LSA|14: Discovery and the Real Value of Content in Local Search


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At LSA|14, Local Market Launch discussed how consumers looking without a brand in mind is really the true growth opportunity in local search online and also the vast majority of the searches taking place.

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LSA|14: Discovery and the Real Value of Content in Local Search

  1. 1. Twitter: @gideonrubin  
  2. 2. Branded vs. Unbranded Search
  3. 3. + Pasadena   vs.   + Pasadena   Plumber
  4. 4. + Santa Barbara   vs.   + Santa Barbara  Auto Parts
  5. 5. + Huntington Beach   vs.   + Realtor Huntington Beach  
  6. 6. “So while many local searchers are looking for “name in mind” information, a substantial number don’t have a specific business in mind (especially tablet users).”* Source:  
  7. 7. Factual vs. Editorial
  8. 8. 19   10   11   6 13 02 08 3 8 = editorial Factualvs.Editorial
  9. 9. 97   33   144   26   32 65 06 27 16 128 05 21 = editorial Factualvs.Editorial
  10. 10. 73% Lose Trust in Brands Due to its Inaccurate Content Online Source:  
  11. 11. •  Consumers need to be able to trust the data they find about a business •  There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up at a shop or restaurant which has closed down, moved or never even been located at that address! Getting Your Brand Found by Consumers Your Brand Must Have Accurate Data Online Wrong address 0 Reviews Corrected Address 81 Reviews
  12. 12. •  Richness refers to descriptions, photos, hours, etc. •  Knowing the type of services, opening hours, payment options is useful information for potential customers. •  It also supports the data you load into Google+ and gives Google further proof points to corroborate the data it has about a business The “Richness” of Listings are Important Before After Getting Your Brand Found by Consumers
  13. 13. Unique editorial content has a higher intrinsic value •  Challenging to create and scale. The Real Value is in “Editorial” Content The easiest editorial content •  Original description of a company’s products or services
  14. 14. How Much Content to Produce? 81% of users expect businesses to respond on social media Companies with the highest levels of social activity grew their sales an average of 18% per year,
  15. 15. SPEND AND PRAY
  16. 16. Strategic Local Presence Budget Content   Search   Long-Term Value  
  17. 17. Twitter: @gideonrubin