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2016 Place Conf: How Smart Lighting Can Improve Indoor Location


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Smart lighting is an indoor positioning technology that offers highly accurate, real-time location information as a beacon alternative. Aisle411 and Philips Lighting will share case study data and discuss a world in which all retail lighting eventually provides location.

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2016 Place Conf: How Smart Lighting Can Improve Indoor Location

  1. 1. How Smart Lighting Can Improve Indoor Location Nathan Pettyjohn Gerben van der Lugt Place Conference, 21 September 2016 | Chicago
  2. 2. 2 Why 30 cm Matters
  3. 3. Aisle411 Snapshot 3 Indoor Mapping | Location |Analytics |Augmented Reality • 14,000 + indoor mapping venues deployed • 3.7 Million UPCs • 18.9 Million Sub-Aisle locations mapped
  4. 4. Aisle411 Customers SDKs, indoor mapping, indoor location & analytics solutions Retail Stores, Airports, Offices, Museums, Convention Centers, Industrial and Warehouse 4
  5. 5. Aisle411 Ranked #2 Globally for Indoor location, Analytics and Advertising ©aisle411 2016 - Confidential
  6. 6. Combining the power of Aisle411 and Philips
  7. 7. 2 meters vs. 30 cm location + orientation accuracy means everything for shopper merchandising analytics Every shelf is like a URL
  8. 8. Aisle411 Mapping and Analytics Platform Works with these Location Inputs 1-20 meters Location based messaging Beacons Minor hardware install required Some Passive Analytics Requires app & Bluetooth on Most require batteries 10 cm accuracyComputer Vision Mobile-Device Use with augmented reality Needs proper lighting conditions No hardware installation Requires unique mobile device Requires active user with device up 30 cm accuracy Active analytics LED VLC location based messaging Hardware upgrade required - lights location based messaging Requires app and camera 1-3 meters Active Analytics Magnetics User needs to be moving No hardware installation Requires app 2 meters accuracy Passive Analytics – dwell, path Computer Vision Sensors Captures entire audience Hardware install required Requires wifi connectivity No mobile, no app required 2-5 meter accuracyWi-Fi Hardware required, usually existing Most require app running
  9. 9. Why 30 cm location Accuracy Matters Shelf-space is valuable real-estate to brands selling their products Brand Marketing & Merchandising With 100 + UPCs in one aisle, shopper location in centimeters means THE WORLD of difference Guests can request help from their mobile device, a customer rep. needs to know precise location. Customer Assistance Navigating to an aisle section Using in-store behavior to influence at home purchase planningRemarketing Email, mobile, and online marketing messages influenced by in-aisle behavior at the store Navigation and location tracking of staff can result in significant labor cost efficiencies Order Picking 30 cm accuracy becomes a valuable store operations tool
  10. 10. #1 Lighting company worldwide • Global scale, serving customers in over 180 countries • Lamps, components, fixtures, controls, software and services • Innovation leader in Connected Lighting • Dedicated segment teams for segment specific innovation EUR 7.5 Billion sales 48% LED sales 33,000+ People employed worldwide in 60 countries 5%+ of sales invested in R&D Philips Lighting Global leader in lighting
  11. 11. Vision: Light as central nervous system IP backbone Location IDs Central Brain Sensors
  12. 12. • 110.000 nodes • Automatic commissioning • Remote lighting asset management • Integration in AMS CityTouch (SaaS) Los Angeles (US) • 6.000 IP connected nodes • Personal light control through VLC • Real time occupancy and temperature monitoring • Integration in BMS PoE lighting The Edge, Amsterdam (NL) Indoor Positioning Carrefour, Lille (FR) • 800 non-connected VLC fixtures • Hyper accurate (<1ft) positioning and orientation • Product location and promotion search Today’s reality…
  13. 13. 1. use case Detailed product info 1 Use cases Detailed product info Why light for indoor location • A wall-to-wall, powered and accurately mapped infrastructure • Instant (<1 sec.), real-time, hyper-accurate (<1 ft) positioning via VLC (Visible Light Communication) • In-pocket notifications and tracking with BLE beacons • No need for additional infrastructure • Easy integration into mobile apps (iOS, Android) • Easy to scale and maintain and… • Providing better light and instant energy savings
  14. 14. Carrefour continues Mobile to Connected Trolley • Carrefour, Philips and Mediaperformances • Shopping carts outfitted with tablet. Carts get location from lighting • Shopper logs in with loyalty card • Mobile app: - Promotion search - Brand sponsored promotions/ advertisement at the “moment of truth” • Analytics by Philips
  15. 15. Unraveling the black box of big box
  16. 16. A shopper survey Among 3000 shoppers in US, France and Netherlands Online survey 3,000 Grocery and DIY shoppers in US, France and Netherlands. In cooperation with Kantar/TNS Shop alongs Observing and interviewing shoppers experiencing Philips indoor positioning in the Carrefour hypermarket in Lille, France. In cooperation with Kantar/TNS Interviews In-depth interviews with shoppers in Netherlands on what location based services they like or dislike and why.
  17. 17. Receive personal promotions based on location 74 List promotions close to me Receive and find good deals.. 66 Hunt for temporary promotions 72 Search for products 64 Get product details 72 Easy price comparison 74 ..and add excitement Search for products Fast product and price information Request help 63 Check fastest check-out lane 67 Convenience and efficiency Selection from top-10 global use cases Five categories of location based services stand out 70 64 73 72 83 80 78 63
  18. 18. 47 19 28 16 24 11 Country Current app usage Drive app usage with location based services 54 57 32 35 57 60 Intended app usage with location services
  19. 19. 20 Joint project between Philips and Aisle411 with one of the most innovative retailers in the Middle East. • Wayfinding • Product search/navigation • Price information • Messaging at the “moment of truth” aswaaq Philips and Aisle411
  20. 20. How Smart Lighting Can Improve Indoor Location Place Conference, 21 September 2016 | Chicago