Mobile Gets Social• Phones always social• Portable evolution• Now we can carry the entire Internet in our pocket• App ecosystem• Social layer plus real- time updates is a game changer
  3. 3. Convergence of Trends Social Local You Are Here Mobile Source: Greg Sterling
  4. 4. Mobile Usage is Becoming Smarter • In Europe, Smartphones now make up the majority of new mobile devices • In Dec. 2010, 50.8% new mobile devices were Smartphones, this is a YoY increase of 69.7%.Source: comScore Mobile Advisor, December 2010 EU5
  5. 5. Mobile Usage is Becoming More Social Highest Growth Area in Europe for Mobile Use is Social 75% 100% 80% % Year on Year - Growth 83% 70% 80% 60% 48% % Market 43% 50% 60% 40% 40% 30% 22% 18% 20% 14% 20% 1% 10% 0% 0% SMS Email (work or Social Networking IM personal) Dec-10 YoY Growth Top 3 iTunes Apps - EuroZone % Reach of all Apps Rank Title Developer Genre Free / Paid Downloaders 1 Facebook Facebook Social Networking Free 48.7% 2 Google Earth Google Travel Free 37.1% 3 Skype Skype Software S.a.r.l Social Networking Free 32.4%Source: comScore Mobile Advisor, December 2010 EU5
  6. 6. Why Local Matters More Than Ever • Scale Matters • Access → We live in an age of access → To be local is to be accessible • Death of distance → NO Sources: Diana Mok, Juan-Antonio Carrasco and Barry Wellman; Dr. Bernie Hogan
  7. 7. Mobile is Always Local3 Key dimensions that drive all use cases: Place Time Need Place Time Need Live Now Buying Work Soon Browsing Life Visit Future Event
  8. 8. Killer Local+Social+Mobile Apps
  9. 9. Evolution of Mobile Apps Social Ask Algorithm Questions Check-in Real-Time Shout Updates Reviews Deals Ratings Maps Find
  10. 10. Challenge & Opportunity for Local Business Mobile Yellow Pages? Vertical Apps? My Mobile Website? Facebook? My Own App? Foursquare?
  11. 11. Opportunity for Directories 1) Provide SMBs with Best Practice presence and engagement across the Mobile choices 2) Integrate with existing popular services to boost usage on your own product offerings
  12. 12. In Closing• Mobile is all about the Internet in your pocket and usage will continue to grow• That growth will come through Smartphones and be used for Social + Local actvities• There’s a going to be more confusion about what’s right for Local business• Directories can help simplify the choices to generate leads for SMBs and drive revenue for shareholders Local Social Mobile
  13. 13. Thank YouSimon Baptist Dylan FullerHead of Social Media & Syndication Founding PartnerEuropean Directories Local Social Visit : Our Next Event: November 2011, London