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Case Study: Local Search Marketing for Retail Franchise Brand


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This case study shows how LSM optimized the web pages of 32 Massage Envy Spa franchisees in Arizona, resulting in more traffic to their website and online appointment requests generated on a monthly basis

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Case Study: Local Search Marketing for Retail Franchise Brand

  1. 1. Optimizing Microsites To Generate More Traffic & Sales LSM Case Study | Massage Envy | | Oct. 2014 – Jan. 2015 Massage EnvyTM
  2. 2. Challenge In November 2014 the Massage Envy Arizona Co-Op, comprised of 32 clinics in the greater Phoenix area, wanted to generate more appointments related to their customized spa services such as facials, foot scrubs, and aromatherapy. Each clinic had their own one-page microsite, which LSM had previously optimized to rank highly on local non-branded massage keywords (examples below). However, we were challenged with getting the microsites to rank as highly on localized “spa” and “facial” related keyword searches. Strategy Overview LSM developed new, content-rich landing pages for each clinic’s microsite in order to: - Improve the microsite’s ability to rank highly in the map and local search results on “spa,” “facial,” and certain types of “massage” related keywords (i.e. “sports massage,” “prenatal massage,” “deep tissue massage,” etc.). - Allow for the clinic owners to buy more cost-effective top-shelf ad space on Google for “spa,” “facial,” and certain “massage” related user searches. - Provide current and prospective customers with valuable information about Massage Envy’s array of lesser-known health and wellness services.
  3. 3. Development LSM proposed this strategy to the AZ co-op during an in-person client visit. After earning their buy-in, LSM outlined the new landing pages. They contain: - A mobile-responsive website design. - A minimum of 400 words. Note: LSM ensured every new page contained content unique to each location’s “hyper-local” area (ie. neighborhoods, landmarks, shopping centers). - Optimized URL, title tag, and header tags. - Multiple corporate approved images that illustrate services. - Click-to-call and form fill options, making it easy for visitors to convert. LSM sent the drafts of the landing pages to Massage Envy HQ. After they were approved, they were launched the first week of January, 2015.
  4. 4. Keyword Jan. 28th Ranking Ranking Movement Avondale AZ facial 1 4 deep tissue massage Avondale 1 3 spa in Goodyear AZ 1 3 spas in Surprise 1 4 swedish massage Surprise AZ 1 6 spa Glendale 3 14 deep tissue massage Glendale AZ 3 4 Gilbert AZ spa 2 2 facial Chandler AZ 2 2 spa Chandler AZ 3 9 spas in Peoria 6 18 Tempe AZ spa 3 7 prenatal massage Tempe AZ 3 2 spas in Mesa 4 7 sports massage Mesa 8 3 Microsite Rankings (Dec. 2014 vs. Jan. 2015) Because each microsite now possessed more unique, keyword-friendly content related to their services and local areas, they moved up the map and local search result rankings. Examples include: Microsite Traffic (Oct. 2014 vs. Jan. 2015) Note: LSM used October data rather than December in this comparison as December’s numbers are inflated by the holiday season. The resulting effects to the Arizona co-op’s microsites were: 49% 46% Increase in Organic Sessions Increase in Click-To-Calls Increase in New Users Increase in Appointments 30 days after the Arizona co-op’s new spa service pages went live: 64% 53% Results
  5. 5. Google Search Network Ads (Oct. 2014 vs. Jan. 2015) Because these pages were highly relevant to the designated “spa,” “facial,” and “massage” related keywords, the quality score of their Google Search Network ads improved, allowing LSM to position their Google Search Ads atop the Page 1 search results at a lower cost. 37% 18% $4.16 Increase in Average Position (1.9 to 1.2) Decrease in Average Cost-Per-Click ($2.25 vs. $1.84) Decrease in Average Cost-Per-Conversion (Down 17%) We’re very pleased with LSM’s tenacity on this project. They brought it to us and worked with corporate to get it approved. The results are in line with the expectations that they communicated to us at the start. Overall it’s been a satisfying experience and we recommend you let LSM look at your local search situation. - Jon Brovitz, Multi-Unit Clinic Owner Epilogue The ‘Spa Services’ page was so successful that LSM implemented it for the other 380+ Massage Envy locations that we work with, which have seen similar levels of success. Later, LSM developed ‘Promotions’ and ‘Careers’ pages for these microsites, generating more sales and job applicants for each clinic. For more information about Local Search Masters visit, call us at 888-814-6657, or email us at