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Case Study: Local Online Marketing for National Beauty Franchise Brand.


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A case study on the the result of Local Search Masters' local online marketing work with Amazing Lash Studio's in Arizona. .

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Case Study: Local Online Marketing for National Beauty Franchise Brand.

  1. 1. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Amazing Lash Studio - Local Online Marketing LSM Case Study | Amazing Lash Studio |
  2. 2. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Objective LSM began working with a majority of Amazing Lash Studio’s Arizona-based clinics in late 2015, with the goal of helping each clinic generate more website/foot trafic and more appointment requests. Strategy Overview LSM designed a 5-part strategy that optimized the digital journey of Amazing Lash Studio’s typical customer who is looking for local eyelash extension salons: 1) Highly position each studio’s map and organic search listing in Google’s search results on lucrative keyword searches being performed by their target audience 2) Create targeted, customized Google ad campaigns for each studio 3) Set up 30-day remarketing campaigns that target people who’ve visited each studio’s microsite with Amazing Lash Studio display ads on other websites 4) Optimize each studio’s local listings to ensure brand consistency 5) Oversee each studio’s social media marketing efforts
  3. 3. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO After each clinic microsite was audited and we completed market research, we proceeded to: 1) Optimize the metadata of each page 2) Add unique, optimized content to each microsite: •Information about Amazing Lash Studio’s eyelash extension products and services, the studio’s physical location, directions to and landmarks near the studio •A video that serves as a virtual studio tour 3) Earn backlinks from: •Seach engine proiles •Local citations •Local listings •Authoritative websites
  4. 4. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO Results Once Google began indexing the SEO work we completed, each studio saw a dramatic increase in the amount of lucrative keyword searches that their microsites ranked on Page 1 for. In many cases, in the top three organic search result positions. Tempe Scottsdale LSM Began Work LSM Began Work
  5. 5. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO Results Gilbert Phoenix LSM Began Work LSM Began Work
  6. 6. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO Results We positioned Amazing Lash Studio locations highly in both the map and organic search listings on lucrative keyword searches.
  7. 7. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO Results The higher rankings on lucrative keyword searches increased the amount of new business each studio generated from their microsite. KPI Nov 1 -30 (Month 1) April 1 - 30 (Month 6) Results Organic Sessions 327 698 113% increase Request Appt Form Submissions 17 71 318% increase Click-to-Call Completions 29 47 62% increase KPI Oct. 1 -31 (Month 1) April 1 - 30 (Month 7) Results Organic Sessions 424 549 30% increase Request Appt Form Submissions 24 35 46% increase Click-to-Call Completions 14 25 79% increase Tempe McDowell Mountain Ranch (Scottsdale)
  8. 8. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 SEO Results KPI Jan 25 - Feb 25 (Month 1) April 1 - 30 (Month 3) Results Organic Sessions 243 428 76% increase Request Appt Form Submissions 19 47 148% increase Click-to-Call Completions 21 35 67% increase San Tan (Gilbert) KPI Jan 25 - Feb 25 (Month 1) April 1 - 30 (Month 3) Results Organic Sessions 234 318 36% increase Request Appt Form Submissions 27 42 56% increase Click-to-Call Completions 23 26 13% increase Tatum & Shea (Phoenix)
  9. 9. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Review Management Results A majority of reviews for our Amazing Lash Studio locations were posted on Yelp, Facebook and Google+. We managed these reviews on behalf of the client in a timely manner that was appropriate for and unique to each customer’s experience.
  10. 10. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Paid Search Results We developed and reined customized Google ad campaigns for each location. Over time, each location saw a noticeable improvement in their average cost-per-conversion rate. Tempe Scottsdale 67% DECLINE 33% DECLINE Gilbert 36% DECLINE Month 1: $22.70 Month 4: $14.54 Month 1: $31.51 Month 6: $10.39 Phoenix 19% DECLINE Month 1: $22.14 Month 6: $17.89 Month 1: $20.05 Month 6: $13.48
  11. 11. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Social Media Results We set up and managed proiles for each studio on the proper social channels, engaged with their audience, and developed content that we then scheduled.
  12. 12. T | 615.346.5551 F | 615.523.1375 Conclusion The Arizona studios, as well as other studios we work with across the United States, have been pleased with the results provided by LSM’s work. For further information and to see additional case studies please visit our website. “My studio’s rankings are up, business from my site is up and I’m seeing more foot traffic. I’m a fan.” - Jon Brovitz - Studio Owner - Tempe, AZ “One aspect that sets them apart from all others is their exemplary customer service. We are most appreciative of the time, effort and individual attention put into our account-right down to the finest details of insuring neighborhoods are correctly identified, and reports are jointly analyzed rather than just emailed. The “cherry on top” is an excellent return on our investment!” - Cindy Rash - Studio Owner - San Tan (Gilbert), AZ “A month and a half after opening our studio and have to say LSM has been great to work with. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been incredibly informative and explained things in a way even someone like me (not marketing savvy) can understand. Already seeing healthy growths in our business and are appreciative as ever.” - Ali Dobson - Studio Director - Las Vegas, NV “I love Local Search Masters!” Peter Carlson - Regional Developer - Chicago